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Business is From Mars, Education is From Venus


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Sometimes the cultures of business partners and school leaders are as far apart as interplanetary species. This session is for both business partners and academy directors and administrators to help bridge the cultural gap between the two groups to create meaningful interaction. Learn how to navigate through business jargon and “education-speak” to find common ground and goals. Industry leaders will be invited to join ABLC presenters to address topics which may be preventing the academy from benefitting from all industry has to offer.

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Business is From Mars, Education is From Venus

  1. 1. #NAFNext2014
  2. 2. #NAFNext2014 Ann Fields, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Dayl Walker, Connecticut Business & Industry Association Sonja Brouwers, Clark High School AOF Advisory Board
  3. 3. The Languages of Business and Education Partners Can Be As Far Apart as the Planets #NAFNext2014
  4. 4. Identify the problem #NAFNext2014
  5. 5. Why is this a Problem?
  6. 6. Business Partner Frustration
  7. 7. Academy Director Frustration
  8. 8. School Coordinator (Teacher) Frustration
  9. 9. Intergalactic Disharmony: Communication Disconnect Between Education and Business
  10. 10. Best Laid Plans of Business and Education Internship Providers Orientation snarled by a little traffic . . .
  11. 11. I’m Very Busy and This Will Require A Lot of Work, So…. Why Do We Need to Address This Problem?
  12. 12. Business: What’s In It For Me? A Big Return on Investment!
  13. 13. Educators: What’s In It For Me? A Superhero!
  14. 14. Ultimately, It’s All About the Students
  15. 15. Good Communication Balances the Business- Education Relationship
  16. 16. • One school contact • One business contact • CC all involved people • Changes – notify immediately • Timeliness – check emails twice day Communication
  17. 17. • Who: • What: • When: • Where: • Why: • CC: Initial E-Mail
  18. 18. Listen, don’t assume. Business people • Volunteers • Work piles up • Business needs are a priority Teachers and schools • Fewer resources • Older technology • Little control over schedule • Teach the children who walk through their doors Respect
  19. 19. • Business volunteers Show up Call immediately • Schools Be sure students are available Understand that business needs take precedence Honor Commitments
  20. 20. • Business people may be nervous • Students greet visitors • Name tags • Principal’s role Feeling Welcome
  21. 21. Gratitude • Say, “Thank you.” • Write thank you notes • Make them feel good
  22. 22. Say “Thank You”
  23. 23. • Work under the radar screen • Find champions • Make people feel good • Use the students • Do evaluations Start Small
  24. 24. Start Small: Career Posters to…
  25. 25. …Tutoring
  26. 26. Tutoring to…
  27. 27. …Lunch with Young Engineers Program
  28. 28. Lunch with the Presidents
  29. 29. Interns and Business Sponsors
  30. 30. Any Questions???