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Future technology


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Published in: Lifestyle
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Future technology

  2. 2. TECHNOLOGY • Technology can be defined as science applied to practical purposes. • Modern Technology makes life Easier & dignified for most ofthe people.
  3. 3. DREAM BIG Taking a look back at 10 years ago, it is simply amazing to see how communication technology has advanced and changed. It is really exciting to imagine the possibilities of where communication technology will be in 10 more years.• “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” –Steve Jobs, the greatest innovator of our time.
  4. 4. • WE all would love doing little work for the best benefit(profit), right? Finally in Future, it will be standard. Technology will literally rule the world in the future. Some of the most important aspects of our lives such as cars, education and communicative and entertainment devices will be totally transformed. Are you ready???
  5. 5. • Cars are some individuals most prized possessions. • Cars that can fly, send an alert to your phone when unregistered finger prints touch door handles and cars that only start with retina identification. • Voice control temperature control and radio programming
  6. 6. Benefits of cars of the future • Flying cars means less travel time and cheaper expenses while traveling. • Retina identification to start the car will drastically cut down on theft of motor vehicles and keep underage drivers off the road. • Breathalyzer machines will also be required to start the car, saving many lives. • Digital meters of fuel levels.
  7. 7. • Education in the future will take on a new perspective of technology • Learning will be a new experience. Each student will place a helmet over their head in which they select their chosen subject and start the lesson.• • Each helmet is sound proof, during lectures a virtual teacher will appear on the screen inside the helmet. Learning will become paperless all textbooks will be on a tablet and look similar to an e-textbook. HELLO CLASS