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Invest in Kula

  1. 1. Location AP Vojvodina Population 40,162 Territory 481 km²; 91% arable land, 0.5% forests, 8.5% roads and other Budget RSD 1.11 billion; 10.17% capital investments Contact 11 Lenjinova street, 25230 Kula, +381 25 722 220, E 75 E 75 E 70 E 75 E 70 BUSINESS FRIENDLY MUNICIPALITY M Kula www.kula.rs45o 36’n, 19o 31’e E 75 E 75 E 70 E 75 E 70 ProXimity to nearest Border crossinGs Croatia 44 km Hungary 83 km Romania 121 km Municipality of Kula is located within the fertile flatland of Vojvodina, on a crossroad between Novi Sad (52 km away), Sombor (40 km away) and Subotica (60 km away). It is a multinational and multicultural environment, where differe- nces are nurtured and cherished. Due to its natural characteristics (41,000 ha of arable land), climate and water resources, Kula has a lot of potentials in the field of agriculture and development of spa, country and nautical tourism. The municipality has more than 450 ha of construction land available for industrial zones. The largest and most significant industrial zone is located next to main road M-3, covering the area of 85 ha, 20 ha being fully equipped and ready for investments. There are several important brownfield locations with infrastructure and more than 30,000 m2 of facilities (warehouses, laboratories, and office space) – former industrial giants such as factories which produced fittings –Istra, leather – Eterna and woolen fabrics –Kulski štofovi. Depending on the number of new jobs created, the investors are entitled to reduction of land development fee up to 50%, reduction of land lease price up to 90%, and they are exempted from environment protection fee and utility fee for company name display (signage fee) during the first two years of work. Kula BelGrade (132 km) Vienna (496 km) istanBul (1,097 km) sofia (515 km) thessaloniKi (750 km) BudaPest (260 km) 2013 © National Alliance for Local Economic Development
  2. 2. NALED, Makedonska 30/VII, 11000 Belgrade, +381 11 33 73 063, Land area and purpose 180,000 m2 , construction land Ownership structure 100% municipal ownership Infrastructure High voltage electricity, access road, gas Location 2 km from city center, ~15 km from E-75, ~ 6 km from train station Price and type of acquisition ~ € 5 / m², purchase Land development fee Production facilities - € 15 to 20 / m² Local incentives Reduction of land development fee and lease price, exemption from other fees kula invest in human resources Work force: 15,018 Educational structure: 7.8% college and university degree, 47.6% high school, 59.1% elementary and lower Education profiles: Faculties in the field of law and economy, high schools in the fields of agriculture, machining, economy Number of unemployed: 5,775, unemployment rate 40.4% Average gross salary: € 306 per month local economy Number of enterprises: 371 companies and 1,027 entrepreneurs Size: 98.7% small, 1.2% middle-sized and 0.1% large Dominant industries: Food-processing industry, trade, metal-processing industry, agriculture The largest domestic companies: Jaffa Crvenka (food industry), Sugar factory Crvenka (food industry), Zaliv Crvenka (transport), Metalopromet Kula (recycling), Sigma Kula (chemical industry), ABC food Ruski Krstur (food production, in bankruptcy) The most significant foreign investors: Phiwa-Lurdy Subotica (trade, Germany), Matteo obuća Kula (footwear production, Italy) traffic connections Highway (Corridor X): Access to international highway E-75 via main road M-3 – 17 km away Main roads: Main road M-3 (connection with Croatia and Romania) Railroad lines: International railroad E-80 (Vienna-Budapest-Belgrade) –10 km away The Danube (Corridor VII): Port of Bogojevo – 38 km away Airport: Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade –129 km away industrial zone