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NAF believes that all students should have the advantage of a high quality, paid internship before they graduate high school. But how is every academy supposed to achieve this ambitious goal? A series of sequenced work-based learning experiences throughout the academy experience will set up NAF students and partners for internship success. NAF has gathered effective work-based learning and advisory board development practices from across the network and organized them into the exciting new Work-Based Learning Center at Learn how the Work-Based Learning Center was developed from the NAF network leaders themselves and how to utilize these tools to help your academy reach 100%. This session will provide time for participants to explore the site, so please bring a laptop, tablet, or other internet-ready device to the session.

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Getting to 100% - NAF Work- Based Learning Center Website

  1. 1. #NAFNext2014 DO NOW: Make a list of high-quality tools you use when coordinating work-based learning activities. Why are they high-quality tools?
  2. 2. Getting to 100%: NAF’s Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Rich Tulikangas- National Director of Work-Based Learning James Cole- Region-4 Manager of Work-Based Learning Sonja Brouwers- WBL Coord.-Clark High School AOF, Advisory Board Leadership Council, and Work-Based Learning Innovation Fellow Jim Nicholson- Senior Director/Investments-Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. and Co-Chair Advisory Board Leadership Council
  3. 3. Outcomes • Understand how to find the WBL Center • Understand what’s on the WBL Center • Easily navigate the resources on the WBL Center Agenda • Background • WBL Structure • Scavenger Hunt • Question and Answer • Evaluation Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014
  4. 4. Background NEED for WBL Center: • 32 years of resources • Too many tools and resources SOLUTION: • Assessment of tools from across the network • NAF Approach reaffirmed • Combination of tools • New website for work-based learning and advisory board tools and resources • Work in progress Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014
  5. 5. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Six Sections: • About • NAF Approach • Build Your Plan • Work-Based Learning Tools • Advisory Board Tools • Useful Links
  6. 6. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #1 Scenario 1: I serve as chair of my NAF academy advisory board. How would I explore the possibility of our advisory board forming it’s own non-profit?
  7. 7. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #2 Scenario 2: As a brand new academy director I know that we have some students participating in job shadows and internships, but think we should be doing a better job of providing all of our students with WBL opportunities. Where can I find a sample structure for grades 9-12.
  8. 8. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #3 Scenario 3: I’ve been hired as our academy’s first Work-Based Learning Coordinator. One of our goals is to give each student an extended, compensated, hands-on career preparation experience with one of our business partners. I also want to assure a high- quality experience for students and business partners. Where would I find a clear definition of a high-quality career preparation experience?
  9. 9. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #4 Scenario 4: Last year I arranged two-site visits with a local bank and an investment company for my finance academy students. The tours went well and were appreciated by the students, but I‘m wondering what I could do to better prepare students to make the most of these experiences.
  10. 10. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Scavenger Hunt #5 Scenario 5: Our hospital has a long-standing partnership with two area NAF AOHSs. We can’t accommodate all of the students that are interested in internships with us. As a responsible business partner and advisory board member I would like to have information I can use to show other area health care businesses how they can benefit from getting involved.
  11. 11. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Question and Answer
  12. 12. Work-Based Learning Center #NAFNext2014 Closing Remarks dlearningwebsitefeedback