Space Shuttle Launches


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Space Shuttle Launches

  1. 1. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationSpace Shuttle LaunchesKSC Historical Report No. 1B (KHR-1B) STS-30 D. Walker,2 Grabe2, Thagard3, 05/04/89 Atlantis4 Magellan 39B Cleave2, Lee 05/08/89 22 EAFBKennedy Space Center STS-28 Shaw3, R. Richards, Leestma2, 08/08/89 Columbia8 DoD 39B1981 - 2011 Adamson, M. Brown 08/13/89 17 EAFBTotal Space Shuttle Program Launches: 133 STS-34 D. E. Williams2, McCulley, E. Baker, 10/18/89 Atlantis5 Galileo 39B Chang-Diaz2, Lucid2 10/23/89 23 EAFBSpace shuttles are launched from NASA facilities at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. Landings have occurred at the two prime end-of-mission landings sites, KSC and Edwards STS-33 F. Gregory2, Blaha2, Musgrave3, 11/22/89 Discovery9 DoD 39BAir Force Base (EAFB) in California. One landing occurred on Northrup Strip at White Sands K. Thornton, Carter 11/27/89 4 EAFBSpace Harbor in Las Cruces, N.M., which is the backup landing site. All liftoff and landing dates STS-32 Brandenstein3, Wetherbee, Dunbar2, 01/09/90 Columbia9 SYNCOM IV-F5, 39Abelow reflect Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight times. Challenger was lost during the Ivins, Low 01/20/90 LDEF Retrieval 22 EAFBSTS-51L launch on Jan. 28, 1986. Columbia was lost during the re-entry of STS-107 on STS-36 Creighton2, Casper, Hilmers3, 02/28/90 Atlantis6 DoD 39AFeb. 1, 2003. Discovery flew its last planned mission, STS-133, in February and March 2011. Mullane3, Thuot 03/04/90 23 EAFBEndeavour and Atlantis are being prepared to fly their final planned missions, STS-134 and STS-135, respectively. For more information on shuttle missions and payloads, go to STS-31 Shriver2, Bolden2, Hawley3, 04/24/90 Discovery10 Hubble Space 39B McCandless2, Sullivan2 04/29/90 Telescope 22 For information on NASA missions and payloads that launch on expendable launch vehicles, go to STS-41 R. Richards2, Cabana, Shepherd2, 10/06/90 Discovery11 Ulysses Melnick, Akers 10/10/90 22 EAFB STS-38 Covey3, Culbertson, Meade, 11/15/90 Atlantis7 DoD 39A Springer2, Gemar 11/20/90 33 KSCColumbia - OV-102 - Discovery -- OV-103 Atlantis -- OV-104 Endeavour -- OV-105 Challenger -- OV-099 STS-35 Brand3, G. Gardner2, Lounge3, 12/02/90 Columbia10 ASTRO-1 39B Hoffman2, Parker2, Parise, 12/10/90 22 EAFB Durrance Note: The numbers next to the shuttle names and crew names below indicate how