2013 NAF Next Central Region Team Time


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Central Region Team Time;YOP work session.

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  • Hello and welcome to Team Time! This is the _______ Region. If you are not in the _______ Region, please check the conference book for the right room. We will get started in just a minute.Please make sure that you are sitting with your academy team.
  • Each of you was given a name badge at registration. On the badge, you’ll see this statement, with a big empty line under it.NAF Next provides a prime opportunity for exchanging ideas. Your name badge provides a prime opportunity to share your biggest internship challenge, and maybe even find a solution.Take a look at your badge and write what you would need in order to get 100% of your students internships. You could write things like:10 more advisory board members4-year work-based learning planStart a fundraising committeeRecruit more studentsYour challenge may be somebody else’s solution. Right now, stand up, walk around, read name badges. Look for someone who wrote a challenge that you’ve faced and maybe conquered. Or If you have
  • Before we get into these “nuts and bolts,” I want to make sure we spend a little bit of time on the big picture. At the end of the day, we are all here to make sure more high school students graduate ready for college and careers.We have two things on the screen now: the cycle of continuous improvement, and the membership development model.In order to assess these things, we ask that you complete three pieces of information for us: the Data Center, the Academy Assessment, and an Evidence Binder.The cycle of continuous improvement is the way we support you in achieving these things for your students.The membership development model puts your academy in a category along with other academies that are at the same level of fidelity to our model.*Mention Mike & how this ties into District Engagement
  • FRED We’re going to cover a bit of information about the NAF Data Center & Academy Assessment. We want to mostly give you collaboration with your team, but know you can attend Learning Sessions about this, you have an FAQ sheet, and you’ll get lots more information in the fall.Data Center must be completed prior to beginning Academy Assessment. That’s because key Data Center information is pre-populated into your Academy Assessment, so you don’t have to do it twice!Here are the timeframes when your Review Team should be completing each step. Remember that your Review Team should be comprised of many stakeholders, including:academy design teamSchool leadersAdvisory boardTeachersGuidance CounselorsStudents and parentsWe have students here today in Team Time which is a great reminder to continually involve students in your academy development activities.
  • FRED Does everyone in the room know their academy status?In recognition of their Academy Quality, last year, Distinguished academies were invited to bypass the Academy Assessment process by completing some preliminary steps in the NAF Academy Support Hub. That’s called “rolling forward.”This year, we are inviting those academies who scored Certified and Model last year to join Distinguished Academies to apply to roll forward. If your Academy earned a Certified or Model membership level last year, pay attention!To be considered to “roll” your score forward:1. You MUST complete Data Center by October 15. You will choose either:Acknowledge current score is accurate-request rolling forward OR We opt to take the Academy Assessment. For example, if you want to seek a higher status. Just know it’s not like SAT scores: you can’t choose your higher score. 2. You’ll then need to fill out the Action Plan in the Academy Support Hub.**CLICK**NAF will either accept your request to Roll Forward or not. 3. If accepted to Roll Forward, academies will be locked out of Academy Assessment.If not accepted to Roll Forward, academies will be notified by November 1, 2013 and will be expected to complete the Academy Assessment by January 20, 2014.NOTE for STAFF: In case someone asks why could they be rejected?Don’t meet the October 15 timelineUnusual data (i.e. sharp decline in student #)NAF may want to review your evidenceIn case someone asks “what if I redo the Academy Assessment and I get a lower score?”it’s not like SAT scores: you can’t choose your higher score.
  • FREDCompleting the AA is really important! We just want to quickly review the process since there’s a change this year:Once you hit “submit,” your Academy Assessment will move into “Provisional” status which just means that it’s in NAF’ s court to verify the score. **CLICK** Within 2 weeks, NAF will review your Academy Assessment. We will either:Finalize it, or we might ask you to submit evidence (if you didn’t provide an online evidence binder) orWe might ask you to make a change to your Academy Assessment to ensure it’s accurate.You’re more likely to move right to “Finalized” status if you’re in touch with NAF regional staff throughout the school year.**CLICK**After NAF reviews it, the Academy Assessment will be in “Academy Revision” status. You have a next step when your Academy Assessment is in “Academy Revision” status. NAF will have emailed you to explain your next step. Once you do the next step and hit “submit” again, your Academy Assessment will be back in “Provisional” status for another NAF review. If everything is taken care of, your Academy Assessment will be “Finalized,” and your score will appear on the last page in blue, like this. **CLICK**Remember that when your Academy Assessment is in “Academy Revision” status, you have a next step! That matters because if your Academy Assessment is in “Academy Revision” status after the January 20, 2014 deadline, your membership level will decline.
  • FREDCheck out these sessions to learn more.FAQs were placed in your registration packetAcademy Improvement Guide will be available on the Academy Support Hub Afternoon session is 15 minutes longer – expect more questions from YOPs than from open academies.
  • Action Plan distribution
  • Please find your conference books.On page 27, you will see a list of all the different sessions that you can take.Many of you received a list of session recommendations in your registration pack. This is based on your NAF Academy Assessment.We will be giving you some time in this hour to work on your conference deployment strategy – how you will cover all the sessions that you need to. For now, think about which elements of the model you want to focus on this year. If you have already done an action plan, you may want to refer to it.
  • Action Plan – If you’ve already started the Action Plan in the Academy Support Hub, someone on your team received a printed copy in your Registration packet.If you HAVEN’T already started the Action Plan in the Academy Support Hub, make sure to check it out. It’s cool. In the meantime, we have blank copies printed for you to use this week.Please take this time to discuss as a team what you want your goals to be for the conference, and how you will divvy up the sessions that you want your team to attend.
  • Now, you have been to two learning seminars. I would like you to take a couple of minutes to debrief your learning sessions
  • You will have three minutes per conversation – go!(time three minutes)Switch! Find a new clock buddy!
  • Fred, Jess & Debra highlight previous experiences and ways they can support.
  • As you are getting your lunch, please do your own clock buddy exercise.
  • Now that you’ve thought about how you can write your goals, I want you to get back in your academy teams and go back to the action planning template. Spend a couple of minutes debriefing the conference with these questions.
  • Clock Buddy: We will do this 3 times… every three minutes switch and share your goals with a different person.
  • I’m sure most of you already know all about SMART goals, but we want to make sure that you are thinking about them as you do your action planning.To recap, goals should be:SPECIFICMEASURABLEACTION-ORIENTEDREALISTICTIME-BASEDYou may be wondering why we are continuing to beat this dead horse. And I know that, when you write goals in your action plan, YOU know what they are. But when you win the lottery and move to Guam, the person who comes in after you will need to be able to pick up these goals and continue to work on them. And when we look at your action plan to learn how we should deploy resources to support you, this will help us a lot.
  • With that in mind, let’s look at this goal and see how we can re-write it so it is (click!):SPECIFICMEASURABLEACTION-ORIENTEDREALISTICTIME-BASED(click)What about this goal?(click)
  • 2013 NAF Next Central Region Team Time

