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Innovative Internship Ideas that Work!


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Wondering how to provide student internships in a struggling economy? Learn how to plan an out-of-the box internship alternative that can strengthen your advisory board, build student interest and increase community involvement.
Presenters: Sharrell Howard and Rebecca White, Mallard Creek High School

Published in: Business, Technology
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Innovative Internship Ideas that Work!

  1. 1. Innovative Internship Ideas that WORK!!! Mallard Creek High School Academy of Engineering Co-Directors Rebecca White Sharrell Howard
  2. 2. #nafnext NAF Standard Standard 4.2 Work-Based Learning Internship Completion The academy develops and sustains a program of compensated internships for all students.
  3. 3. #nafnext Our Internship Road-Blocks • Age/Liability – Students were too Young and not able to work in the places that would be part of our Academy Theme. • Economy/Wages – Our economy is suffering and people are not able to find jobs and companies are not willing to provide paid internships for High School Students. • What to do?  NAF Gold Standard's Virtual Enterprise
  4. 4. #nafnext Using Our Resources • Using the Virtual Enterprise Concept from NAF • AOE Board Members (To Assist Students):  Black and Veatch – Engineering Firm  Teacher – Owns Architectural Design Firm  Parent – Civil Engineer/ Surveyor • CMS CTE Central Office – Provided Wages for Teacher to supervise • Model Internship after the CEA Capstone Project • Funding from Grants
  5. 5. #nafnext Internship Process Step 1: Advisory Board met to Create Internship Tasks, Deliverables, and Timeline. Step 2: Funding was acquired through grants to compensate students. (Best Buy Gift Cards) Step 3: Students Applied and Interviewed for Positions  Interview was conducted by Black and Veatch Human Resources and Advisory Board Members. Step 4: Students Groups were set based on interview, application package, and skills. Step 5: Executed the Internship Simulation Step 6: De-Brief and Evaluate the Internship
  6. 6. #nafnext MCHS Internship Simulation 2012 Problem Statement: The field house at Mallard Creek High School was poorly designed and does not meet the needs of the Athletic Department. Design Statement: Design a New field house that will meet the needs of the athletic department at Mallard Creek High School. Building Program •Large Open area •2 Locker Rooms with Shower & Restrooms •Referee Room with Showers & Restrooms (Accommodate 6 Officials) •Storage •2 Coaches Offices with Shower & Restroom •Athletic Trainers Office with Shower & Restroom •Training room (Medical Room) •Utility Room •Electrical Room •Water Service room •White Board in Common Area for Team Meetings
  7. 7. #nafnext MCHS Internship Simulation 2012 Code information: Applicable Codes Occupancy Type of Construction Max Building Size: Max area, Max number of stories Egress Requirements Preliminary Design: Client Survey/ Meeting Notes Building Program Bubble Diagrams Floor Plan Sketch Inspirational Pictures Site information: Site Selection (Address/Location) Picture of Original site/parking/egress Some of the Project Portfolio Components Calculations: Water Supply Calculation Water Run-OFF Calculation (Site) Heat Loss Calculation (1 Wall) Drawing Sheets: T-1 Title Page W/ Rendering T-2 Code information C-1.0 Site Plan/ Landscape plan A-1.0 Floor Plan A-2.0 Reflected Ceiling Plan A3.0 Roof Plan A4.0 4 Elevations A5.0 Building Section E1.0 Electrical Plan P1.0 Plumbing Plan
  8. 8. #nafnext MCHS Internship Simulation 2012 Day 1 Hours: 8am – 4pm 8:00-9:00 STAFF MEETING Deliverables for 8AM Day 2: Code Information Preliminary Design Site Information 3:30 Staff Meeting Day 2 Hours: 8am – 5pm 8:00 -8:30 Staff Meeting Deliverables for 4PM Day 2: Floor Plans Elevations Site Plan B&V supervisor Meeting 4pm-5pm Schedule Day 3 Hours: 8am – 5pm 8:00-8:30 Staff Meeting Deliverables for 4PM Day 3: Revisions from Meeting on Day 2 RCP Roof Plans Building Section Electrical Plan Plumbing Plan B&V Supervisor Meeting 4pm-5pm Day 4 Hours: 8am – 4pm 8:00-8:30 Staff meeting Deliverables for 12PM Day 4: Everything! Presentations Begin at Noon
  9. 9. #nafnext SIS 2012 Highlights
  10. 10. #nafnext MCHS Internship Simulation 2013 Problem Statement: A local Nursing Home is in need of an elevator that will allow them to expand their center to include Three Floors for Residents and support staff. Design Statement: Your team must design the control system and a prototype of an elevator that can go between three floors in any combination. The prototype must include a set of three switches to represent each floor of the elevator. Each floor the elevator stops at must have a call button and a set of three lights to indicate where the elevator is currently located. A built-in safety mechanism requires that the elevator normally rest on the ground floor and return to the ground floor after a user-determined period of nonuse.
  11. 11. #nafnext MCHS Internship Simulation 2013 The Elevator needs to meet the needs of the nursing home including but not limited to: • Moving Residents and their personal belongings from Floor to Floor • Handicap Accessibility • Emergency Stretcher Accommodations • Dual Side Access • Located in Central Area Expectations/Deliverables: • Use the 12 Step Design Process • Determine Best Placement of Elevator(s) on the Floor Plan • Design how the Elevator will look, aesthetically, using AutoDesk Inventor • Build the Prototype using the Vex Robotics Equipment • Program the Prototype using EasyC Cortex • Create a Portfolio with complete documentation • Present Results to AOE Advisory Board • Convince the Board to Fund your Project!!!!
  12. 12. #nafnext SIS Highlights 2013
  13. 13. #nafnext Your Challenge Task: To Create an Internship Simulation that can be implemented at your school for your academy students. Use Your “Internship Simulation Creation Tool” Step 1: Creating Internship Tasks/Deliverables/Timeline: 1. What do you want your students to be able to achieve and produce by the end of the internship? 2. How many students can you accommodate? 3. How long will your internship last? 4. Where will you hold the internship? 5. Who will be your “client” or judge of the deliverables? 6. Who will facilitate the students?
  14. 14. #nafnext Your Challenge Step 2: Funding 1. What are some possible resources for compensating the students? (please be specific ex: carwash fundraiser, NACME grant, donations) 2. How will you compensate your lead instructor/facilitator? Step 3: Application and Interview 1. Who from your board can conduct the interviews? (be specific when naming your resource) 2. What will your application packet include? Step 4: Student Grouping 1. How will you evaluate the students to figure out which students should work together to complete the internship tasks?
  15. 15. #nafnext Your Challenge Step 5: Execute the Internship Simulation. Imagine planning an internship for a week. 1. What are some tasks and outcomes for Each Day(1-5)? Step 6: De-Brief and Evaluate 1. What could be some possible roadblocks that you may face from your administration? School? Or District? 2. How will you evaluate the student’s performance? (rubric, voting) 3. Once the internship is over, how will your team debrief and evaluate the summer internship?
  16. 16. #nafnext Co-Directors of MCHS AOE Rebecca White Sharrell Howard Mallard Creek High School Academy of Engineering Charlotte, NC