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NAF ppt Presentation


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Explore your strengths as a new academy leader.

Published in: Business, Education
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NAF ppt Presentation

  1. 1. EXPLORING YOUR STRENGTHS AS A NEW ACADEMY LEADER SUSAN KATZMAN PAST-PRESIDENT NATIONAL CAREER ACADEMY COALITION (314) 640-1639 (over 40 years experience in education, career academies, business collaboration, CTE and management)
  2. 2. #nafnext THE FACT THAT THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP CAN CLEARLY SEE THE PORT IS OF NO USE IF THE CREW CONTINUES TO PADDLE IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. –Author anonymous Your role is to be the interpreter and the motivator between the captain and the crew. Your principal is the captain. While that individual is the key leader, collaborative leadership has to happen. You provide the leadership for your career academy. How your team gels as a cohesive, nurturing, professional community depends very much on your skills and abilities.
  3. 3. #nafnext LET’S LOOK AT LEADERSHIP  Think about a time in your life when you had a leadership success—when something happened that never would have occurred without your leadership. It can be in high school or college, at work or on an athletic team, in a community or church or neighborhood group.  Think about what made the leadership successful. Why were you proud of yourself as a leader?  What are the characteristics of effective leadership?
  4. 4. #nafnext The definitions of “leadership” generally state that leaders are people who motivate one or more other people to do a specific thing. This involves teaching those other people to see the desirability of reaching that specific goal and helping them get there. It may involve helping them change a mindset. Set one leadership goal for yourself for first semester 2013-14. Identify an ally. Commit to communicating with your ally by September 15 to discuss how your leadership goal is progressing.