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Invest in Odžaci

  1. 1. Location AP Vojvodina Population 30,196 Territory 411 km²; 85.56% arable land, 4.94% forests, 9.5% roads and other Budget RSD 924 million; 14.5% capital investments contact 24 Knez Mihajlova street, 25250 Odžaci, +381 25 5 743 211, E 75 E 75 E 70 E 75 E 70 BUSINESS FRIENDLY MUNICIPALITY M Odžaci www.odzaci.rs45o 30’n, 19o 15’e E 75 E 75 E 70 E 75 E 70 ProXimity to nearest Border crossinGs Croatia 3 km Hungary 60 km Municipality of Odžaci is located in the north-west part of Serbia, in proximity of the border crossing with Croatia and 65 km from the border with Hungary, which makes it a strategic logistic location for the European Union market. The municipality is 35 km away from Pan-European Corridor X, while the inter- national port Bogojevo on the Danube river is located in the municipality. With more than 100 years of tradition in industrial and agriculture production, the mu- nicipality offers educated work force in the field of textile, chemical and machine industry, as well as agriculture. Odžaci hosts successful investors – Canadian company Magna Seating, leader in production of car upholstery and Austrian Greiner Packaging, producer of glasses for food industry. The largest domestic companies are HI Hipol, the first and only domestic producer of polypropylene, and Standard Gas which is the largest private producer of energy in Serbian ma- rket with its facilities in Odžaci. Municipality’s most significant natural resource is arable agriculture land, covering the area of 350 km2. Potential investors have at disposal completely equipped working zone Block 46, as well as available loca- tions suitable for both greenfield and brownfield investments. odŽaci BelGrade (139 km) Vienna (533 km) istanBul (1,126 km) sofia (527 km) thessaloniKi (765 km) BudaPest (296 km) 2013 © National Alliance for Local Economic Development
  2. 2. NALED, Makedonska 30/VII, 11000 Belgrade, +381 11 33 73 063, Land area and purpose 205,191 m², production and processing Ownership structure 100% municipal ownership Infrastructure Access road, possibility of connection to all the necessary infrastructure Location 1 km from city center, next to M-3 and train station, 35 km from E-75 Price and type of acquisition € 5.3 / m² starting price for lease (auction) and purchase Land development fee € 4.5 / m² Local incentives Reduction of land development fee odžaci invest in human resources Work force: 20,858 Education structure: 9% college and university degrees, 62% high school, 29% elementary and lower Education profiles / schools and faculties: Education profiles in the fields of economy, machine industry, textile industry, chemistry, trade Number of unemployed: 4,671, unemployment rate 30% Average gross salary: € 420 per month local economy Number of enterprises: 254 companies and 755 entrepreneurs Size: 97.8% small, 1.8% middle-sized and 0.4% large Dominant industries: Agriculture, chemical industry, automotive industry, textile industry, packaging industry, food industry The largest domestic companies: HI Hipol (chemical industry), Standard gas (alternative energy) The most significant foreign investors: Magna Seating (automotive industry, Canada), Greiner Packaging (packaging industry, Austria) traffic connections Highway (Corridor X): Access to E-75 via main road M-3 – 35 km away Main roads: M-3 (connection with Croatia), M-18 (connection with Hungary) Railroad lines (Corridor X): Railroad lines Odžaci-Novi Sad and Odžaci-Sombor The Danube (Corridor VII): Port Bogojevo, canal Danube-Tisa-Danube Airport: Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade – 139 km away, Airport Osijek – 55 km away industrial zone