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Counselor roleinanacademy

  1. 1. Academy of Engineering Counselor & Leadership Conference Monday, October 29, 2012 Maria Alutto  Academy Development Director  NAF Staff
  2. 2. Welcome School Counselors & Academy Leaders!  Agenda KWL (Know – Want to know – Learn) Academy Recruitment: Think, Group, Share Academy Support & Scheduling: Defining Format #NAFNext
  3. 3. KWL Know – Want to know - Learn KNOW WANT TO KNOW LEARN Share out: Objective: What is your What would role within you like to your academy? learn more about during this session? #NAFNext
  4. 4. Engineering Student Recruitment Think – Group – ShareKeeping Engineering in Mind… 1. Who recruits and where do they recruit? 2. Who are we recruiting and what tools do we use? 3. What does the annual calendar look like for recruitment? 4. What materials are used and what is our message? #NAFNext
  5. 5. Academy Recruitment Resources Many resources are available on the NAF website.
  6. 6. Academic Support & SchedulingSchool Counselors help students by: School Counselors assist school staff by:•Developing a high school educational plan and annually •Providing students with academic support and learning stylereviewing it. assessment to help students academically.•Assisting students in developing and implementing post- •Identifying at-risk students and implementing interventions tosecondary educational and career plans. enhance success.•Promoting positive youth development through individual, •Developing portfolios, providing recommendations, and assistinggroup, and classroom guidance and counseling. students in school-to-work transition.•Providing student support services to remove barriers to •Conducting classroom guidance lessons on post-secondaryacademic, social, and emotional success. preparation, study skills and career development.School Counselors help families by: School Counselors assist the community by:•Encouraging and supporting active parental involvement in the • Assisting in referrals to community resources, services, andplanning of student programming. outside agencies.•Providing advocacy and assistance in communication with •Seeking partnerships with colleges and community businesses foracademic teaching and administrative staff and organizing of the purpose of providing opportunities outside of school forparent teacher conferences. students.•Conducting college, career, financial aid and scholarship •Identifying appropriate job shadowing, work-based learning, part-information sessions for families. time and summer jobs, and internships / co-ops.•Assisting in the school to work / college transition and •Working with post-secondary institutions in identifying potentialpreparation. students, and providing adequate support for students in college application process and transition to college.#NAFNext
  7. 7. Academic Support & SchedulingElement 1. Academy Development and Structure Standard 2. Personalized Environment Strategic Actions a. Academy students are scheduled as a group into NAF theme courses as well as in two or more core academic courses such as language arts, math, science, or social studies. b. A 3- to 4-year academy serves as the organizational structure in a four-year high school program of study. By design, it links core courses with technical content at each grade level, with a minimum of 4 NAF courses. c. There is a weekly common planning time or other formal collaboration time for the academy team of more than three staff members, so that integrated learning, student supports and individualized student assessment can occur across disciplines and grade levels. d. All academy students receive career-themed guidance on college exploration and college choices based on their individual interests #NAFNext
  8. 8. Academic Support & SchedulingElement 1. Academy Development and Structure cont. Standard 4. Academy Leadership a. Academy leadership structure includes clearly publicized responsibilities and may involve a combination of academy staff, Advisory Board members, central office administrators, school administrators, and students b. School leadership recruits and hires uniquely qualified staff and works to retain them to promote quality and sustainability. c. An academy director leads the academy in administrative and facilitative functions and is responsible for communicating with NAF and coordinating the program. d. Academies have a designated counselor who knows students well and is familiar with the unique characteristics and needs of the academy. The counselor participates actively in team meetings, plays a role in recruiting students, coordinating interventions, and aligning course selection and work based learning experiences with student interests. The staff member guides students with college and career planning. A counselor…  Is part of the academy team  Assists with student recruitment  Assists with coordination of interventions and student supports  Aligns course selection with student interests  Aligns work-based Learning with student interests and academy theme  Guides students in college and career planning #NAFNext
  9. 9. Defining Format: Academic Support & SchedulingTerm Category CharacteristicsCohort/Cohorting Master Schedule Students are scheduled within a grade level group, sharing core and theme teachers.NAF Theme Course Program of Study Contradictory to typical high school programming, the theme course is the academy’s central focus, not viewed as electiveCareer Themed Guidance Developmental Guidance, Career-themed guidance is curriculum delivered by the School Counselor, specifically focused on the Career Domain academy’s career themeCollege/Career Path Developmental Guidance, Academic & Career focused curriculum delivered by School Counselor, follow-up with individuals on case Academic & Career load DomainDesignated Counselor Faculty Assignments School Counselor assigned a caseload of academy studentsIntervention Systems At-Risk Supports Systematic approach to identifying and providing additional support for at-risk students
  10. 10. KWL Know – Want to know - Learn KNOW WANT TO KNOW LEARN Outcome: What did you learn about during this session? #NAFNext
  11. 11. Student Recruitment & Scholarship Resources1. National Academy Foundation http://wwwnaf.org2. NACME http://www.nacmebacksme.org3. SME Education Foundation Society of Women Engineers National Society of Black Engineers http://www.nsbe.org6. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers #NAFNext
  12. 12. Questions?Northeast: malutto@naf.orgNYC: shickert@naf.orgCentral: jfelix@naf.orgWest: mpulleyblank@naf.orgSoutheast: sbrown@naf.orgFL: