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Investing in Innovation - Felix Petersen, Samsung NEXT, seminar SEE MIKTA, November 2017


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Felix Petersen, Director of Samsung NEXT Europe start-up incubator, presented the support provided by Samsung as a large company to new businesses and entrepreneurs, Samsung NEXT Europe is located in Berlin, as one of 6 offices in the world.

The presentation was held within the within the seminar SEE MIKTA: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organized on 23 November 2017 in Belgrade, by NALED and embassies of MIKTA countries - Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia.

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Investing in Innovation - Felix Petersen, Samsung NEXT, seminar SEE MIKTA, November 2017

  1. 1. Felix Petersen @fiahless November 2017
  2. 2. ▪ Early stage investments ▪ Mobile, Consumer, Social, SaaS, Marketplaces ▪ Angel Investments in Soundcloud, Dataminr, Portfolio Exits to Dropbox, Tumblr ▪ Faber Ventures Pan-European Early Stage Fund ▪ 2x entrepreneur ▪ Plazes exited to Nokia (2008) ▪ Amen exited to (2013) ▪ Mentor ABOUT ME
  3. 3. We partner with innovators to OUR MISSION buildideas into products growproducts into businesses & scalebusinesses that leverage and transform the Samsung ecosystem.
  4. 4. We collaborate with seasoned founders and talented teams to build products aimed at transforming and revolutionize the way we work and live. Our local workspaces, deep domain experts and operational support empower startups with the tools and services needed to go further and achieve their goals faster. Product Development Business Development and M&A We develop mutually beneficial partnerships and acquire game-changing companies that can leverage Samsung’s global reach and resources to bring their products and services to consumers worldwide. Investments We invest in early and late stage startups focused on frontier tech with high potential for scale and outsized financial returns. While a majority of investments range from Seed to Series B, we are open to investing in later rounds. OUR EXPERTISE
  5. 5. SAN FRANCISCO TEL AVIV KOREA NEW YORK SILICON VALLEY We think global and act local. Berlin - Korea - New York – San Francisco – Silicon Valley – Tel Aviv Samsung NEXT Berlin (BR) Samsung NEXT Korea (KR) Samsung NEXT New York (NY) Samsung NEXT San Francisco (SF) Samsung NEXT Silicon Valley (SV) Samsung NEXT Tel Aviv (TLV) BERLIN
  6. 6. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the SmartThings team led the early days of consumer IoT adoption. Working to enhance how everyday objects interact and connect, SmartThings sought to showcase IoT on a global scale. Within months in working with us, SmartThings was featured on stage alongside Samsung at IFA and CES, positioned to lead the next stage of IoT adoption. Acquired in 2014. Building a Connected Smart Home
  7. 7. Successful serial entrepreneurs Will Graylin and George Wallner set to innovate the mobile payment experience with a promising magnetic strip technology, but the user experience was not seamless and the product could not scale on its own. In less than a year, Samsung Pay was released, placing the LoopPay solution in the hands of hundreds of millions of Samsung smartphone users. Acquired in 2015. Empowering Mobile Payments
  8. 8. Co-founders Mara Segal and James Flynn envisioned a better way for families to stay connected beyond whiteboards and sticky notes on the kitchen wall. At the Samsung Accelerator, they co- developed StickiBoard - a cloud- connected dashboard that helps busy families stay in-sync across devices. We helped to bring Mara and James’ vision to everyday homes through Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator, now available in U.S. retail stores nationwide. Acquired in 2016. Keeping On-The-Go Families in Sync
  9. 9. Product and Team NextGen UX Security AR IoT Mobility AI Blockchain ON OUR RADAR
  10. 10. Funding Landscape in Europe ▪ Very fragmented and in different stages ▪ Most countries are startup friendly now ▪ Seed: Mostly available ▪ Series A Crunch in 2nd Tier, Series B crunch in Tier 1 ▪ Big US investors tracking London and Berlin ▪ M&A (especially acquihires) still a challenge ▪ It can be done from Europe
  11. 11. Developer 
 Population Deep Tech Investments
 2011 to 2016 (9M), $M Europe’s Funding Landscape is Fragmented
  12. 12. Europe’s Funding Landscape is Fragmented France $2,739M invested ~520 deals Netherlands $433M invested ~160 deals Sweden $1,644M invested ~320 deals UK $3,700M invested ~470 deals Germany $2,100M invested ~380 deals Portugal $51M invested ~23 deals Switzerland $610M invested ~80 deals Denmark $154M invested ~95 deals Austria $45M invested ~29 deals Spain $593M invested ~170 deals *2016 based on 9 months to September 2016 and projection for Q4 based on Q3 Tier 1 Tier 3 Tier 2
  13. 13. Distinct Regional Specialisations Are Emerging
  14. 14. What kind of startup are you building? ▪ Big shift to deep tech ▪ Social is dead, low hanging fruits have been picked, Amazon, Facebook & Google dominate ▪ Deep Tech: 3-6 years of R&D ▪ “Analogue” industries are messy and capital intensive ▪ Understand what you are building and what is right for you
  15. 15. Being a European Entrepreneur in 2017 ▪ Where are you quickest to get to Product? ▪ Product, Product, Product ▪ A relationship is a graph not a point ▪ No, you’re not fundraising ▪ M&A (especially acquihires) still a challenge
  16. 16. What can governments do to support? ▪ Startup initiatives are nice ▪ E-Government initiatives are nice ▪ Fund-matching is nice ▪ Keeping rents low is crucial ▪ Making it a cool place to live is even more crucial