many space shuttle missions each has STS-37 Nagel3, Cameron, Apt, Godwin, 04/05/91 Atlantis8 Gamma Ray 39Bflown, including that mission. No number indicates the first shuttle mission for that crew member. Ross3 04/11/91 Observatory 33 EAFB STS-39 Coats3, Hammond, Harbaugh, 04/28/91 Discovery12 DoD 39ASpace Shuttle Missions McMonagle, Bluford3, Hieb, Veach 05/06/91 15 KSCMission Launch Date/ Primary Launch Pad/ STS-40 O’Connor2, Gutierrez, Jernigan, 06/05/91 Columbia11 Spacelab Life 39BName Crew Landing Date Shuttle Payload Runway Landing Seddon2, Bagian2, Gaffney, 06/14/91 Sciences-1 22 EAFB Hughes-FulfordOperational Test Flights STS-43 Blaha3, M. Baker, Adamson2, 08/02/91 Atlantis9 TDRS-E 39A Low2, Lucid3 08/11/91 15 KSCSTS-1 Young, Crippen 04/12/81 Columbia1 DFI, ACIP 39A 04/14/81 23 EAFB STS-48 Creighton3, Reightler, Buchli4, 09/12/91 Discovery13 Upper Atmosphere 39A M. Brown2, Gemar2 09/18/91 Research Satellite 22 EAFBSTS-2 Engle, Truly 11/12/81 Columbia 2 OSTA-1 39A 11/14/81 23 EAFB STS-44 F. Gregory3, Henricks, Musgrave4, 11/24/91 Atlantis10 Defense Support 39A Runco, J. S. Voss, Hennen 12/01/91 Program Satellite 5 EAFBSTS-3 Lousma, Fullerton 03/22/82 Columbia 3 OSS-1 39A 03/30/82 17 White Sands STS-42 Grabe3, Oswald, Readdy, Thagard4, 01/22/92 Discovery14 IML-1 39A Hilmers4, Bondar, Merbold2 01/30/92 22 EAFBSTS-4 Mattingly, Hartsfield 06/27/82 Columbia4 DoD 39A 07/04/82 22 EAFB STS-45 Bolden3, Duffy, Sullivan3, Leestma3, 03/24/92 Atlantis11 ATLAS-1 39A Foale, Frimout, Lichtenberg2 04/02/92 33 KSCOperational Flights STS-49 Brandenstein4, Chilton, Melnick2, 05/07/92 Endeavour1 Intelsat VI repair 39BSTS-5 Brand, Overmyer, Lenoir, J. Allen 11/11/82 Columbia5 SBS-C, Anik C-3 39A Akers2, K. Thornton2, Hieb2, Thuot2 05/16/92 22 EAFB 11/16/82 22 EAFB STS-50 R. Richards3, Bowersox, Dunbar3, 06/25/92 Columbia12 USML-1 39ASTS-6 Weitz, Bobko, Musgrave, Peterson 04/04/83 Challenger1 TDRS-1 39A Meade2, E. Baker2, Trinh, DeLucas 07/09/92 33 KSC 04/09/83 22 EAFB STS-46 Shriver3, A. Allen, Hoffman3, Ivins2, 07/31/92 Atlantis12 TSS-1, 39BSTS-7 Crippen2, Hauck, Ride, Fabian, Thagard 06/18/83 Challenger2 Anik C-2, 39A Chang-Diaz3, Nicollier, Malerba 08/08/92 EURECA 33 KSC 06/24/83 PALAPA-B1 15 EAFB STS-47 Gibson4, C. Brown, Lee2, Davis, 09/12/92 Endeavour2 Spacelab-J 39BSTS-8 Truly2, Brandenstein, Bluford, D. Gardner, 08/30/83 Challenger3 INSAT-1B 39A Apt2, Jemison, Mohri 09/20/92 33 KSC W. Thornton 09/05/83 22 EAFB STS-52 Wetherbee2, M. Baker2, Shepherd3, 