Writing Impactful Emails Worksheet


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Writing Impactful Emails Worksheet

  1. 1. empower c ons ulting group Email Guidelines For BusinessHow email worksWhy email etiquette1.2.3.Basic guidelinesTo, CC, BCCSubject lineReply, forwardAttachmentsSending tips___________________ when to _____________________ up the _________________.Content, Relationships, BrandHow would you respond?Content and creation tipsSimple rulesPerception, privacy, copyrightThe four ways we have contact in the world are:What we _____________, how we _____________, what we _____________, and_____________ we _____________ it.” Empowering People & Organizations Worldwide! 775.853.2530 act.now@go2ecg.com www.go2ecg.com ©2011.Empower Consulting Group, LLC. All rights reserved.