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Invest in Stara Pazova


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Stara Pazova is one of the municipalities with business friendly certification. Information about human resources, traffic connections, local economy, industrial zone, population..

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Invest in Stara Pazova

  1. 1. E 75 business friendly municipality Stara E 70 Pazova 44o59’N, 20o10’E E 75 Geographic Location Vojvodina, Srem District Population 67,576 Territory 351 km² - 85% arable land, 1.14% forests, 13.86% roads and other 2010 Budget 1,6 billion dinars; 24.10% capital investments Address Svetosavska 11, 22300 Stara Pazova, +381 22/310-170, biznis@starapazova.euS vienna (584 km) Stara Pazova is a progressive municipality within an inch from Belgrade, proximity to nearest rich with fertile land and business opportunities with a competitive price budapest (344 km) border crossings of labor. Almost 60% of the area of the Batajnica Airport belongs to Towards Croatia 90 km novi sad (50 km) Towards Romania 148 Km Stara Pazova which is only 15 minute ride away from „Nikola Tesla“ Towards Hungary 167 km Airport. According to 2006 - 2009 doing business report for the Srem District the Municipality was number one in terms of the profit it gener- stara* According to the NALED verification committee ated thanks to investors such as Gorenje, Husqvarna, Nestle, Scania, pazova belgrade (30 km) Mercedes, and others. The Municipality provides its key public services at the location which is easy to reach and has developed permitting one stop shop. A new business portal offers information and an interactive map for as many as 8 industrial zones. An opening of the “House of Football”, sofia (420 km) one of the most modern sports center ever opened in this region, in Stara istanbul Pazova in May 2011 in the presence of the highest officials of the world (1003 km) football convinced us that this is truly a business and sports municipality, thessaloniki (663 km) as it is stated in its creed. 2011 © National Alliance for Local Economic Development
  2. 2. invest in stara pazova human resources Work force: 30,573 Education structure: 10.19% 4 and 2 year college, 67.24% high school, 22.57% elementary and lower Education profiles: Business administrator, economic technician, shop assistant, mechanical technician, mechanic, all education profiles offered in Belgrade employment market No of unemployed: 4.233 unemployed; 21% unemployment rate Average gross salary: 341,79€ local economy No of enterprises: 3,481 Size: 93% small, 5% medium 2% large Dominant industries: Agriculture, civil construction, trade, plastic processing industry, metal processing industry, wood processing The largest domestic companies: Jovanović Plast (plastic processing), Dabel (construction material, furniture), Milšped (transport), Artinvest (wood processing), Grubin (shoes), Yugotub ( metal processing) The most significant foreign investors: Alumil (construction), Gorenje Tiki (electrical appliances), Husqvarna (appli- ances), Nestle (food processing), Volvo (sale, transport), Mercedes-Benc (sale) traffic connections Highway (Corridor X): E 70, E 75 Main roads: M-22/1, regional roads: R-106, R- 121 Railroad lines: Belgrade-Bar railroad, Stara Pazova-Šid, Stara Pazova-Subotica The Danube (corridor VII): Belgrade Port – 32 km away Airport: Nikola Tesla airport– 25 km away Industrial zone 61,198 m², construction land with infrastructure Ownership structure 100% state owned Location 3 km away from the city center Proximity to traffic lines Highway E 70 (500m), E 75 (15 km), regional road R – 106 (200m) Price and type of acquisition 20 € / m² Land development fee 11 € / m² Local incentives Land development fee discount between 25% and 80%NALED, Zetska 4a/2, 11000 Belgrade, +381 11/334 76 34,