10/22/92 Columbia13 LAGEOS II, 39BSTS-9 Young2, Shaw, Parker, Garriott, Merbold, 11/28/83 Columbia6 Spacelab-1 39A Jernigan2, Veach2, MacLean 11/01/92 USMP-1 33 KSC Lichtenberg 12/08/83 17 EAFB STS-53 D. Walker3, Cabana2, Bluford4, 12/02/92 Discovery15 DoD 39ASTS-41B Brand2, Gibson, Stewart, McNair, 02/03/84 Challenger4 WESTAR-VI, 39A J. S. Voss2, Clifford 12/09/92 22 EAFB McCandless 02/11/84 PALAPA-B2 15 KSC STS-54 Casper2, McMonagle2, Runco2, 01/13/93 Endeavour3 TDRS-F 39BSTS-41C Crippen3, Scobee, van Hoften, G. Nelson, 04/06/84 Challenger5 LDEF 39A Harbaugh2, Helms 01/19/93 33 KSC Hart 04/13/84 17 EAFB STS-56 Cameron2, Oswald2, Cockrell, 04/08/93 Discovery16 ATLAS-2 39BSTS-41D Hartsfield2, Coats, Hawley, Resnik, 08/30/84 Discovery1 SBS-D, 39A Foale2, Ochoa 04/17/93 33 KSC Mullane, C. Walker 09/05/84 TELSTAR 17 EAFB STS-55 Nagel4, Henricks2, Ross4, Precourt, 04/26/93 Columbia14 Spacelab D-2 39ASTS-41G Crippen4, McBride, Sullivan, Ride2, 10/05/84 Challenger6 ERBS, OSTA-3 39A Harris, Walter, Schlegel 05/06/93 22 EAFB Leestma, Garneau, Scully-Power 10/13/84 33 KSC STS-57 Grabe4, Duffy2 Low3, Sherlock-Currie, 06/21/93 Endeavour4 SPACEHAB-1, 39BSTS-51A Hauck2, D. Walker, J. Allen2, A. Fisher, 11/08/84 Discovery2 TELESAT-H, 39A J. E. Voss, Wisoff 07/01/93 EURECA retrieval 33 KSC D. Gardner2 11/16/84 SYNCOM IV-1 15 KSC STS-51 Culbertson2, Readdy2, 09/12/93 Discovery17 ACTS-TOS, 39BSTS-51C Mattingly2, Shriver, Buchli, Onizuka, 01/24/85 Discovery3 DoD 39A Newman, Bursch, Walz 09/22/93 ORFEUS-SPAS 15 KSC Payton 01/27/85 15 KSC STS-58 Blaha4, Searfoss, Seddon3, 10/18/93 Columbia15 Spacelab Life 39BSTS-51D Bobko2, D. E. Williams, Seddon, Griggs, 04/12/85 Discovery4 TELSAT-I, 39A W. McArthur, Wolf, Lucid4, Fettman 11/01/93 Sciences-2 22 EAFB Hoffman, Garn, C. Walker2 04/19/85 SYNCOM IV-3 33 KSC STS-61 Covey4, Bowersox2, Musgrave5, 12/02/93 Endeavour5 First Hubble 39BSTS-51B Overmyer2, F. Gregory, Lind, Thagard2, 04/29/85 Challenger7 Spacelab-3 39A Hoffman4, K. Thornton3, Akers3, 12/13/93 Servicing Mission 33 KSC W. Thornton2, van den Berg, Wang 05/06/85 17 EAFB Nicollier2STS-51G Brandenstein2, Creighton, Lucid, Nagel, 06/17/85 Discovery5 ARABSAT-A, Telstar-3D, 39A STS-60 Bolden4, Reightler2, Chang-Diaz4, 02/03/94 Discovery18 SPACEHAB-2 39A Fabian2, Baudry, Sultan Al-Saud 06/24/85 MORELOS-A 23 EAFB Davis2, Sega, Krikalev 02/11/94 WSF-1 15 KSC STS-51F Fullerton2, Bridges, Musgrave2, England, 07/29/85 Challenger8 Spacelab-2 39A