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Communications initiative: “You have a minute? Let´s talk about climate change?”


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Presentation by Victor Santillan, Ministry of the Environment, Peru, as part of the NAP Global Network's Targeted Topics Forum on "Strategic Communications for NAP Processes" held in Nadi, Fiji, in February 2018.

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Communications initiative: “You have a minute? Let´s talk about climate change?”

  1. 1. Communication initiative: “You have a minute? Let´s talk about climate change?” Targeted Topics Forum Nadi Fiji February 5th – 7th, 2018
  2. 2. CONTEXT - I Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries front the climate change. The last year (2017) we suffer a seriously infrastructural damage and losses lives as consequence of the ENSO impacts. ENSO intensifies its impacts and modifies it periodicity product of climate change.
  3. 3. CONTEXT - II With this necessity to take action, the Government create a Multisectorial Working Group (MWG) for the implementation for our Nationally Determinated Contributions (NDC). This MWG englobe 13 Ministers and the Institute responsible of the national strategic planning and have the main objective to prepare our Peruvian response to climate change. The Peruvian response to climate change has a first priority adaptation.
  4. 4. CONTEXT - III In this framework, the Peruvian NAP is the principal support to our Adaptation NDC. Each one of our actions on adaptions will be part of the NAP in our five priorities areas: water; agriculture; fishing and aquiculture; forest; and health.
  5. 5. Be simple: for many years in Peru, climate change was just a scientific and technical topic. Now, shocking the lives of the citizens in a directly way, it is time to make it simple. APPROACHES - I
  6. 6. APPROACHES - II Less is more: it is not necessary to explain all about climate change in one time. When someone want to know something goes and ask for more information. For this, is important to awake the hungry to know more.
  7. 7. APPROACHES - III Dialogue: the classic unilateral speech not works when people have more questions to say than the disposition to ear.
  8. 8. Improve a personal dialogue about climate change, connecting the topic with the daily live. Generate an enthusiasm to kwon more about climate change meanwhile our different platforms. OBJECTIVE
  9. 9. IMPLEMENTATION TIME LINE 1. We review the idea with the Communicators MWG team, which is integrated by the communicators of the different ministries with direct implication on climate change. 2. We produce some material to break the ice in the interventions. 3. We evaluated the process and at moment are thinking in new forms to evolve the initiative.
  10. 10. IMPLEMENTATION TIME LINE 5. Inside the Ministers: first we went to the different offices and ministers. 6. Citizens: in the field, we take the opportunity to translate the campaign taking the street with young volunteers, in workshops, environment festivals and others spaces like universities.
  11. 11. WHAT WE LEARN? We need information and some experts to teach it to us and also to approve the message and communications products. In the government, working as a team is the best way to do something, especially in communications climate change topics. At the moment we do not produce an impact on media. We need empowerment from the Ministries or Champions to make more visible the campaign.
  12. 12. “Vinaka” Targeted Topics Forum Nadi Fiji February 5th – 7th, 2018