Golding spring appeal 2010


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Golding spring appeal 2010

  1. 1. April 5, 2010 Dear Last year more than 4,000 children, teens, and families looked to the Center for Grieving Children for education, information and peer support when dealing with a life threatening illness or death. For almost 25 years The Center for Grieving Children has responded when families in crisis have needed us because of the support of friends in our community. This year we have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of people seeking our services in the immediate aftermath of the death of a child, sibling, parent, grandparent, colleague or friend. In the first 8 months of our current fiscal year we have responded to as many calls as we did all of last year. Each year we provide direct support for more than 300 families through our Center based programs: Three nights of Bereavement Peer Support, one night of our Tender Living Care program for families dealing with a serious illness and two afternoons of Multicultural Peer Support program for refugee and immigrant children. We are able to do this by utilizing more than 125 specially trained volunteers who are supported by an excellent staff and consultants. This last year we have expanded services to more Young Adults, Bereaved Parents, Young Widows, Widowers and Bereaved Partners and are looking at ways to expand and deepen services to families dealing with the aftermath of a suicide. We continue our commitment to community support by responding to hundreds of calls from families, schools and community groups seeking our help and counsel when death and tragedy hit local communities throughout Maine. We have been able to do this because we keep our costs low but have also had to spend down our reserves to maintain services – this is why we need your support like never before. The Center has always been blessed by many generous individuals who give of their time and talent to ensure we can support grieving children, teens and families who need us, week in, week out, free of charge. The Center takes no state or federal funding and provides highly valuable services to those in because of committed friends with great hearts. Please join us. Warmest regards, Anne Lynch Executive Director PS – You might be interested to watch a special edition of Sesame Street hosted by Katie Couric, designed to help families cope with the loss of a parent. Our center families helped shape this program that is being broadcast on PBS on April 14, at 8 PM.