Henize, Acton, Bartoe 08/06/85 23 EAFB STS-62 Casper3, A. Allen2, Gemar3, Ivins3, 03/04/94 Columbia16 USMP-2, 39B Thuot3 03/18/94 OAST-2 33 KSCSTS-51I Engle , Covey, van Hoften , Lounge, 2 2 08/27/85 Discovery 6 AUSSAT-1, ASC-1, 39A W. Fisher 09/03/85 SYNCOM IV-4 23 EAFB STS-59 Gutierrez2, Chilton2, Godwin2, Apt3, 04/09/94 Endeavour6 SRL-1 39A Clifford2, Jones 04/20/94 22 EAFBSTS-51J Bobko3, Grabe, Stewart2, Hilmers, Pailes 10/03/85 Atlantis1 DoD 39A 10/07/85 23 EAFB STS-65 Cabana3, Halsell, Hieb3, D. Thomas, 07/08/94 Columbia17 IML-2 39A Walz2, Chiao, Mukai 07/23/94 33 KSCSTS-61A Hartsfield , Nagel , Buchli , Bluford , 3 2 2 2 10/30/85 Challenger 9 Spacelab D-1 39A Dunbar, Furrer, Ockels, Messerschmid 11/06/85 17 EAFB STS-64 R. Richards4, Hammond2, Helms2, 09/09/94 Discovery19 LITE 39B Meade3, Lee3, Linenger 09/20/94 04 EAFBSTS-61B Shaw2, O’Connor, Cleave, Spring, 11/26/85 Atlantis2 MORELOS-B, AUSSAT-2, 39A Ross, Neri Vela, C. Walker3 12/03/85 SATCOM KU-2 22 EAFB STS-68 M. Baker3, Wilcutt, Jones2, 09/30/94 Endeavour7 SRL-2 39A Bursch2, Wisoff2, S. Smith 10/11/94 22 EAFBSTS-61C Gibson , Bolden, Chang-Diaz, 2 01/12/86 Columbia 7 SATCOM KU-1 39A Hawley2, G. Nelson2, Cenker, B. Nelson 01/18/86 22 EAFB STS-66 McMonagle3, C. Brown2, Ochoa2, 11/03/94 Atlantis13 ATLAS-3, 39B Tanner, Parazynski, Clervoy 11/14/94 CRISTA-SPAS 22 EAFBSTS-51L Scobee , M. Smith, McNair , 2 2 01/28/86 Challenger 10 TDRS-B 39B Resnik2, Onizuka2, Jarvis, McAuliffe Challenger and crew were lost STS-63 Wetherbee3, Collins, Foale3, 02/03/95 Discovery20 SPACEHAB-3 39B 73 seconds after lift off J. E. Voss2, Harris2, Titov 02/11/95 15 KSCSTS-26 Hauck3, Covey2, Lounge2, 09/29/88 Discovery7 TDRS-C 39B STS-67 Oswald3, W. Gregory, Jernigan3, 03/02/95 Endeavour8 ASTRO-2 39A Hilmers2, G. Nelson3 10/03/88 17 EAFB Grunsfeld, Lawrence, Parise2, 03/18/95 22 EAFB Durrance2STS-27 Gibson3, G. Gardner, Shepherd, 12/02/88 Atlantis3 DoD 39B Mullane2, Ross2 12/06/88 17 EAFB STS-71 Gibson5, Precourt2, E. Baker3, 06/27/95 Atlantis14 First Shuttle/Mir docking 39A Dunbar4, Harbaugh3; Up to Mir: 07/07/95 15 KSCSTS-29 Coats , Blaha, Buchli , Springer, 2 3 03/13/89 Discovery 8 TDRS-D 39B Solovyev, Budarin; Down from Mir: Bagian 03/18/89 22 EAFB Thagard5, Strekalov6, Dezhurov
