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Cacak is one of the municipalities with business friendly certification. Information about human resources, traffic connections, industrial zone, local economy, location.

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Invest in Cacak

  1. 1. E 75 business friendly municipality Čačak E 70 E 75 43o53’N, 20o20’E Geographic Location Central Serbia Population 117,072 Territory 636 km² - 68.5 % arable land, 26.3 % forests, 8.2 % roads and other 2010 Budget 2.24 billion dinars; 20.07% capital investments Address Župana Stracimira 2, 32000 Čačak, +381 32/224-024, socacak@eunet.rsT The City of Čačak is investing efforts to create business friendly environ- budapest (510 km) proximity to nearest ment and promote investments. To that end, it has formed the City vienna (750 km) border crossings Towards Montenegro 135 km Local Development Administration which is employing more than 20 Towards The Republic people, and is composed of two departments ( for private entrepreneurs of Srpska 181 km and for drafting and implementation of development projects), one Towards Bulgaria 276 km office for business activities and one agriculture development group.* According to the NALED verification committee There is no similar organization in Serbia. This is best practice backed belgrade (144 km) up by results – in the last three years Čačak attracted over 60 million Euros of new investments. Over 30 years ago Čačak was a well known metallurgic center, today it is growing into a trade-service center thanks čačak to a well developed entrepreneurial sector but also large investments into istanbul shopping molls – Slovenian Merkator has invested around 22 million (770 km) sofia (335 km) Euros in Čačak, Tempo 12 million Euros. Interested investors have at their disposal over 10 industrial zones with infrastructure and city’s thessaloniki (620 km) support to their start up. podgorica (310 km) 2011 © National Alliance for Local Economic Development
  2. 2. invest in Čačak human resources Work force: 79,364 (men: 38,951, women: 40,413) Education structure: 13% 4 and 2 year college, 63% high school, 24% elementary and lower Education profiles: Electric engineering, mechanical engineering, agronomy, medicine, economy, hospitality industry, traffic, construction, technology No of unemployed: 10,953 unemployed, 35 % unemployment rate Average gross salary: 395 € / per month local economy No of enterprises: 6,138 Size: 95% small, 4% medium, 1% large Dominant industries: Trade and business services, metal processing, construction, chemical industry, apparel and footwear industry, electrical and electronic industries The largest domestic companies: Sloboda Čačak (appliances), Čačanska banka (banking and services), Prvi maj Čačak (chemical industry), Slovas Čačak (metal processing), Božo Tomić (paper production) The most significant foreign investors: Vapeks (production of sponges), Česten (paper factory), KAVIM (transport), Strabag (civil construction engineering), Merkator (trade) traffic connections Highway (Corridor X): E75 – Indirect access by M23 (80 km away), by E761 ( 110 km away) Main roads: M5, M22 Railroad lines: Line Požega – Stalać, line Belgrade-Bar (35 km away) The Danube (corridor VII): Belgrade Port –150 km away Airport: Airport in Belgrade – 140 km away; local airport in Lađevci–25 km away Industrial zone 112,600 m², mixed types of land with infrastructures Ownership structure 90% state owned, 10 private Location 3 km away from the city center Proximity to traffic lines City roads and streets; R-226, regional road Čačak - Kraljevo Price and type of acquisition 16 € / m² Land development fee According to calculations of land development costs by the PC Gradac Local incentives Land development fee discount up to 100 % for 100 new jobsNALED, Zetska 4a/2, 11000 Belgrade, +381 11/334 76 34,