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Ready, Set, Internship!


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Learn about a model internship preparation process that provides students with a fun introduction to their internships. The session addresses how to improve the interview process for summer internships. Participants will review documents needed to administer successful internships.

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Ready, Set, Internship!

  1. 1. by Patricia Gregory, Patricia Haselmann, Patrick Simmons, Toni Harmony and Anna Seviallos
  2. 2. Experience Learning That Works! Creating Meaningful Internships at Miami Beach Senior High
  3. 3. #nafnext AOHT Articulation –9th Grade Freshman Year Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism ~TONI HARMONY
  4. 4. #nafnext -10th Grade Sophomore Year Destinations Geography ~PATRICIA HASELMANN
  5. 5. #nafnext -11th Grade Junior Year Computer Applications For Tourism (Internship during the FOLLOWING Summer) ~Patricia Gregory
  6. 6. #nafnext • Purpose/Objectives of the Internship • The Internship is designed to give practical experience in the work environment through direct contact with professionals in the community. During this internship, students will take on the role and responsibility of a valued member of a business. • After completion of this course,students will be able to: • Describe education, personal, and professional requirements of the profession. • Understand and use vocabulary appropriate to the profession. • Demonstrate knowledge of special technologies. • Exhibit growth in functioning in the adult world and professional community.
  7. 7. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES • Gather Needed Documentation • Internship Passport (includes needed documentation) • Resume/Letter of Application • Social Security card (copy) • Birth certificate/passport • Business Card • Driver’s License (photo ID) • Proof of Student Insurance • Report Card (GPA) • Record of school attendance • Student Data Card • Student/Parent Internship Agreement • Field Trip Permission Form • Media Release Form
  8. 8. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES • Prepare a Letter of Application • Be specific, market yourself. Letter of application should be a minimum of three paragraphs: • 1) Introduce yourself. • 2) Sell yourself (skills). • 3) Indicate how you may be contacted. Don’t forget to attach your resume.
  9. 9. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES • Obtain Letters of Recommendation • Detail your work habits and leadership abilities. • Ask a teacher, never a relative or girl/boyfriend, someone who can speak towards your character and has knowledge of your work ethic. • Ensure that the person you ask to write the letter of recommendation will provide you with a “good” recommendation. Give them a copy of your resume so that he/she has information to provide in the letter or provide them with information that you want highlighted in the letter.
  10. 10. Preparing for the Day of Interview • Do your research on the company before the interview. • On time is late, early is on time. • Get a good night’s sleep, set your alarm clock. • Eat a good breakfast to feed the brain. Plan your mode of transportation ahead of time. • Bring your resume, letter of application, and any letters of recommendation and/or examples of best work. • SMILE and be confident. • Give a firm handshake and sit down when asked to do so. • Be prepared with your answers beforehand. • Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the end of the interview.
  11. 11. Post-Interview What do I do after the interview? • Send a thank you note to your interviewer. • Let your teacher/lead teacher see the note before it’s mailed.
  12. 12. First Day of the Internship • 1) Follow same rules as the first day of interview - set alarm clock; set out clothes – Bring your internship handbook. If you are going to be late, call the internship site to let them know. • 2) Smile, introduce yourself. Ask about company dress code if not previously discussed. • 3) If any problems arise, speak to your work supervisor or M-DCPS Supervisor assigned to you.
  13. 13. During the Internship • Self initiating • Assignments • Attendance/Punctuality • Professionalism • Dealing with problems
  14. 14. Post-Internship • 1) Send a thank you – acknowledgement. • 2) Request a Letter for Recommendation from your supervisor to include in your portfolio.
  16. 16. #nafnext Highway to Success Game Time! ~How to make your students ready for their internship and have some fun!