  2. 2. Operational Flights (continued) STS-112 Ashby3, Melroy2, Wolf4, Sellers, Magnus, 10/07/02 Atlantis26 ISS S1 truss, 39B Yurchikhin 10/18/02 CETA Cart A 33 KSCSTS-70 Henricks3, Kregel, Sherlock-Currie2, 07/13/95 Discovery21 TDRS-G 39B D. Thomas2, Weber 07/22/95 33 KSC STS-113 Wetherbee6, Lockhart2, Lopez-Alegria3, 11/23/02 Endeavour19 ISS P1 truss, 39A Herrington; Up to ISS: Bowersox5, 12/07/02 CETA Cart B 33 KSCSTS-69 D. Walker , Cockrell , J. S. Voss , 4 2 3 09/07/95 Endeavour 9 Spartan 201-03, 39A Budarin2, Pettit; Down from ISS: Newman2, Gernhardt 09/18/95 WSF-2 33 KSC Korzun2, Whitson2, Treschev2STS-73 Bowersox3, Rominger, K. Thornton4, 10/20/95 Columbia18 USML-2 39B STS-107 Husband2, McCool, M. Anderson2, 01/16/03 Columbia28 ISS SPACEHAB, 39A Coleman, Lopez-Alegria, Leslie, Sacco 11/05/95 33 KSC Chawla2, D. Brown, Clark, Ramon FREESTAR, Columbia and SIMPLEX, crew were lost STS-74 Cameron3, Halsell2, Ross5, 11/12/95 Atlantis15 Second Shuttle/Mir docking 39A RAMBO over east Texas W. McArthur2, Hadfield 11/20/95 33 KSC STS-114 Collins4, J. Kelly2, Noguchi, 07/26/05 Discovery31 ISS OBSS laser 39B 3 Robinson , A. Thomas5, Lawrence4, 08/09/05 scanner, new 22 EAFBSTS-72 Duffy3, Jett, Chiao2, Barry, 01/11/96 Endeavour10 SFU retrieval, 39B Camarda launch cameras Scott, Wakata 01/20/96 OAST-Flyer 15 KSC 4 2 2STS-75 A. Allen3, Horowitz, Chang-Diaz5, 02/22/96 Columbia19 TSS-1R, 39B STS-121 Lindsey , M. Kelly , Sellers , Fossum, 07/04/06 Discovery32 ISS MPLM Leonardo 39B Cheli, Hoffman5, Nicollier3, Guidoni 03/09/96 USMP-3 33 KSC Nowak, Wilson; Up to ISS: Reiter 07/17/06 15 KSC 4 4 2STS-76 Chilton3, Searfoss2, 03/22/96 Atlantis16 Third Shuttle/Mir docking, 39B STS-115 Jett , Ferguson, Tanner , Burbank , 09/09/06 Atlantis27 ISS P3/P4 truss 39B 2 Godwin3, Clifford3, Sega2; 03/31/96 SPACEHAB 22 EAFB MacLean , Stefanyshyn-Piper 09/21/06 33 KSC Up to Mir: Lucid5 2 3 STS-116 Polansky , Oefelein, Curbeam , 12/09/06 Discovery33 ISS P5 truss 39BSTS-77 Casper , C. Brown , Bursch , Runco , 4 3 3 3 05/19/96 Endeavour 11 SPACEHAB-4, 39B Higginbotham, Patrick, Fuglesang; 12/22/06 15 KSC Garneau2, A. Thomas 05/29/96 Spartan-IAE 33 KSC Up to ISS: S. Williams; Down from ISS: Reiter2STS-78 Henricks4, Kregel2, Helms3, Linnehan, 06/20/96 Columbia20 Life and Microgravity 39B 3 Brady, Favier, Thirsk 07/07/96 Spacelab 33 KSC STS-117 Sturckow , Archambault, Reilly3, Olivas, 06/08/07 Atlantis28 ISS S3/S4 truss 39A 2 Swanson, Forrester ; Up to ISS: 06/22/07 22 EAFBSTS-79 Readdy3, Wilcutt2, Akers4, Apt4, 09/16/96 Atlantis17 Fourth Shuttle/Mir docking, 39A Anderson; Down from ISS: S. Williams2 Walz3; Up to Mir: Blaha5; Down from 09/26/96 SPACEHAB 15 KSC 2 2 from Mir: Lucid6 STS-118 