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The Superintendent’s Role as a Community Leader


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For superintendents to be perceived as community leaders, they have to be actively involved in the right organizations. We will discuss how superintendents can impact community engagement and develop the strong community resources necessary for work-based learning and advocacy of college and career readiness for all. Come learn how you can be more effective as a true community leader.

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The Superintendent’s Role as a Community Leader

  1. 1. #NAFNext2014
  2. 2. Superintendent’s Role as a Community Leader #NAFNext2014
  3. 3. Dr. Gabe Soumakian, Superintendent, Oxnard Union High School District, Oxnard, CA Dr. Kay Faulconer Boger, Director, Ventura County Civic Alliance, Camarillo, CA Deanna Hanson, Consultant to NAF, Hanson Consulting Group, Sacramento, CA Oxnard Union High School District & the communities of Oxnard, Camarillo and Pt. Hueneme are recipients of a $6M grant CA Career Pathways Trust Grant to increase community engagement and work based learning for students and teachers Presented by: #NAFNext2014
  4. 4. Why Work- Based Learning? How Do We Do It? Who Needs to Be Involved?
  5. 5. Awareness Exploration Preparation • WBL Experiences • Guest speakers • Worksite tours • Career Fairs • Mentors with business partners • Career Experiences • Individual student plans • Career interest inventory • College Experiences • College Visits ** All integrated with NAF curriculum & involving business partners • WBL Experiences • Job Shadows • Mock Interviews • Informational Interviews • Career Experiences • Community planning project • Industry competition • Resume development • Business dress, behavior, etiquette • College Experiences • College Research • WBL Experiences • Paid Internship • Virtual or school- based enterprise • Senior presentation • Career Experiences • Industry certificates • Community planning project • Academy student recruitment • College Experiences • College visit • College research • College application Work-Based Learning Experiences (
  6. 6. Academy for a Day: Community Engagement
  7. 7. Business Education Intermediary
  8. 8. 8 © 2012 FSG FSG.ORG • Build a common understanding of the problem • Provide strategic guidance to develop a common agenda • Push critical thinking to address complex issues in innovative ways • Ensure mutually reinforcing activities take place: – Coordinate and facilitate communication and collaboration – Convene partners and key external stakeholders – Catalyze or incubate new initiatives or collaborations – Provide technical assistance – Create paths for, and recruit, new partners – Seek opportunities for alignment with other efforts • Collect, analyze, interpret, and report data • Catalyze or develop shared measurement systems • Provide technical assistance for building partners’ data capacity • Build public will, consensus and commitment: – Create a sense of urgency and articulate a call to action – Support community member engagement activities – Produce and manage external communications • Advocate for an aligned policy agenda • Mobilize and align public and private funding to support goals Backbone Organizations Perform Six Key Functions Backbone Activities Guide Vision and Strategy Support Aligned Activities Establish Shared Measurement Practices Build Public Will Advance Policy Mobilize Funding
  9. 9. Bringing the Community Together
  10. 10. VCCA and the Three E’s The Ventura County Civic Alliance promotes a healthy and sustainable future for Ventura County • Economy • Environment • Social Equity
  11. 11. Collaborating with Workforce & Education
  12. 12. Hosting Impactful Events
  13. 13. Creating great things in our Community
  14. 14. Intermediary Community and Education Foundations Business Partners Post-Secondary Partners Building & Sustaining Resources
  15. 15. The Superintendent In Partnership with Most Influential Business Leaders Best Connected Organizations Work Force Investment Board Chambers of Commerce Service Clubs Youth Serving CBOs Economic Development Agencies Local Government Leaders Foundations County Office of Education & Local Colleges Who Needs to Be Involved?
  16. 16. Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Recognize as Business – Institution of the Year
  17. 17. Business Partner Responsibilities • Form a strong collaboration, documented in a formal agreement, with secondary, postsecondary, and any other community partners; • Commit to provide all students an opportunity to participate in work-based learning, including job shadowing, paid or unpaid internships, virtual and group experiences, and paid part-time and/or summer employment; • Keep the skills map for the industry/sector updated with job requirements and competencies; • Provide workplace visits, speakers, and mentors for students and externships for teachers; • Collaborate with district and postsecondary staff to align technical skills and workplace competencies with curriculum, course offerings, and other resources; and • Provide staff to work with the career pathways program and coordinate with the school on the business partners’ behalf.
  18. 18. Wall-to-Wall Academy High School – Opens August 2015 Supported by Community and Business Partnerships RANCHO CAMPANA HIGH SCHOOL & PERFORMING ARTS CENTER
  19. 19. Study Question Teachers: Tell Their Story Using Simple Graphics
  20. 20. Questions for you: 1. Do you Know What Your Employers/Community Want? 2. What are the Best Connected Organizations in Your Community? 3. Who Are the Most Influential Leaders? 4. What Local Organizations Do Your Site Leaders & Superintendent Belong to and Attend? 5. Which Community Organization Boards Include Your Superintendent as a Member? Questions for us? Discussion
  21. 21. Final Thoughts Don’t Forget to Leave Evaluations (Were the Right People From Your District in Attendance at This Session?)