Comparison Home Depot & Rona's Websites


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Comparison Home Depot & Rona's Websites

  1. 1. COMPARISON HOME DEPOT WEBSITE & RONA SHAHNAM TAHERI August 2012 1- What are some other renovation retailers in your area? Compare their websites to Home Depot’s. Which site provides the clearest opportunity to new suppliers to provide products to the company? Justify your answer. There are different renovation retailers in my areas: Home Depot, Rona, IKEA, Home Hardware and Lowe’s. I compared their websites with each other. I found our choice is depend on what we want to do according to our budget, time, material, and quality. For kitchen cabinets, big stores such as Home Depot will be less expensive than independent contractors and also other big stores. For countertop, depends on type of materials we want. For stones, independent contractors are cheaper than big retailers. For tile I found the Lowe’s has the best range of selection with decent price. We compared the website of Rona and Home Depot together. There are some similarities about purchasing and shopping on line. The classification of RONA is according to Projects, Pointers (buyer’s Guide,greenwise,home101,How to demonstration, planning Guides, preventive maintenance, seasonal colours),Shop(different items plus new items and promotions),decoration promotions),decoration(flooring,lighting,accessories,paint,window design),Renovation(basement, doors, dry walling, flooring, garage, shades) Horticulture(trees, shrub, gardening ,etc.). The market of Home Depot is wider than Rona and it covers USA, Canada, and some Europe and Asian countries. Since it buys huge amount normally for retailers is better since they will have secure market and payment with low costs. 1
  2. 2. 2- Do a search on lawn tractors at Home Depot and other retailers in your neighbourhood. What type of customer information was provided? Which website provides the best information that would lead you to go to the store and purchase the product? Explain the differences in the information provided, support your answer. At Home Depot website we see different lawnmower according to brand: Mojack, Gardena, Toro, Recharge Mower, Yard Machines, and Arnold. We can shop according to our budget from less than $50 to $4000. If we click on each picture we can see all details such as horsepower, safety and razor blade. We can also see the consumer rate to each of lawn mower according to number of stars that customer have given to lawn mower. At Rona website we can search lawnmower only according to brand names. There is not any classification according to price range and budget. When you go to the page related to each lawn mower there is no technical detail about the product just only showing the picture. Whenever you ask about the price it doesn’t show up they ask what your postal code is. Totally Home Depot website is more convenient and informative with technical details in compare to RONA. 2
  3. 3. Gardina: Rona Recharge Mower: Home Depot Case 9.2 Pages 298-299 1- Search for satellite communication operators and find out what services they offer. What skills would be required to work for a satellite communication company? The following is the list of main satellite communication operators is cited from Wikipedia: 3
  4. 4. Rank Name of the Operator 2009 Revenue 2008 Revenue 2007 Revenue 2006 Revenue Country Satellites in Orbit Satellites on Order 4
  5. 5. 1 SES €1,70 billion €1,63 billion $2.37 billion (€1,61 bl.) $1.90 billion Luxembo urg 43 11 2 Intelsat $2.50 billion $2,40 billion $2.20 billion $2.10 billion Bermuda 59 8 3 Eutelsat €1,05 billion(09- 10) €0,94 billion(08- 09) $1.24 billion $1.05 billion France 26 6 4 Telesat Canada $787.0 million $711.0 million $684.7 million $575.0 million Canada 12 3 5 JSAT $347.4 million $326.0 million Japan 8 3 6 Star One $207.4 million $195.8 million Brazil 7 0 7 Hispasat $188.6 million $159.1 million Spain 3 1 8 SingTel/Optus $172.2 million $158.4 million Australia 4 1 9 Russian Satellite Communications $161 million $152 million Russia 11 3 10 Space communications $151.4 million $151.2 million Japan 4 1 11 Arabsat $150 million $150 million Saudi Arabia 5 2 12 Telenor Satellite Broadcasting $140.8 million $106.5 million Norway 4 1 13 Thaicom/formerly Shin Satellite $133.7 million $122.3 million Thailand 5 0 14 AsiaSat $120.4 million $119.6 million Hong Kong 3 1 15 Indian Space Research Organization/Antrix $120 million $76 million India 11 6 16 Korea Telecom $110.1 million $119.6 million South Korea 3 1 17 Nilesat $91.6 million $79.8 million Egypt 2 1 18 Satmex $80.25 million $79 million Mexico 2 1 19 Gascom $69.8 million $47.1 million Russia 3 2 20 SES Sirius $69.4 million $58.7 million Sweden 2 0 21 Broadcast Satellite System $66.3 million $60.8 million Japan 3 1 5
  6. 6. 22 APT Satellite $57.9 million $54.9 million Hong Kong 5 0 23 MEASAT Satellite Systems $56.5 million $38.9 million Malaysia 3 1 24 Spacecom $56 million $56 million Israel 3 2 25 PT Telkom $24.9 million $32.8 million Indonesia 2 1 The satellite communication providers offer different services such as: a) Monitoring location and map reporting of people and assets at worldwide (GIS, GPS). b) Cable TV, internet, multimedia, data transition and distance learning. c) Mobile telecommunication service Many professions are needed for running a satellite communication company such as:  Electrical and communications engineer  Software and hardware engineer  Networks administrator  Satellite installer engineers  Network operators and maintenance engineers and technicians  Maintenance and technical supporting engineer  Customer service agents  Salesmen, administrative clerk 2- Look for statistics that are currently being used around the world. How many satellites are due to replacement? Think about and list the different types of maintenance that might be required on a satellite. United States Space Surveillance Network (SSN) tracks satellites orbiting the earth. According to NASA, there are roughly 3,000 satellites operating in Earth orbit, which approximately 8,000 of those total are man-made objects. The largest man-made satellite currently in orbit around the Earth is the International Space Station. Some satellites, called microsats, nanosats, or picosats, can be as small as 10 cm (3.937 inches) in diameter and 0.1 kg (0.22 pounds) in mass. 6
  7. 7. As space technology matured, satellites were launched for military and commercial purposes. The price of satellite launches has dropped to as low as a few million dollars for light satellites, and a few tens of millions for heavy satellites. This put satellite technology within the reach of many nations and international companies. Satellites have an operating lifespan between five and 20 years. As of 2008, the former Soviet Union and Russia had nearly 1,400 satellites in orbit, the USA about 1,000, Japan more than 100, China about 80, France over 40, India more than 30, Germany almost 30, the UK and Canada 25, and at least ten each from Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Sweden, Luxembourg, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. There are some cooperation project for making and sending satellite between countries. We can mention Sea Launch Company which was formed as a joint of four companies from the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Norway. Sea Launch has launched a few satellites into orbit from international waters every year, although the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Running satellites needs regular maintenance. Operators do preventive maintenance checks and services for all equipments and devices. Duties performed by preventive and maintenance department includes: Installation, configuration, operation, align, conduction of performance tests, and perform unit and direct support maintenance on satellite communications equipment and associated devices. Conducts stressed and unstressed network operations. The maintenance team performs quality control tests on circuits, trunk groups, systems, ancillary equipment and communication security devices. 3- What are the new job opportunities available if space maintenance of satellites becomes a larger industry? Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainers are responsible for making sure that the lines of communication are always up and running. There are a lot of job opportunities are available in installation, operations, maintenance, and repairing. There are some technical job for identifying electronic jamming and deception. There are different levels of jobs from supervisors, operators and repairs technicians. There are varieties of job opportunities in satellite industries such as:  IP Network Engineer: assists in the administration and maintenance of all technology resources.  Field Engineer: operates and maintains of various telecommunications systems.  Facilities Maintenance Technician - Performs a variety of tasks under general supervision to construct, operate, monitor, repair and maintain the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection  Fabrication/Assembly Specialist - Design, assemble, test, and/or modify electrical and/or mechanical components, assemblies. 7
  8. 8.  Junior Program Manager - The Jr. PM has overall performance responsibility for managing scope, cost, schedule, and contractual deliverables, which includes applying project management methodologies for planning, tracking, change control, and risk management.  Mechanical Engineer - Responsible for providing mechanical design and engineering expertise for the Mechanical Design Teams, Product and Project Business Teams including...  Network Engineer - Conduct a wide range of IT related network infrastructure implementation, as well as administration and implementation of WAN. Purchase software, hardware, and other IT related peripherals as approved by the project manager...  Proposal Administrative Assistant - Provide administrative support to Cachendo Program Office, Government Sales Team, Marketing Communications and Technical Sales Support Team for: proposal preparation activity, presentation preparation, meeting scheduling and coordination  Proposal Support Coordinator/Manager - Position entails being able to perform all facets of proposal coordination/management including proposal requirements synthesis across the range  Senior .NET/Share point Developer - The Senior .Net/SharePoint Developer has a software developer role on a team involved in the design, development, testing, deployment, and support of custom Web, mobile, and desktop applications  Senior Contracts Administrator - Review, edit, draft and negotiate all varieties of contracts, including sales contracts, nondisclosure agreements, teaming agreements.  Senior Flex Developer - Will be responsible for partnering with our technical architect, product managers, UI designers and other developers to build our next generation client applications  Senior Systems Engineer - Provide RF Engineering skill and technical expertise to support on-going operations and systems design engineering of ground segment systems...  Teleport Operations Center Technician - Continuous improvement of the process defining the development of GSM test/maintenance philosophies and processes 8