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Capital Summit 2015 - Sarajevo Film Festival


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Sarajevo Film Festival - presentation held within the Capital Summit 2015 organized by NALED and City of Belgrade, with the support of Elnos group, Star Refrigeration&Emerson Techologies and Siemens.

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Capital Summit 2015 - Sarajevo Film Festival

  1. 1. Enterance to the Sarajevo Film Festival Office 1995
  2. 2. Sarajevo Film Festival Red Carpet today
  3. 3. How do we do it? • Concept • Infrastructure • Film industry • Cultural and educational policy • Atmosphere
  4. 4. Developing film industries • Return on investment • Foreign investments • Employment • Tourism • Export • Creation of cultural heritage Developing new audiences and new talent Future professionals • Talents Sarajevo • Sarajevo City of Film Fund Future audience • Operation Kino • Kino Meeting Point Creative cities - Cultural cities