S. Kelly2, Hobaugh , D. R. Williams , Drew, 08/08/07 Endeavour20 ISS S5 truss, CMG 39A 2 Mastracchio , Caldwell-Dyson, Morgan 08/21/07 ESP-3 15 KSCSTS-80 Cockrell , Rominger , Jernigan , 3 2 4 11/19/96 Columbia 21 ORFEUS-SPAS II, 39B Jones3, Musgrave6 12/07/96 WSF-3 33 KSC STS-120 Melroy3, Zamka, Parazynski5, Wheelock, 10/23/07 Discovery34 ISS Harmony module 39A Wilson2, Nespoli; Up to ISS: Tani2; 11/07/07 33 KSCSTS-81 M. Baker4, Jett2, Grunsfeld2, Ivins4, 01/12/97 Atlantis18 Fifth Shuttle/Mir docking, 39B Down from ISS: Anderson2 Wisoff3; Up to Mir: Linenger2; 01/22/97 SPACEHAB-DM 33 KSC Down from Mir: Blaha6 STS-122 Frick2, Poindexter, Walheim2, Love, 02/07/08 Atlantis29 ISS Columbus science lab 39A Melvin, Schlegel2; Up to ISS: Eyharts; 02/20/08 15 KSCSTS-82 Bowersox4, Horowitz2, Lee4, Hawley4, 02/11/97 Discovery22 Second Hubble 39A Down from ISS: Tani3 Harbaugh4, S. Smith2, Tanner2 02/21/97 Servicing Mission 15 KSC STS-123 Gorie4, G. H. Johnson, Linnehan4, 03/11/08 Endeavour21 ISS Kibo ELM-PS, Dextre 39ASTS-83 Halsell3, Still-Kilrain, J. E. Voss3, 04/04/97 Columbia22 MSL-1 39A Behnken, Foreman, Doi2; Up to ISS: 03/26/08 15 KSC D. Thomas3, Gernhardt2, Crouch, Linteris 04/08/97 33 KSC Reisman; Down from ISS: Eyharts2STS-84 Precourt3, Collins2, Noriega, Lu, 05/15/97 Atlantis19 Sixth Shuttle/Mir docking 39A STS-124 M. Kelly3, Ham, Nyberg, Garan, Fossum2, 05/31/08 Discovery35 ISS Kibo JEM-PM, Kibo RMS 39A Clervoy2, Kondakova; Up to Mir: 05/24/97 33 KSC Hoshide; Up to ISS: Chamitoff; 06/14/08 15 KSC Foale4; Down from Mir: Linenger3 Down from ISS: Reisman2STS-94 Halsell4, Still-Kilrain2, J. E. Voss4, Crouch2, 07/01/97 Columbia23 MSL-1 39A STS-126 Ferguson2, Boe, Bowen, Kimbrough, 11/14/08 Endeavour22 ISS MPLM Leonardo 39A D. Thomas4, Gernhardt3, Linteris2 07/17/97 33 KSC Stefanyshyn-Piper2, Pettit2; Up to ISS: 11/30/08 temporary runway, EAFB Magnus2; Down from ISS: Chamitoff2STS-85 C. Brown4, Rominger3, Davis3, 08/07/97 Discovery23 CRISTA-SPAS-02 39A Curbeam, Robinson, Tryggvason 08/19/97 33 KSC STS-119 Archambault2, Antonelli, Acaba, Arnold, 03/15/09 Discovery36 ISS S6 truss 39A Phillips2, Swanson2; Up to ISS: Wakata3; 03/28/09 15 KSCSTS-86 Wetherbee4, Bloomfield, Titov2, 09/25/97 Atlantis20 Seventh Shuttle/Mir docking 39A Down from ISS: Magnus 3 Lawrence2, Parazynski2, Chretien; 10/06/97 15 KSC Up to Mir: Wolf2; Down from Mir: Foale5 STS-125 Altman4, G. C. Johnson, Good, Feustel, 05/11/09 Atlantis30 Fifth Hubble 39A