Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Fundraise and Network by Hosting a Dinner and Silent Auction


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Learn how one academy plans, collaborates and hosts an annual Academy Dinner and silent auction to support academy growth. Participants will receive a project plan, including staff requirements, to bring home and plan similar
events. They also will have a chance to win a raffle and bid on items in a silent auction. (Bring a checkbook!)
Presenters: DeAira Handugan, Pam Mushen, and Gary Perkins, Chief Sealth International High School AOF & AOHT

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Fundraise and Network by Hosting a Dinner and Silent Auction

  1. 1. Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Fundraise and Network by Hosting a Dinner and Silent Auction Presented by: DeAira Handugan Pamela Mushen Gary Perkins Chief Sealth International High School AOHT and AOF Seattle, WA
  2. 2. Raffle
  3. 3. #nafnext Presentation Goals: We are going to share how our school: • Brings students, parents, and partners together to network, learn from each other, and build support for future academy growth. • Plans a dinner and silent auction • Collaborates with businesses • Delegates tasks to students • Provide opportunities for students to raise money You will return to your own school to plan an event of your own
  4. 4. #nafnext Overview of our Academies Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) + Academy of Finance (AOF) ______ Academy of Business (AOB) 10% of student body 64 students per Academy 2nd largest student organization at school
  5. 5. #nafnext Why do an event like this? • To introduce new parents into the Academy • To fundraise for NYC senior trip • To involve non-Academy teachers and administration in the Academy • To create networking opportunities • To make sure the academy is visible in school • To teach Academy of Hospitality and Tourism students how to plan an event
  6. 6. #nafnext Integration into Academy classes: How to get students involved • Sports Marketing and Event Planning Designated days that focus specifically on this event Event planning built into curriculum Design marketing and promotions • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Create spreadsheet of donated items Organize tickets in packages of 5 Thank you cards
  7. 7. #nafnext Universal Tasks Among Classes • Ticket sales • Solicit silent auction items • Provide desserts for silent dessert auction • Host tables • Sign up for specific tasks
  8. 8. #nafnext Generating and Soliciting Donations Donations come from: • Solicitation letters • Students cold calling local businesses • Students obtaining donations from friends and family • Contact school organizations such as PTSA for donations • Contact board members for donations • If you would like a copy of my donation request letter or my procurement form, please e-mail me.
  9. 9. #nafnext What types of items get donated? • Pearl Jam album autographed by Eddie Vetter • Sounders soccer ball autographed by #31 Jeff Clarke • Seahawks football autographed by Coach Pete Carroll • Mountain Tour flying trip for two people • Columbia River sturgeon or salmon fishing trip • One month unlimited of Boot Camp or Hot Yoga classes • Various salon services from Gene Juarez • Restaurant gift cards
  10. 10. Raffle
  11. 11. #nafnext Pricing of Silent Auction Items • 1-2 adults in charge of pricing • Attempt to determine value of item • Based on value; price to sell • Check with students • Possibly reduce price of items during auction • Make announcements of good deals and price reductions during auction
  12. 12. #nafnext Dessert Auction Tables • Students and families either purchase or bake desserts • Students determined minimum bid • Dessert auction at a separate time from silent auction • Dessert auction ends at end of dinner • Some were eaten at dinner and some were taken home
  13. 13. #nafnext Silent Auction break 15 min.
  14. 14. #nafnext Selecting a Menu • Pick a recipe that can be altered for people with dietary restrictions. • We served: Caesar salad with a dinner roll Chicken milano with chicken breast pan sautéed with tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil Fettuccine alfredo How it could be altered: • Vegetarian options • Vegan options
  15. 15. #nafnext How to Plan for Food • Select items donated by various stores: QFC (salad ingredients) Costco (protein and pasta) Unified Grocers (pasta sauce) • Coordinate with Nutrition Services • Ticket sales end one week prior to event to determine amounts • Convert recipes to match number of servings
  16. 16. #nafnext Pricing of Dinner Tickets • Price of dinner tickets is based on: cost of food desired profit cost of nutrition services Determination has to be made of how much of the profit goes to the student. • Manage expectations of student profit up front.
  17. 17. #nafnext Raffle
  18. 18. #nafnext Hosting Tables • Students sign up to host tables • Students create themes for tables • Prize for best Academy-themed table and most creative
  19. 19. #nafnext Promotion of Event • Getting date on calendar • Contact Board Members • Contact PTSA: Could do it in conjunction with other school fundraisers • Advertise on school website and facebook • Contact local newspapers and blogs • School announcements, posters, and flyers • Staff meeting announcements • Link to article on our event: seattle-schools-chief-sealth-academy-of-business- auction
  20. 20. #nafnext Student Sign Ups for the Event Tasks include: • Set up tables and chairs • Set up silent auction tables • Cooking and serving • Greeters and ticket takers • Water servers • Silent auction helpers • Cashiers • MC • Clean up
  21. 21. #nafnext MC Agenda for event Purpose of MC agenda is to advertise and educate about Academies • Academy coordinator speaks about the benefits of being in the Academy and the senior trip to NYC • Academy teacher speaks about the Academy pathways and classes students are required to take for Academy diploma • Academy teacher speaks about internship and scholarship opportunities
  22. 22. #nafnext Raffle
  23. 23. #nafnext Expenses • Nutrition Services • Food • Table cloths, plates, cups, silverware • Heating • Table cloths • Building rental • Marketing and promotional materials
  24. 24. #nafnext Profits for Students • Ticket sales • Silent Auction Items (selling price) • Dessert Auction Items • Hourly wage
  25. 25. #nafnext Tracking the Funds • Excel spreadsheet • Student names • Dinner tickets sold • Items donated • Price that items sold for
  26. 26. #nafnext How much money did we make? • 2011 Numbers in attendance: 125 Expenses: $400 Profit for students: $2666 • 2012 Numbers in attendance: 271 Expenses: $850 Profit for students: $5589
  27. 27. #nafnext Silent Auction break 5 min.
  28. 28. #nafnext Closing Remarks and Questions • Could do all of this or a component of it • Contact information: DeAira Handugan