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Nacme resources


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Nacme resources

  1. 1. 1 QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  2. 2. About NACME • Since 1974, NACME has worked with America’s leading corporations to sustain and increase the pool of underrepresented minority students in engineering. • As the largest private provider of scholarships for underrepresented minority students in engineering, NACME has provided more than $114 million in scholarship and support services to more than 22,000 African American, Latino and American Indian students at 160 colleges and universities.
  3. 3. NACMEBoard Companies
  4. 4. NACME Partner Universities1 Arizona State University, 23 Northern Arizona University 45 University of Maryland, Baltimore2 Bucknell University 24 Polytechnic Institute of New York County3 California State University, Los University 46 University of Southern CaliforniaAngeles 25 Polytechnic University of Puerto 47 University of Texas, El Paso4 California State University, Rico 48 University of Texas, San AntonioSacramento 26 Prairie View A&M University 49 University of Washington5 Clarkson University 27 Purdue University 50 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and6 Cornell University 28 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute State University7 Drexel University 29 Rochester Institute of Technology8 Fairfield University 30 Rose-Hulman Institute of9 Florida International Technology10 Georgia Institute of Technology 31 Stevens Institute of Technology11 Illinois Institute of Technology 32 Syracuse University12 Jackson State University 33 Temple University13 Kansas State University 34 Tennessee Technological University14 Kettering University 35 The City College of New York15 Louisiana State University 36 Tuskegee University16 Marquette University 37 University of Akron17 Michigan Technological University 38 University of Bridgeport18 Milwaukee School of Engineering 39 University of California, San Diego19 Missouri University of Science and 40 University of Central FloridaTechnology 41 University of Colorado – Boulder20 New Jersey Institute of Technology 42 University of Houston21 North Carolina A&T State University 43 University of Illinois, Chicago22 North Carolina State University 44 University of Kentucky
  5. 5. Programs Overview Pre-engineering Programs  Middle and High School – provide STEM awareness materials, student scholarships, teacher grants and connections to university and corporate partners.  Community College – bridge programs, STEM awareness materials, scholarships  Increase awareness of career opportunities in Engineering  Improve transition to 4 year institutions – Articulation Agreements University Programs  NACME Scholars  Scholarships – 5-year commitment  Diversity matters – recruit, retain and graduate  Evaluate effectiveness of student support strategies – share best practices  Facilitate corporate internships and recruitment – online resume system  Post Graduate Support Sloan Foundation Minority PhD Program Research, Evaluation and Policy  Evaluate internal programs to validate NACME value add  Produce relevant research reports
  6. 6. Why NACME? Future Engineering Need & SupplyPracticingEngineers Need (USA) How do We 1.3M* Fill the Gap? Current Workforce 2000 2010 2020 Years The Boeing Company 1/28/05
  7. 7. The Problem The “New” American Dilemma U.S. Population Growth 2000 2050 12.6% 24.4% 12.7% 50.1% 3.8% 14.6%69.4% 2.5% 8.0% Hispanic 5.3% Black Asian All Other Races Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2004 White, non-Hispanic
  8. 8. The Problem The “New” American DilemmaRacial/Ethnic Composition of the U.S. S&E Workforce 2006 2050 11.0% 2.0% 3.8% ?76.0% Underrepresented Minorities Temporary Residents Source: Commission on Professionals in Asian/Pacific Islander Science and Technology analysis of National Science Foundation SESTAT data base. White
  9. 9. The Situation• Out of more than 68,000 bachelor’s degrees in engineering awarded to students in the United States in 2005, less than 13% were awarded to underrepresented minorities 9
  10. 10. The Four Percent ProblemOf 100 underrepresented minority high school graduates… 10
  11. 11. The Four Percent Problem…only four have taken the requisite math and science courses to study engineering in college 11
  12. 12. STEM Education Gaps Average scores of 15-year-old students on combined science literacy scale by country, 2006 Rank Jurisdiction Score OECD average 500 1Finland 563 2Canada 534•The Program for International 3Japan 531Student Assessment (PISA) is a 4New Zealand 530system of international assessments 5Australia 527that measures 15-year-olds’ 6Netherlands 525performance in reading literacy, 7Korea, Republic of 522mathematics literacy, and scienceliteracy every 3 years. 8Germany 516 9United Kingdom 515•Fifteen-year-old students in the 10Czech Republic 513United States had an average score 11Switzerland 512of 489 on the combined science 12Austria 511literacy scale, lower than the 13Belgium 510Organisation of Economic Co- 14Ireland 508operation and Development (OECD) 15Hungary 504average score of 500. 16Sweden 503 17Poland 498 18Denmark 496 19France 495 20Iceland 491 21United States 489 12
  13. 13. Academy of Engineering Partnership 13
  14. 14. What is AOE? GOALS• Recruit and encourage more high school students to choose careers in engineering and engineering technology;• Increase the participation of women and underrepresented minorities (African American, American Indian and Latino) in the study of engineering; and• Prepare high school graduates to enter postsecondary engineering and engineering technology programs fully competent in required mathematics, science, and technical subjects.
  15. 15. What is AOE?Engineering Education & Awareness • Small learning community (school-within-a-school or stand- alone school) • Built on a solid academic foundation adhering to national and state standards in mathematics, science, technology, communication and social studies though project- based curriculum.
