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Kelly servicesupdate

  1. 1. Industry Update – AOE ConferenceOctober, 2012 Joe Lampinen, LEED AP Director, Engineering Services
  2. 2. Introducing Kelly®• Kelly® has been recruiting engineers for industrial clients since 1965 – 2012 is our 47th year in the engineering employment market• 4th largest supplier of contract/project engineers in North America – Over $350M annual revenue in engineering services• One of the largest employers of engineers in the USA – Over 7,500 engineering employees on project engagements any given week• Large practices in product development, manufacturing, quality and plant/facilities engineering• Serving aerospace, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, food & beverage, medical device, pharmaceuticals and oil & gas segments, among others
  3. 3. Issues in Industry• Lean Six Sigma• Project Management• Sustainability• Quality Engineering• Reshoring• Automation
  4. 4. Engineering in the USA• Regarding the “Big 4” engineering disciplines in the USA – Civil – Electrical – Industrial – Mechanical• 812,848 total in the workforce• 56% of these engineers have B.S., 26% have M.S./M.Eng.• Median compensation in the range $70K to $80K• This data not inclusive of – Chemical Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Nuclear Engineers, Safety Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Materials Engineers or other specialists
  5. 5. Engineering in the USA• Demand for engineers – 978,664 jobs posted over past 24 months – Positive monthly trend (from 35k/mo to 50k/mo)• Demand variables – Discipline – Function – Industry – Geography – Other factors• In many geographies, functions/industries, demand exceeds supply (negative unemployment)• “Skills mismatch”
  6. 6. Engineering Demand by Industry• Engineering Services – 43,900• Power Generation – 13,675• Aerospace – 12,102• Medical Device – 9,765• Pharmaceuticals – 9,207• Semi-conductors and Processors – 8,374• Automotive – 7,628
  7. 7. Civil Engineers• 207,879 total civil engineers in workforce• 101,909 job postings over past 24 months – Monthly postings have doubled from 3,000 to 6,000• Most active employers are engineering services companies – URS, Bechtel, AECOM, CH2MHill, HNTB, Parsons, Jacobs• Median compensation $72,000/yr
  8. 8. Electrical Engineers• 152,020 total electrical engineers in workforce• 169,483 job postings over past 24 months – Positive monthly trend, growing from 6,000/mo to 8,000/mo• Most active employers during this period – GE, LockheedMartin, URS, Bechtel, SAIC, Eaton, CH2MHill• Median compensation $75,000/yr
  9. 9. Industrial Engineers• 217,062 total industrial engineers in workforce• 470,168 job postings over past 24 months – Positive monthly trend from 15,000/mo to 25,000/mo• Most active employers during this period – GE, LockheedMartin, Honeywell, Boeing, Bechtel, GM, 3M, Medtronic• Median compensation $76,500/yr
  10. 10. Mechanical Engineers• 235,887 total mechanical engineers in workforce• 237,104 job postings over the past 24 months – Positive trend during the period from 8,000/mo to 12,000/mo• Most active employers during the period – GE, Navistar, LockheedMartin, Bechtel, Siemens, Honeywell, URS, Cummins• Median compensation $74,000/yr
  11. 11. Questions/Discussion