Academy Classes for English Language Learners


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Hear how a dynamic, urban school applies culturally-responsive teaching strategies for English Language Learners. See how literacy strategies make
content accessible for students and learn practical strategies to implement such as note-taking, problem-solving and project completion.
Presenter: Kelly Garcia, Manhattan Bridges High School

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Academy Classes for English Language Learners

  1. 1. #nafnext "Tell me and I'll forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I'll understand." -Chinese Proverb Academy Classes for English Language Learners Kelly Garcia:
  2. 2. #nafnext Agenda 10 min: Introduction 40 min: Class/Demonstration:Sharing of Best Practices 15 min: Facilitated Discussion: Questions 10 min: Closing: Wrap-Up and Session Evaluations Kelly Garcia:
  3. 3. #nafnext Participants will be able to … 1) Identify culturally responsive opportunities within assignments, classroom, school environment 2) Make content accessible utilizing literacy strategies 3) Utilize strategies to make projects more manageable for English Language Learners Outcomes Kelly Garcia:
  4. 4. #nafnext Who is your presenter? Kelly Garcia • Physics and Engineering teacher in New York City • Previous job aspiration: Famous musician (didn't work out) • Known for: bad jokes Kelly Garcia:
  5. 5. #nafnext What does it mean to be culturally responsive? Respecting students’ language, culture, and life experiences. Kelly Garcia:
  6. 6. #nafnext Investigate Culture: What types of culture do you see when you look at your students? Kelly Garcia:
  7. 7. #nafnext Student Internet Meme How my professor sees us: How we see each other: Kelly Garcia:
  8. 8. #nafnext Not only do students sometimes have different cultures from you, they often have them from each other. • Different countries • Different regions within that country • Different experiences within this country • TV, music, neighborhoods • Different experiences with technology • Some don't have it while others can hack into your stuff Kelly Garcia:
  9. 9. #nafnext So how can I respond to these cultures? • Allow different opportunities for students to express their culture or validate their experiences – in their school work – to each other – to you – in their school environment Kelly Garcia:
  10. 10. #nafnext In their Schoolwork: Old Project: Analyzing the DNA sequences of Snorks (from What the heck is a snork!? Kelly Garcia:
  11. 11. #nafnext New Project: Analyze the DNA sequences of the characters from your favorite TV show “Adventure Time” on Cartoon Network In their Schoolwork: Kelly Garcia:
  12. 12. #nafnext • Old Activity: Measure your book with your ruler In their Schoolwork: Kelly Garcia:
  13. 13. #nafnext New project: Use a ruler to measure yourself, create a scale, build a miniature “you”, design furniture for your miniature “you” based on your measurements, & build your furniture. In their Schoolwork: Kelly Garcia:
  14. 14. #nafnext Old Activity: Memorize Newton’s First Law and be able to recite it. In their Schoolwork: Kelly Garcia:
  15. 15. #nafnext New Activity: Create a funny illustration where you demonstrate Newton’s First Law. Here is an example: In their Schoolwork: Kelly Garcia:
  16. 16. #nafnext Examples of student work: Kelly Garcia:
  17. 17. #nafnext Examples of student work: Kelly Garcia:
  18. 18. #nafnext Examples of student work: Kelly Garcia:
  19. 19. #nafnext Examples of student work: Kelly Garcia:
  20. 20. #nafnext Peer-to-peer interaction, questions, debrief regardless of language (as long as it’s professional) Allow Language to happen! Peer-to-peer interaction: Kelly Garcia:
  21. 21. #nafnext Grouping should be intentional and meaningful. Groups for the sake of groups breeds animosity. Peer-to-peer interaction: Kelly Garcia:
  22. 22. #nafnext "It's one thing to learn a topic. It's another thing to learn that topic from me." -Dr. Ignacio Lopez Building Rapport is the difference between this: And THIS! Student-to-teacher interaction: Kelly Garcia:
  23. 23. #nafnext Validation in the Environment: Creating assignments and projects together gives students a sense of ownership "I once made students think that it was their idea to take a test. Afterwards, they thanked me for the opportunity." Kelly Garcia:
  24. 24. #nafnext Physics calculators have labels with student name. Validation in the Environment: Kelly Garcia:
  25. 25. #nafnext Validation in the Environment: Kelly Garcia:
  26. 26. #nafnext Literacy Strategies • Interactive Graphic Organizers • Purposeful Highlighting • Think Alouds • Recognizing Tier 2 Words Kelly Garcia:
  27. 27. #nafnext nucleus membrane chloroplast vacuoleHighlighting Tape Interactive Graphic Organizers: Kelly Garcia:
  28. 28. #nafnext Purposeful Highlighting: Colors represent different aspects Kelly Garcia:
  29. 29. #nafnext The orange lines are how I show student to how to summarize: What is the main idea? Green is the answers to the questions. Purple is the math. Color coding notes can also help you point out keywords or paraphrase: Purposeful Highlighting: Kelly Garcia:
  30. 30. #nafnext Color helps to identify the step where you “got stuck” Purposeful Highlighting: Kelly Garcia:
  31. 31. #nafnext Think Alouds Always have concrete examples or steps illustrating abstract ideas. Students always ask, "How did you get there?" • write down every single step that I took to get to where I ended up. • allowing "soak time" so that they can process. Kelly Garcia:
  32. 32. #nafnext Think Alouds What do I visualize when I think about this? Kelly Garcia:
  33. 33. #nafnext Visuals are one form of “realia”. Videos and objects are other examples. Videos need Subtitles Think Alouds Kelly Garcia:
  34. 34. #nafnext Tier 2 Words Words can be broken down into three levels: 1)Tier 1- easy words that usually only have one meaning 2)Tier 2- words that can contain multiple meanings or that are more abstract 3)Tier 3-words that are specific to that discipline Kelly Garcia:
  35. 35. #nafnext Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Butterfly Table Combine Obstinate Argument Isotope Simple harmonic motion Electromagnetic spectrum Can be easily demonstrated or clarified. Can be abstract : Combine objects on a table, combine chemicals in a mixture, combine ideas Can be very high level and sometimes only encountered in that subject Examples: Kelly Garcia:
  36. 36. #nafnext Making Projects Manageable • Backwards Planning!! – Clear objectives, examples, and rubrics • Structure – Enough background knowledge & resources – Checklist of manageable goals Kelly Garcia:
  37. 37. #nafnext Starting at the end and working your way forward. What are the main ideas? • Essential Questions. What are the end products? • From here you can break down what lessons you will need to teach. Backwards Planning: Kelly Garcia:
  38. 38. #nafnext Example of expected product. Snorks vs Adventure Time Clear objectives and examples: Kelly Garcia:
  39. 39. #nafnext Teacher reservations about projects: • I don’t have enough time for projects. • Students can just copy projects. • I don’t like chaos. Kelly Garcia:
  40. 40. #nafnext Differentiation: Of product? Of process? Of information and resources? Structure: Kelly Garcia:
  41. 41. #nafnext Old Introduction: Kelly Garcia:
  42. 42. #nafnext New Introduction: Kelly Garcia:
  43. 43. #nafnext Old Instructions: Uses “teacher” language & wordy Kelly Garcia:
  44. 44. #nafnext New Instructions: To the point & short using everyday language Kelly Garcia:
  45. 45. #nafnext Old project had only a few boxes for calculations and questions that required one- sentence answers. Kelly Garcia:
  46. 46. #nafnext Project with new instructions: Kelly Garcia:
  47. 47. #nafnext Kelly Garcia:
  48. 48. #nafnext Kelly Garcia:
  49. 49. #nafnext Kelly Garcia:
  50. 50. #nafnext Kelly Garcia:
  51. 51. #nafnext Kelly Garcia:
  52. 52. #nafnext Kelly Garcia:
  53. 53. #nafnext Final Review • Culturally responsive strategies: –create opportunities for expression, choice, sharing • Literacy strategies: –visual & interactive • Projects: –backwards planning & clear guidelines Kelly Garcia:
  54. 54. #nafnext Kelly Garcia Physics teacher in New York City Kelly Garcia: