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404 a cluxton boggs taylor handout

  1. 1. Bobby’s Books Using children’s literature to empower Don’t Flush the Goldfish! adults to help children Using Bobby’s Books to cope with grief, loss, Help Kids Cope and change. Consider …… How old were you when you experienced a significant loss, e.g. death, parents’ The History of divorce? Bobby’s Books Were you a child when you attended a funeral for the first time? How old? What were your feelings & thoughts then? 3 4 What Is Grief? Common Feelings The natural reaction to loss is a process Sadness unique to each individual, called grief. Emptiness Abandonment Experiencing loss is not easy or enjoyable Anxiety for adults or children. It is necessary. Fear From the moment life begins, loss and change are forever happening. Guilt Insecurity Numbness 5 6 1
  2. 2. Myths About Common Behaviors Children & Grief Regression Children only grieve for a short time Panic A child’s grief proceeds in predictable, Explosive emotions orderly stages Withdrawal – ―She should be over this by now.‖ Acting out Infants & toddlers are too young to grieve Provoking rejection Bereaved children grow up maladjusted Changes in sleeping & eating patterns Children are better off if they don’t attend funerals 7 8 What hinders…… What helps…. Not talking about the loss, death Having a ―child‖ within Not having the opportunity to attend the Thinking like a kid again funeral Inviting the child to tell his/her story Being labeled and given Rxs too quickly Being patient Family ―rules‖ like ―Boys don’t cry.‖ ―Companioning‖ the child Making statements like ―You’re the man of Increasing your knowledge about children’s the house now.‖ grieving 9 10 Teachable moments Examples of Losses The “mini” losses of life provide children Relationships with opportunities to build coping skills Objects and a philosophy for dealing with Environment suffering Self The importance of using Bobby’s Books proactively Skills/Abilities Habits 11 12 2
  3. 3. Relationships Objects Parental death Teddy Bear or favorite toy Sibling death Death of a close friend Pacifier Death of a classmate Favorite blanket Parental divorce Loss of symbolic jewelry/class ring Death of a grandparent Death of a pet Driver’s license Friendship ends Loss of items through vandalism or theft Friend moves Brother/sister leaves home 13 14 Environment Self Natural disasters Body part (arm, leg, teeth) Flood Body organ (eye, transplant) Home fire Body image – self-worth Move Failed grade Change schools Failure to be chosen Blended family Loss of self esteem through teasing or ―put New baby in home downs‖ Family separations Physical/sexual abuse 15 16 Skills/Abilities Habits Giving up sucking thumb Physical disability Changes of daily routine Learning and developmental differences School ends/begins Injury Family meals end Taking care of someone/something 17 18 3
  4. 4. Recognizing and Understanding Book Selection Losses By the time today’s children reach high Include Parents/Caregivers school, 50% will have experienced the Picture Books divorce of their parents, 20% will have Use of Puppets experienced the death of one parent and there will be an average of four moves per Writing family. Art Activities 19 20 Tips for reading aloud to children Love You Forever Use care in choosing quality children’s literature Written by: Robert Munsch Preview the book Add prop whenever possible Illustrator: Sheila McGraw If reading a lengthy book to small children, take a break— Possible Themes: listening is hard work Be sure all children can see the pictures in the book you – Continuity, love, change are reading Remember even teenagers enjoy a good picture book Only read a story you enjoy yourself Allow enough time for the story to be introduced, read and discussed 21 22 Eggbert, The Slightly Cracked Egg Author: Tom Ross Illustrator: Rex Barron Possible themes: self esteem, coping 23 24 4
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  10. 10. Eggbert Puppets Activities that can be shared after reading Make puppets accessible/encourage this story to a child or group exploration Facilitate communication with puppets Discuss use of puppets in reading with children Make a puppet for home use. 55 56 The Jester Has Lost His Jingle Written and Illustrated by: David Saltzman Possible Themes: change and building self- esteem 58 57 59 60 10
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  12. 12. 67 68 Writing Talk it out List words from the story Write or tape the story Write their own story or another chapter to the story you are reading 69 70 Tear Soup Tear Soup Written by: Pat Schwiebert and Chuck a recipe for healing DeKlyen after loss Illustrated by: Taylor Bills Possible Themes: grieving, coping, healing Story by Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen Illustrated by Taylor Bills Copyright Grief Watch 2002 71 12
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  14. 14. 79 80 81 82 How Are you Peeling? Foods with Moods Written and Illustrated by: Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers Possible Themes: Emotions, Differences, Reactions to Situations 83 84 14
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  20. 20. From How are You Peeling? Foods with Moods by Saxton Freymann & Joost Elffers. The Power of Art to Express Use a variety of art media • An Arthur A. Levine Book published by Consider using clay, watercolors, crayons, Scholastic Inc./Scholastic Press. fabric, legos, fingerpaint, sidewalk chalk, etc. • Copyright 1999 by Play with Your Food, LLC. Create and talk about it • Used by permission 115 116 Teachable Moments ―Learn it and live it‖ USE OF QUOTES….. Look for natural moments Repeat a significant part of a book Take an excerpt from a book to generate discussion 117 118 Core of the Bobby’s Books Program Educational Seminars Bundle of twenty classics, favorites Read-aloud guide Bibliographies by category – Loss of sibling, loss of pet Website - www.bobbysbooks.org Consult with Jennifer Taylor, Project Manager – Jen@ohpco.org 120 119 20
  21. 21. For more information about Bobby’s Books, please contact: 555 Metro Place North, Suite 650 Dublin, Ohio 43017 Phone: 614-763-0036 Toll Free: 800-776-9513 Fax: 614-763-0050 Jen@ohpco.org www.ohpco.org 121 www.bobbysbooks.org 21