M. McArthur, Grunsfeld5, Massimino2 05/24/09 Servicing Mission 22 EAFBSTS-87 Kregel3, Lindsey, Scott2, Chawla, 11/19/97 Columbia24 USMP-4, 39B Doi, Kadenyuk 12/05/97 Spartan 201-04 33 KSC STS-127 Polansky3, Hurley, Cassidy, Marshburn, 07/15/09 Endeavour23 ISS Kibo JEM-EF, 39A Wolf5, Payette2; Up to ISS: Kopra; Down 07/31/09 Kibo ELM-ES, ICC-VLD 15 KSCSTS-89 Wilcutt3, Edwards, Dunbar5, M. Anderson, 01/22/98 Endeavour12 Eighth Shuttle/Mir docking 39A from ISS: Wakata4 Reilly, Sharipov; Up to Mir: A. Thomas2; 01/31/98 15 KSC Down from Mir: Wolf3 STS-128 Sturckow4, Ford, Forrester3, Hernandez, 08/28/09 Discovery37 ISS MPLM Leonardo 39A Fuglesang2, Olivas2; Up to ISS: Stott; 09/11/09 22L EAFBSTS-90 Searfoss3, Altman, Linnehan2, Hire, 04/17/98 Columbia25 Neurolab, 39B Down from ISS: Kopra2 D. R. Williams, Buckey, Pawelczyk 05/03/98 GAS 33 KSC STS-129 Hobaugh3, Wilmore, Melvin2, Bresnik, 11/16/09 Atlantis31 ISS ELC-1, ELC-2 39ASTS-91 Precourt4, Gorie, Lawrence3,Chang-Diaz 6, 06/02/98 Discovery24 Ninth Shuttle/Mir docking 39A Foreman2, Satcher; Down from ISS: Stott2 11/27/09 33 KSC Kavandi, Ryumin4; 06/12/98 SPACEHAB-SM 33 KSC Down from Mir: A. Thomas3 STS-130 Zamka2, Virts, Hire2, Robinson4, 02/08/10 Endeavour24 ISS Tranquilty module, 39A Patrick2, Behnken2 02/21/10 cupola 15 KSCSTS-95 C. Brown , Lindsey , Parazynski , 5 2 3 10/29/98 Discovery25 SPACEHAB 39B Robinson2, Duque, Mukai2, Glenn 11/07/98 33 KSC STS-131 Poindexter2, Dutton, Mastracchio3, 04/05/10 Discovery38 ISS MPLM Leonardo 39A Metcalf-Lindenburger, Wilson3, 04/20/10 33 KSC Anderson3, YamazakiSTS-88 Cabana4, Sturckow, Sherlock-Currie3, 12/04/98 Endeavour13 First ISS Flight, 39A Ross6, Newman3, Krikalev2 12/15/98 Unity module, Hitchhiker 15 KSC STS-132 Ham2, Antonelli2, Reisman3, Good2, 05/14/10 Atlantis32 ISS Rassvet Mini-Research 39A Bowen2, Sellers3 05/26/10 Module 33 KSCSTS-96 Rominger4, Husband, Ochoa3, Jernigan5, 05/27/99 Discovery 26 Second ISS Flight, Strela, 39B Barry2, Payette, Tokarev 06/06/99 STARSHINE 15 KSC STS-133 Lindsey5, Boe2, Drew2, 02/24/11 Discovery39 ISS PMM, ELC-4, 39A Bowen3, Barratt, Stott3 03/09/11 Robonaut 2 15 KSCSTS-93 Collins3, Ashby, Hawley5, Coleman2, 07/23/99 Columbia 26 Chandra X-ray 39B Tognini 07/27/99 Observatory 33 KSC STS-134 M. Kelly4, G. H. Johnson2, Fincke, Vittori, Scheduled for Endeavour25 ISS AMS, ELC-3 39A Feustel2, Chamitoff3 05/16/11 STS-103 C. Brown6, S. Kelly, S. Smith3, Foale6, 12/19/99 Discovery 27 Third Hubble 39B Grunsfeld3, Nicollier4, Clervoy3 