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NAF Presentation: Advisory Board


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Learn the purpose of the advisory board and how to recruit board members.

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NAF Presentation: Advisory Board

  1. 1. #nafnext Who we are….. Pat Breeding Instructional Support for Orange County Public Schools Michelle Berggren Instructional Support for Orange County Public Schools Joshua Johnson UCF Rosen College and advisory board member
  2. 2. #nafnext Advisory Boards How important are they?
  3. 3. #nafnext The purpose an Advisory board is to offer support to an academy in order to assist teachers in providing a rigor and relevant program and assist with key decision making practices.
  4. 4. #nafnext Role of Advisory Board Provides industry expertise to support Academy curriculum Assists in student recruitment Provides paid internships for Academy students Encourages other community businesses to establish internships for students Provides access to industry training classes for teachers
  5. 5. #nafnext Provides industry familiarization tours for teachers and students Provides mentoring and shadowing opportunities for students and teachers Assists in budget development for Academy activities Role of Advisory Board Continued……
  6. 6. #nafnext Assists in fundraising to support Academy activities Assists in promotional activities for the Academy
  7. 7. #nafnext Role of Advisory Board Continued…… Assists in expansion of Academy programs Provides scholarships for outstanding students Serves as an advocate for the Academy to educational, political, and business communities
  8. 8. #nafnext Recruiting Board Members • Research your community – what industries are located near your school? • Develop collateral material – letter, brochure etc. • Call and visit potential partners • Share what your program can offer there business • Do not ask for funding support!
  9. 9. #nafnext Advisory Boards Comprised of members of the community, students, academy teachers, an administrator and a guidance counselor Should not be comprised solely of educators. There should be significantly more industry representatives then school staff
  10. 10. #nafnext Have members now what? • Have a kick off meeting • Select a theme • Discuss a mission • Set goals – 3 to 5 maximum • Have a calendar of meeting dates • Elect officers • Form committees • Put your board members to work!!!!!
  11. 11. #nafnext Do’s and Don’ts • Have by-laws in place • Form committees • Don’t meet at the schools, meet at a place of business • Do not run the meetings – let industry drive your meetings • Get board members into the classroom – let your students promote member involvement
  12. 12. #nafnext • Follow through – don’t leave loose ends. • Remember the business industry does not work on an educators calendar. • Take minutes at every meeting. • Include “plan of action” section in the minutes. • Give everyone a job. • If all else fails feed them.
  13. 13. #nafnext Central Florida NAF Advisory Council
  14. 14. #nafnext We are committed to advise and support Orange and Seminole County NAF academies through our active involvement in quality career education and industry knowledge; striving to provide opportunities for students in the Finance, Hospitality, Health Sciences and Information Technology fields Central Florida NAF Advisory Council Mission
  15. 15. #nafnext Board Structure CF NAF Advisory Board Academy of Finance Academy of Information Technology Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Academy of Health Sciences Executive Committee
  16. 16. #nafnext Board Structure • Executive Committee (3 members per AOF, AOHT and AOIT, AOHS committees) • 2 representatives from OCPS and SCPS • Officers – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary • Individual Advisory Committees will continue to meet 6 times per year
  17. 17. #nafnext Some want it to happen…. Some wish it would happen…. Central FL NAF Academies Make it Happen! 2012-2013 Theme
  18. 18. #nafnext Academy of Finance AOF Chair Gary Neveras, Universal Executive Chair John Pinkley, Raymond James Executive Secretary Norman Gonsalves, Primerica 2012- 2013 Executive Board Members
  19. 19. #nafnext Academies of Hospitality and Tourism AOHT Chair Brenda Urias, AAA Travel Joshua Johnson, UCF Jane Bowers, Johnson & Wales 2012- 2013 Executive Board Members
