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Invest in Kragujevac


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Invest in Kragujevac

  1. 1. Location Central Serbia Population 179,417 Territory 835 km²; 57.6% arable land, 26% forests, 16.4% roads and other Budget RSD 9.48 billion; 32% capital investments contact 3 Trg Slobode, 34000 Kragujevac, +381 34 332 055, E 75 E 75 E 70 E 75 E 70 BUSINESS FRIENDLY MUNICIPALITY L Kragujevac www.kragujevac.rs44o 22’n, 20o 56’e E 75 E 75 E 70 E 75 E 70 ProXimity to nearest Border crossinGs Romania 180 km Bulgaria 250 km Croatia 260 km LocatedinthecentralpartofSerbia,theCityofKragujevacrepresentsthe administrative,economic,universityandhealthcenteroftheregion.Withone oftheworld’slargestautomotivecompanies,theItalianFIAT,Kragujevacisthe mainpillarofrevitalizationofSerbianauto-industry,whichbroughtnewjobs andstimulatedthedevelopmentofotherindustriesinthecityandthewhole country.InadditiontoinvestorsinautomotiveindustrysuchasPromoMagneti, Sigit,JohnsonControls,manyothercompaniesselectedKragujevacastheir investmentdestination–PlazaCenters,Merkator,Metro,Tuš,Supernova,Nelt, Meggleetc.Also,thereareseveraldomesticcompaniesoperatinginKragujevac withmuchsuccess–FormaIdeale,Swisslion,DIS.ThecityonriverLepenica offersindustriallandwithtopqualityinfrastructureandroadssuchas Kragujevac-LapovohighwayallowingfastandsecureconnectionwithEuropean CorridorX.Witharangeofbenefitsforinvestors,largeinfrastructureandlocal economicdevelopmentprojects,Kragujevachasopeneditsdoorswideopentoall investorswithavision,wishingbusinesssuccess,healthycompetitionandprofit. KraGuJeVac BelGrade (141 km) Vienna (753 km) istanBul (869 km) sofia (309 km) thessaloniKi (542 km) BudaPest (513 km) 2013 © National Alliance for Local Economic Development
  2. 2. NALED, Makedonska 30/VII, 11000 Belgrade, +381 11 33 73 063, Land area and purpose 652,649 m², construction land Ownership structure 100% state ownership Infrastructure Water, sewerage, gas, high voltage electricity, access road, telecommunications Location 0.5 to 5 km from city center and main roads M-21 and M-23, 20 km from highway E-75 Price and type of acquisition € 1 / m², lease Land development fee € 10 to 40 / m² (depending on the zone) Local incentives € 2,000 – 15,000 per employee, up to 30% reduction of land development fee kragujevac invest in human resources Work force: 126,318 Education structure: 14% college and university degrees, 52% high school, 34% elementary school and lower Education profiles / schools and faculties: University center with faculties in the field of economy, law, engineering sciences, agronomy, machining and construction, pedagogy, philology, hospitality and tourism Number of unemployed: 22,179, unemployment rate 32% Average gross salary: € 483 per month local economy Number of enterprises: 1,441 companies and 5,811 entrepreneurs Size: 94% small, 4% middle-sized and 2% large Dominant industries: Trade, processing industries, innovation and technics, transport, construction The largest domestic companies: Forma Ideale (furniture), Kuč Company (milk and dairy), Flores (alcoholic beverages), DIS (trade), Swisslion (food industry, confectionery), Prizma (orthopedic appliances), Nikom (car parts and accessories) The most significant foreign investors: FIAT, Promo Magneti, Sigit, HTL (automotive industry, Italy), Johnson Controls (automotive industry, USA), Meggle (milk production, Germany), Intertrust (metal industry, Bulgaria), Rapp Marine Group (parts for ships and machines, Norway), Plaza (trade, Israel), Roda centar (trade, Slovenia), ViatorVektor (bus factory, Slovenia) traffic connections Highway (Corridor X): E-75, access to E-761 via M-23 – 40 km away, access to E-763 via M-21 – 41 km away Main roads: M-23, M-21, M-11 Railroad lines (Corridor X): Direct lines to Belgrade, Budapest, Bar and Thessaloniki The Danube (Corridor VII): Port of Smederevo - 88 km away Airport: Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade – 140 km away, airport Konstantin Veliki in Niš –160 km away industrial zone