    1. 1. Regional Team Time Session 1 July 10, 3:15 – 4:15 PM
    2. 2. #nafnext Name Badge Networking Write your internship challenge here. Network to find solutions to your challenge throughout the conference.
    3. 3. #nafnext Why are we here?
    4. 4. #nafnext Data Center September 14, 2013 December 4, 2013 Academy AssessmentOctober 1, 2013 January 20, 2014
    5. 5. #nafnext Rolling Forward Certified & Model Academies: 1. Complete Data Center by October 15, 2013. You will either: a. acknowledge current score is accurate and request rolling forward b. opt to take the Academy Assessment 2. Fill out the Action Plan available in Academy Support Hub. 3. If accepted to Roll Forward, academies will be locked out of Academy Assessment. If not accepted to Roll Forward, academies will be notified by November 1, 2013 and will be expected to complete the Academy Assessment by January 20, 2014. **Distinguished Academies also fill out the threshold form in Data Center by October15, 2013.
    6. 6. #nafnext What happens after I hit ? Data Center Due: December 4, 2013 Academy Assessment Due: January 20, 2014 1. Provisional Status 2. Academy Revision  You have a next step! 3. Provisional Status 4. Finalized Status
    7. 7. Block Day Time Learning Seminar C Thursda y 2:15 PM Academy Assessment 101 D Friday 10:30 AM YOP Open Academy Data Center: Welcome to the NAF Academy Support Hub Training D Friday 10:30 AM The Road to Distinguished: Planning the Trip *Level: Advanced E Friday 2:15 PM YOP Data Center: Welcome to the NAF Academy Support Hub Training More about Data Center & Academy Assessment:
    8. 8. #nafnext
    9. 9. Collaboration Time Use your Action Plan Use the session planning tool to determine who will attend which sessions to achieve your goals Ask your regional staff for help on this!
    10. 10. Regional Team Time Session 2 July 11, 4:00 – 5:30
    11. 11. Welcome! • Please sit with your regional team to do the following: 1. Debrief your learning sessions – share your “a-ha’s” 2. Make any changes to your session deployment strategy
    12. 12. Work-Based Learning Plans Review the sample work- based learning plan on your table  Underline or highlight parts of the continuum that you already implement  Circle parts of the plan that you want to implement
    13. 13. Find someone you don’t know and answer the following questions:  What stands out to you from the sample WBL plan?  What about work-based learning are you excited to implement next year?
    14. 14. Use the sample Work-Based Learning Plan to write your OWN work-based learning goal  How will different stakeholders (administration, Advisory Board, etc) help you achieve your goal?  What is the benefit to your STUDENTS of achieving this goal?
    15. 15. Collaboration Time Create a goal and action step(s) to develop your own WBL plan (or to refine it) Ask your regional staff for help on this!
    16. 16. Regional Team Time Session 3 July 12, 12:00 – 2:00
    17. 17. Welcome! Please get some lunch! And while you do: Complete the support cards on your table and make sure to give them to a NAF staff person before you leave Consider & discuss conference debrief questions
    18. 18. Conference Debrief • What are your biggest takeaways from the whole conference? • What are you most excited to implement in your academy this year? • What are your barriers to success? Don’t forget to complete your support card!
    19. 19. Clock Buddy Find someone you don’t know and answer the following question:  What is one goal and action step, focused on WBL, that you will be putting in your action plan?
    20. 20. Goals & Action Steps
    21. 21. Goals & Action Steps GOAL: Implement work-based learning activities  How can we turn this into a SMART goal? GOAL: Engage 3 Advisory Board members in creating a work-based learning plan that will include at least 5 activities per grade; plan complete by October 1.  What are three action steps that can support this goal?
    22. 22. Collaboration Time Continue developing your action plans Debrief your sessions and collaborate on how to implement best practices you learned Ask your regional staff for help on this!