Naf career academies a secondary reform initiative


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Come learn how two large urban districts (Oklahoma City and Dallas) have used a career
academy model to frame their district-wide reform strategy. Participants will explore
ideas, tools and strategies to implement the NAF model on a larger scale.

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Naf career academies a secondary reform initiative

  1. 1. OKLAHOMA CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS “ NAF Career Academies:A Secondary Reform Initiative”
  2. 2. Oklahoma City Public Schools Serves over 43,000 students 6 high schools, 6 mid-high schools 89% Free-reduced Lunch Demographics o 45% Hispanic o 27% African American o 20% White o 8% Other o 25% ELL#NAFNext
  3. 3. Why Career Academies?#NAFNext
  4. 4. Strategic Plan o 2.4 Transition all high schools to the Academy Concept o 2.5 Provide middle school exploratory programs for high school academies.#NAFNext
  5. 5. Career Academy Organizational Chart Academy Director Career Academy District Planning Team Teacher’s Union Secondary Central Office Community School Board Representative Principals Administrators Partners Members Academy Advisory Coordinators Boards YOP Teams#NAFNext
  6. 6. OKCPS PLANNING STRUCTURES Additional Services Agreement District Planning Team- Board Members, Central Office Administrators, Superintendent’s Staff, Principals, Union Representative Implementation Plan- Facilitated by NAF Representative Implementation Timeline 3-5 years District Year of Planning Calendar#NAFNext
  7. 7. District YOP Calendar September Cohort II Meeting – “Intro to NAF” District Planning Team Meeting “Action Plan” November District Planning Team Meeting “Implementation of Plan” Cohort II Meeting “Theme Selection/Write Proposal” #NAFNext
  8. 8. District YOP Calendar December Cohort II Meeting “Plan the BOE Presentation Advisory Board Recruitment Symposium March Career Academy Showcase April Cohort II BOE Presentation#NAFNext
  9. 9. OKCPS Partnerships National Academy Foundation Metro Technology Centers City of Oklahoma City#NAFNext
  10. 10. OKCPS Participating Schools Cohort I 2012 – 2013 Cohort II 2013 – 2014 Capitol Hill High School Frederick Douglass Mid-High School Academy of Engineering Academy of Law & Criminal Justice John Marshall Mid-High Northwest Classen High School Academy of Finance Academy of Health Sciences Northeast Academy Southeast High School Academy of Engineering/ Academy of Information Technology Academy of Health Sciences OK Centennial High School U. S. Grant High School Academy of Information Technology Academy of Health Sciences Star Spencer High School Academy of Hospitality & Tourism#NAFNext
  11. 11. SELECTING A CAREER THEMECohort I - Planning began 3 months in advanceCohort II - Planning began 1 year prior to YOPReview school capacityConduct student, parent, faculty and staff surveysSchool planning team presentation to BOE#NAFNext
  12. 12. DISTRICT SUPPORTS Monthly Technical Assistance Reports Marketing materials/press Advisory Board Recruitment Symposium Career Academy Showcase Transportation for students provided#NAFNext
  13. 13. DISTRICT SUPPORTS Academy Coordinators Middle school exploration 6-8 City of OKC Education Task Force District provides all the funding for PD, NAF fees, cost of materials, stipends for Academy Coordinators, and/or release time for Academy Coordinators.#NAFNext
  14. 14. District Supports Revision of Board Policies  Athletics  Community Involvement in Decision Making  Student Assignments and Transfers  Student School Assignments  Volunteer Services#NAFNext
  15. 15. SUCCESSESJMHS will open a TFCU Branch on siteSupport from our local school boardAdvisory board recruitment/Community Engagement (111 active members serving on 6 boards)Student recruitment 320/405 slots filledImproved district image#NAFNext
  16. 16. CHALLENGES Sustainability of Academy Leaders Scheduling cohorts for core classes Integrated Curriculum#NAFNext
  17. 17. CONTACT INFORMATION Verna Martin, M.Ed, Associate Director of Secondary Schools and Reform, Oklahoma City Public Schools Email: Office:405-587-0118#NAFNext