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The NAP process as a basis for formulating adaptation projects


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Presentation by Angie Dazé, NAP Global Network, as part of the webinar "Unlocking NAP Finance: Methodologies for adaptation project formulation", held on May 02, 2019.

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The NAP process as a basis for formulating adaptation projects

  1. 1. The NAP process as a basis for formulating adaptation projects Angie Dazé NAP Global Network Secretariat May 2019
  2. 2. About the Network • Founded in 2014 by adaptation policymakers and practitioners • Created to support developing countries in advancing their National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes • Secretariat hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) • Funding from the United States, Germany, Canada and Austria
  3. 3. The Network’s Objectives Facilitating sustained South-South peer learning and exchange Supporting national-level action by providing technical support to countries Enhancing bilateral support
  4. 4. The NAP Process
  5. 5. The NAP process and adaptation projects • Assessment of climate change impacts and vulnerabilities • Linking adaptation objectives to development plans and strategies • Articulation of adaptation priorities • Development of implementation strategies for priority adaptation actions • Mechanisms for coordination and stakeholder engagement • Establishing/strengthening enabling systems • Ongoing monitoring & evaluation of adaptation processes and outcomes
  6. 6. Challenges • Tension between integrating and ‘projectizing’ • Balancing process with progress • Leveraging/combining different sources of funding
  7. 7. Opportunities • Deeper, more comprehensive context analysis for higher quality project design • Places projects in an overarching, longer-term strategic framework for adaptation • Systems and capacities established through the NAP process can support effective project implementation and monitoring • Iterative process means that learning from projects can be integrated in future planning
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