Job Shadowing - Immersing Students through Work-Based- Learning Explorations


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Do you want to have a solid action plan for implementing job shadowing through work-based learning explorations into your academy? This session, presented by NAF Work-Based Learning Fellows, will provide your academy with the tools necessary to implement meaningful job shadowing events in the world of work, in which students can get first-hand information and real world job experience. Learn how a strong work-based learning plan can include meaningful activities, lesson plans and development procedures for utilizing your community businesses outside the classroom.

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Job Shadowing - Immersing Students through Work-Based- Learning Explorations

  1. 1. #NAFNext2014
  2. 2. Job Shadow Impact (and Ease) #NAFNext2014 Who we are: Jeff Fagan Kelly Granfield Global Account Executive Academy Director/Teacher Marriott Global Sales School of Business & Leadership New York, NY San Diego, CA **Both are NAF ABLC members
  3. 3. • The Importance Of Job Shadowing And Why? • How To Connect With Community/Business Partners • Opportunities For Teachers To Job Shadow As Well • The Ease Of Setting Up A Job Shadowing • How To Further Involve Business Partner Post Job Shadow Agenda #NAFNext2014
  4. 4. Who Is In The Room? We are going to ask you at the end what two ideas will you take back to school and Which of these ideas will be a challenge for you? #NAFNext2014
  5. 5. • Job shadowing allows students to take an up-close look at what a “real job” is like and how the skills they learn in school can be put into action in the workplace • It’s a Good Way to Open The Mind up To All the Opportunities That Exists Out In The Workforce • Students are able to find out about jobs they may be interested in as well as those they realize they do not like • It is a gateway to involve businesses in other work based learning opportunities as well as Academy events Why Offer Job Shadowing?
  6. 6. • See Below Comment From NAF Student that did a Job Shadow at the NY Marquis Hotel……. “It changed my whole perspective on school. Instead of being a place I dreaded, school became the direct line between me and a job I wanted. I was ready to focus. My Academy gave me real goals to work toward, real successes to feel good about.” Christopher Chametsky. 2010. Why Offer Job Shadowing? (continued)
  7. 7. • Students are invited into the workplace for a designated amount of time, usually four to six hours. A typical day might include: • An orientation describing your workplace and what you do • A tour of the work facility • Students meet with their work-place mentor who will discuss the various aspects of their job and the skills required to work in the industry. • Discuss educational requirements to work at the business • Meet multiple people in all aspects of the business • Intern to CEO What Does a Job Shadow look Like? (Business POV)
  8. 8. New York Marriott Marquis 9:00 am Welcome Breakfast 9:30 am Review of the day’s agenda – 9:40 am Kick Off! – Tegest Dirasse 10:00 am How we got started; a look into Marriott’s History – 10:45 am Tour of Main Kitchen & Demo – 11:30 am Hotel Tour – 12:15 pm Lunch 1:00 pm Job Shadow concludes A Typical Day at a Hotel Job Shadow
  9. 9. Afternoon Workshops 1:00 pm Paul Fitzgerald, Senior Convention Manager 1:20 pm Terry McAneney, Asst Director of Food & Beverage 1:40 pm Vanessa Imberti, Senior Manager, Marketing & eCommerce 2:00 pm James Hatzidoukas, Asst. Front Office Manager(Tent) 2:20 pm Career Planning/Resume Writing/Mock Interview – 3:00 pm Group Report Out and Q&A – 3:15 pm “Rap Up” – Sue Birnie, Director of Human Resources A Typical Day at a Hotel Job Shadow (continued)
  10. 10. • Pick one day for your Academy • Less disruptive to teachers as all students will be same day • Pick one day Fall/Spring and have days selected before beginning of school year • Survey students for job interests • Once businesses are selected assign students • Suggested minimum of 3 students per site • Allow business to determine timing best for them and the student experience • Lunch may/may not be included • Student will research business and come up with questions prior to Job Shadow • Follow up Job Shadow with thank you letter/email from students How to Set Up a Job Shadow Day (School POV)
  11. 11. • Local Academy Advisory Boards- Use your Corporate Partners • Mayor Youth Groups and Local Chamber • Local University STEM Sponsors • Parents of Students That Work for Corporations • Partners From the National Board • Proactively Seek our Local HQ Companies- NYC/SFO/Miami • Utilize District School-to-Career/ROP office • Teacher contacts • Academy Alumni How to find Business Partner/Job Shadows
  12. 12. • It is the easiest and least expensive request to make • Inform Business Partner that it could be half day or full day • If Hotel is too busy, then shadow GM for the day or half day. • Make sure you have student do some type of exercise that involves working in the industry.(ie) Cooking or Meeting Planning • Remember Marriott’s new Initiative with NAF. All Courtyard Hotels will work with local NAF academies for the next three years. Ease of Setting up a Job Shadowing
  13. 13. • Ask Managers from company to pick one student to mentor • Ask Managers to go speak at NAF school about the industry • Ask Managers to do Mock interviews • Ask Managers to offer to help students proof read their resumes • Ask for possibility of internships • Invite to additional Academy events • Ask Business partner to do another Job Shadowing in the summer, but only this time with teachers. That will take care of your externship program too. How to Further involve Partners after shadowing
  14. 14. • Invited in community member to be a guest speaker • Asked partner to do a Job Shadow • Partner became a student mentor • Asked partner to host an intern • Partner came up with (and hosted) Internship Celebration event • Partner came up with (and hosts) Ping Pong Tournament fundraiser • Partner’s wife became student mentor Business Success story
  15. 15. Thank you! Q & A