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Meeting internship requirements in tough economic times


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What economic downturn? Come learn how academy leaders and advisory boards can
set up meaningful internship experiences for Academies of Engineering—even in tough
times. Strategies will be offered and demonstrated to ensure company participation and
future board representation.

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Meeting internship requirements in tough economic times

  1. 1. MeetingInternshipRequirements In Tough Economic Times Presented by: Ms. Beatrice Arvie
  2. 2. Challenges Inability to provide salary Age restrictions Lack of job experience Transportation Lack of preparation Not enough providers#NAFNext
  3. 3. Develop a process and implement it. Employer relationships Student preparation #NAFNext
  4. 4. Employer relationships Each advisory board member company provides at least two interns….#NAFNext
  5. 5. Internship Workshop#NAFNext
  6. 6. Workplace etiquette and attire#NAFNext
  7. 7. Curricular backbone
  8. 8. School-Based StrategiesWhat does the school do to prepare the student for the placement? National Job Shadow Day Engineering Week Activities
  9. 9. National Job Shadow Day
  10. 10. Lasting relationships#NAFNext
  11. 11. A day in the workplace CSRS/GARRARD#NAFNext
  12. 12. Debriefing and journaling Sam, Austin and Steven#NAFNext
  13. 13. Engineering Week Activities
  14. 14. Engineering Week Activities
  15. 15. Engineering Week Activities
  16. 16. Engineering Week Activities
  17. 17. School-Based Strategies What does the school do to process the experience during and after?Journals and writing assignments Post-field seminars
  18. 18. Post-field seminar
  19. 19. School-Based StrategiesWhat does theschool do toconnect it to other learning?
  20. 20. activityList each possible provider organization related to your academy themeSecure a contact name.Invite them as a resource speakerCall or email the contact to request a meetingInvite potential providers to your site to visit the classes during instructional time to see first hand what students are learning relating to their Field.
  21. 21. Assignment Group academies by tables 1. Brainstorm and list possible businesses 2. How could you use someone from other academies in your themed academy? 3. How are you going to contact those businesses? Group presentations
  22. 22. Key points to take away Be creative Build relationships Think outside the box Prepare the students Have students present at events Open your doors for visits Market your program everywhere
  23. 23. ResourcesNAF Internship Toolkit Gold Standards for Internships
  24. 24. Questions?