Antiseptic and disinfectant drugs


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it includes natural drugs having antiseptic and disinfectant action.

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Antiseptic and disinfectant drugs

  1. 1. PHARMACOGNOSY A seminar onANTISEPTIC AND DISINFECTANTS Presented by , Mr. SHINDE N.G. (M. Pharm.) Satara college of pharmacy, satara,MH,India.
  2. 2. ANTISEPTIC AND DISINFECTANTS Antiseptics are the agent that sterilize the living surface. while Disinfectants kills bacteria and spores from nonliving surface.Examples- BENZOIN MYRRH NEEM CURCUMA
  3. 3. BENZOIN
  4. 4. BENZOINSYNONAME- Sumatra benzoin, gum benzoin, lobanBIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It is balsamic resin obtained from Styrax benzoin , Styraxtonkinesis belongs to styraceae family.GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION-Produced from trees grown in south easternAsia- Sumatra, Indonesia.COLLECTION-benzoin is pathological resin collected after 6 year from cultivated/wild treesby incision near the base of tree.The resinous material allow to solidified,sundried(yield-10kg/tree)
  5. 5. BENZOINCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-Sumatra benzoin- free balsamic acids(benzoic and cinnamic acids).also triterpenoid acids like suma-resinolic acid & siaresinolic acidSlam benzoin- ester coniferyl benzoate(75%)Styrol , vanillin, phenyl propyl cinnamate.USES-1. irritating expectorant2. carminative3. diuretic4.Antiseptic5.Protective6. Treatment of URT infection (as inhalation).
  6. 6. MYRRH
  7. 7. MYRRHSYNONAME- Myrrha, bol, gum myrrhBIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It is oleo-gum-resin obtained from Commiphora molmolbelongs to Burseraceae family.GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION-found in north east africa andsouthern arabia.COLLECTION-Burseraceae plants posses oleo-resinouscanals in their conducting tissue.Plant is small shrub-3m heightBy incision on bark it exudates yellowishcolored resin ,gradually hardens andbecomes reddish brown.This mass is collected in goatsskin and sent to market.
  8. 8. MYRRHCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-10% thick VOLATILE OIL-Terpenes, cuminic aldehyde, eugenol.25-40% resins – alpha, beta and gamma commiphoric acid3-4% bitter principlesUSES- - stimulant, - used as antiseptic, - protective, - used in mouthwashes.ADULTRATION-Arabian myrrhYamen myrrhIndian bdellium(balsamoendron mukul)
  9. 9. NEEMSYNONAME- LIMBBIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It consist of leaves and other aerial parts of Azadiracta indicabelongs to Meliaceae family.GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION- it is indigenous and widely grown in India.CULTIVATION- The plant is propagated by seeds. it survive at hightemp. little rainfall , nutrient deficient soil. The plant bears fruitafter 5 years.CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-Azadiractin, salanin, meliantriolLeaves- nimbosterol, quercetinSeeds- azadirtactin, salanin , meliantrol, meliacinBark- nimbin, nimbinin, nimbidin, nimbosterol, margosine.USES- Antiseptic, insecticide, antiviral,treatement of AIDS
  10. 10. CURCUMA
  11. 11. CURCUMASYNONAME- turmeric, haldi, Indian saffronBIOLOGICAL SOURCE- It consist of dried or fresh rhizomes of Curcuma longa belongs toZinzibrraceae family.GEOGRAPHICL DISTRIBUTION- it is cultivated in pak ., Malaysia, china. india-MH, TN, WB, UP, PJCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS-5% VOLATILE OIL, RESIN, yellow coloring sub. CurcuminoidsCurcumin, turmerone, zingiberine, borneol, caprylic acid.USES-Antiseptic,Expectorant,In condimentColoring agent- ointment, creamsAntimicrobialantiinflammatory
  12. 12. THANK YOU