  20. 20. #nafnext Academy of Information Technology AOIT Chair Randy Charleston, FedEx Terry Panton, Consultant Carl Gill, Consultant 2012- 2013 Executive Board Members
  21. 21. #nafnext Academy of Health Science AOIT Chair Jon Kipp, Director of EMS services Universal Angie Laxton, Orlando Regional Healthcare systems 2012- 2013 Executive Board Members
  22. 22. #nafnext 2012 - 2013 Our Accomplishments Central Florida NAF Advisory Council
  23. 23. #nafnext EVENTS AOHT Conference I/ITSEC Conference Hospitality and Culinary Competition Dinner Auction Finance Conference Disaster Preparedness Drill IT Conference Scholarship Breakfast
  24. 24. #nafnext AOHT High School Conference November 19, 2012 AOHT Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
  25. 25. #nafnext Held at UCF Rosen College of Hospitality 160+ High School students participated from Oak Ridge HS, Colonial HS, Mid Florida Tech and Freedom HS Invited students from Merritt Island HS The event was organized by current UCF students enrolled in an event planning class AOHT Student Conference
  26. 26. #nafnext
  27. 27. #nafnext
  28. 28. #nafnext Interservice/Industry Training Simulation & Education Conference Promotes cooperation among the Armed Services, Industry, Academia and various Government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs. Seven AOIT academies attended this conference 250 students attended IITSEC Conference December 2, 2012
  29. 29. #nafnext Held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Nine high schools participated a combination Culinary Arts students and Hospitality and Tourism students 161 students competed 300 students attended Event consisted of three elements 3rd Annual Hospitality and Culinary Competition December 12, 2012
  30. 30. #nafnext Culinary Competition Five Judged Events • Edible Centerpiece – 6 judges • Gourmet meal – 14 judges • Dessert – 8 judges • Knife Skills – 8 judges • Decorative centerpiece (student judges) 36 total judges, 12 volunteers On the floor Judges were executive chefs from local hotels and restaurants
  31. 31. #nafnext
  32. 32. #nafnext Hospitality Competition Students competed in three events 1. Marketing Case study 2. Event project 3. Room Inspection Four schools participated with two teams of four students each
  33. 33. #nafnext Activities for non-competitors Students rotated through various activities that included: • Chef demonstrations – Dessert and gourmet meal • Dexter's Knife demonstration – Bus with demonstration kitchen • Hotel tours • Watched competition
  34. 34. #nafnext Dinner Auction March 3, 2013
  35. 35. #nafnext Dinner Auction “Hollywood”
  36. 36. #nafnext Held at the Orlando Sheraton Downtown 132 items up for silent auction 16 live auction items $23,000 Dinner Auction
  37. 37. #nafnext Held at Peabody Hotel Opening Keynote Speaker CEO Robert Reynolds Approximately 150 students were in attendance from Lake Brantley High School, Timber Creek High School and William R. Boone High School Students experienced lunch at the Citrus Club lunch Keynote speaker Finance Conference March 13, 2012
  38. 38. #nafnext
  39. 39. #nafnext AOHS Disaster Preparedness Drill • Health Science Academy participated • County-wide disaster preparedness drill • Airline Crash – students were victims and sent to area hospitals for decontamination
  40. 40. #nafnext AOIT Conference May 2, 2013
  41. 41. #nafnext AOIT Conference • Held at and sponsored by Keiser University • Seven High Schools participated – 6 from Orange County, 1 Seminole County • Keynote speaker • 10 breakout sessions • Lunch • Student Activity • Closing speaker
  42. 42. #nafnext Scholarship Breakfast May 13, 2013
  43. 43. #nafnext
  44. 44. #nafnext
  45. 45. #nafnext
  46. 46. #nafnext 2005 - 24 Scholarships 2006 - 42 Scholarships 2007 - 46 Scholarships 2008 - 42 Scholarships 2009 – 51 Scholarships 2010 – 43 Scholarships 2011 – 52 Scholarships 2012 – 49 Scholarships 2013 – 57 Scholarships 9 years 406 scholarships $203,000 Scholarships
  47. 47. #nafnext • Last year we have 910 students attend our events • Over nine years we have impacted 8280 students • We gave out 57 scholarships 2013 school year • Over 9 years we have given 406 scholarships • We have raised $203,000 dollars • In-kind donations average over $20,000 (space, food, equipment, etc) • Countless volunteer hours What impact does our board have?
  48. 48. #nafnext
  49. 49. #nafnext How important is an advisory Board?... Very! Contact information….. Pat Breeding