12/27/99 Servicing Mission 33 KSC STS-135 Ferguson3, Hurley2, Magnus4, Walheim3 Targeted for Atlantis33 ISS MPLM Raffaello 39A 06/28/11STS-99 Kregel4, Gorie2, Kavandi2, J. E. Voss5, 02/11/00 Endeavour14 Shuttle Radar 39A Mohri2, Thiele 02/22/00 Topography Mission 33 KSCSTS-101 Halsell5, Horowitz3, Weber2, J. S. Voss4, 05/19/00 Atlantis21 Third ISS Flight, 39A J. Williams, Helms4, Usachev 05/29/00 hardware, supplies 15 KSCSTS-106 Wilcutt4, Altman2, Lu2, Malenchenko, 09/08/00 Atlantis22 Fourth ISS Flight, 39B Morokov, Mastracchio, Burbank 09/20/00 hardware, supplies 15 KSCSTS-92 Duffy4, Melroy, Chiao3, W. McArthur3, 10/11/00 Discovery28 ISS Z1 truss, PMA-3 39A Wisoff4, Lopez-Alegria2, Wakata2 10/24/00 22 EAFBSTS-97 Jett3, Bloomfield2, Tanner3, Noriega2, 11/30/00 Endeavour15 ISS P6 truss solar arrays 39B Garneau3 12/11/00 15 KSC STS-98 Cockrell4, Polansky, Curbeam2, Jones4, 02/07/01 Atlantis23 ISS Destiny lab, 39A Ivins5 02/20/01 PMA-2 22 EAFBSTS-102 Wetherbee5, J. Kelly, A. Thomas4, 03/08/01 Discovery29 ISS MPLM Leonardo 39B P. Richards; Up to ISS: J. S. Voss5, 03/21/01 15 KSC Helms5, Usachev2; Down from ISS: Shepherd4, Gidzenko, Krikalev3 STS-100 Rominger5, Ashby2, Hadfield2, Phillips, 04/19/01 Endeavour16 ISS Canadarm2, MPLM 39A Guidoni2, Lonchakov, Parazynski4 05/01/01 Raffaello 22 EAFBSTS-104 Lindsey3, Hobaugh, Kavandi3, Gernhardt4, 07/12/01 Atlantis24 ISS Quest Joint Airlock 39B Reilly2 07/24/01 15 KSCSTS-105 Horowitz4, Sturckow2, Barry3, Forrester; 08/10/01 Discovery30 ISS MPLM Leonardo, 39A Up to ISS: Culbertson3, Dezhurov2, 08/22/01 Early Ammonia Servicer 15 KSC Tyurin; Down from ISS: Usachev3, Helms6, J. S. Voss5STS-108 Gorie3, M. Kelly, Godwin4, Tani; 12/05/01 Endeavour17 ISS MPLM Raffaello 39B Up to ISS: Onufrienko, Bursch4, 12/17/01 15 KSC Walz4; Down from ISS: Culbertson4, Dezhurov3, Tyurin2STS-109 Altman3, Carey, Grunsfeld4, Massimino 03/01/02 Columbia27 Fourth Hubble 39A Linnehan3, Newman4, Sherlock-Currie4 03/12/02 Servicing Mission 33 KSCSTS-110 Bloomfield3, Frick, Ross7, S. Smith3, 04/08/02 Atlantis25 ISS S0 truss, 39B Ochoa4, Morin, Walheim 04/19/02 Mobile Transporter 33 KSCSTS-111 Cockrell5, Lockhart, Chang-Diaz7, 06/05/02 Endeavour18 ISS MBS, MPLM 39A Perrin; Up to ISS: Korzun, 06/19/02 Leonardo 22 EAFB Whitson, Treschev; Down from ISS: Onufriyenko2, Bursch5, Walz5 National Aeronautics and Space Administration John F. Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Center, Fla., 32899 FS-2011-5-096-KSC