  16. 16. What is AOE? Diversity • Focused outreach for female and underrepresented minority (65% minimum) student- enrollment. • Located in urban areas with concentrated populations of African American, American Indian, and Latino students.
  17. 17. NACMEStudent, Teacher, Community Support NACME increases engineering awareness by providing the following:  STEM Materials  Grants & Scholarships  Partnerships with Partner Universities and Community Colleges  Corporate Support for Advisory Boards
  18. 18. STEM MaterialsFOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS The NACME Guide to Engineering Colleges –Guide to 363 Colleges and Financial Aid in English and Spanish (in collaboration with The Princeton Review) Engineering Your Future Magazine: A Career Guide for Minority Youth – contains, information on types of engineering and engineering careers, profiles of engineers, etc. Student Take-home STEM Poster Quick Study Guide for Students and Parents– English & Spanish Parent Guide, Student Worksheets and DVD (in collaboration with Guaranteed 4.0) AOEs receive an AOE-logo student backpack containing NACME’s STEM materials for each AOE student in the first 9th grade class.FOR TEACHERS & COUNSELORS Quick Study Guide for Students and Parents (TEACHER TOOLKIT) The NACME Guide to Engineering Colleges –Guide to 363 Colleges and Financial Aid in English and Spanish (in collaboration with The Princeton Review) Classroom 5 – STEPS to Engineering PosterOTHER Middle-school STEM brochures for students, parents and teachers (available upon request) – comprehensive K-12 Engineering website
  19. 19. NACME Grants & Scholarships STEM Innovation Grants Provides teachers with up to $1,000 in funding for projects that make students aware of the excitement and opportunity to be found in the field of engineering – transforming classroom theory into real-world applications that bring science, engineering and math concepts to life. Over $134K in grants have been awarded since 2006. Next Deadline: 11/30/10 Pre-Engineering Student Scholarships Recognizes the nation’s highest-achieving African American, Latino and American Indian high school seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills and a commitment to a career in science and engineering with one-time, $1,500 scholarships. Over $250K in pre-engineering scholarships have been awarded since 2006. Next Deadline: 4/23/11
  20. 20. Urban InitiativeThe Urban Initiative is collaboration between NACME and PLTW to support students, parents and teachers in schools in selected urban areas. The criteria for choosing urban centers for the initiative are based upon high levels of underrepresented minority population in the city and PLTW program locations.Pilot Site: Milwaukee Public Schools, Wisconsin NACME support will be the same as with AOEs 20
  21. 21. Expanding the Pathway $1M in Committed Funding Pipeline Partnership for the Promising Practices in Advancement of Transfer and Articulation Engineering Education Programs and Policies • 4 Sites: PGCC/HCC/CCC/ECC • SDCC/UCSD • Starr Foundation: • Qualcomm • Bechtel Foundation Beyond the Dream: From Developmental MathematicsResearch, Evaluation to Engineering Careersand Policy • National Roundtable• Community College • Lumina Foundation forTransfer Study Education Transfer Scholarships Engineering Career Awareness • 279 students • Engineering Your Future • Guide to Engineering Colleges • Pitney Bowes Literacy Education Fund: 21 21
  22. 22. Advisory Board Participation Cohort IUniversity High School Los Angeles, CA 3M, BP, Boeing, Northrop GrummanEDT Academy Morse High School San Diego, CA HP, RaytheonPatrick Henry High School San Diego, CA HP, RaytheonJames Madison High School San Diego, CA RaytheonBurton High School San Francisco, CA AT&T, BechtelHarmony Magnet Academy Strathmore, CAFrederick Douglass High School Atlanta, GA AT&T, Bechtel, IBMConstruction Trades, Engineering and Architecture High School New York, NY Malcolm PirnieEast High School on Arcadia Columbus, OH Malcolm PirnieNorthwest Career and Technical Academy Las Vegas, NV BechtelAJ Moore Academy Waco, TXH. Grady Spruce High School Dallas, TX AT&T, ExxonMobilTechnology, Engineering & Communications School Burien, WA Boeing
  23. 23. Advisory Board Participation Cohort IIHelen Bernstein High School Los Angeles, CAHartford High School Hartford, CT AT&THialeah Gardens Senior High School Hialeah Gardens, FL AT&T, Malcolm PirnieMiami Sunset Senior High School Miami, FL AT&T, Malcolm PirnieNorth Miami Senior High School Miami, FL AT&T, Malcolm PirnieScotlandville Magnet High School East Baton Rouge, LA ExxonMobil, Dow ChemicalSarah T. Reed Senior High School New Orleans, LA AT&T, Dow ChemicalAlbany High School Albany, NYManhattan Bridges High School New York, NY Northrop GrummanHopewell High School Charlotte, NC AT&TMallard Creek High School Charlotte, NC AT&TPhillip O. Berry Academy of Technology Charlotte, NC AT&TZebulon B. Vance High School AOE Charlotte, NC AT&TColumbia High School Columbia, SC IntelCesar Chavez Senior High School Houston, TX ExxonMobil, Marathon, Dow ChemicalSam Houston High School San Antonio, TX AT&TCity Polytechnic High School New York, NY Cisco
  24. 24. Q&A
  26. 26. Contact Information Raluca Cocianga Director, Pre-Engineering Programs 440 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 302 White Plains, NY 10601-1813 Tel: 914-539-4010 x202 Fax: 914-539-4032