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The 401(K) Plan of the Future | Pentegra 2014


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An increasing number of plan sponsors rely on their 401(k) plan as their sole retirement plan. With the 401(k) plan becoming the sole retirement plan for many employees, it is more important than ever to ensure that these programs are designed to help participants meet their retirement income goals. Ensuring successful participant outcomes begins with progressive plan design that maximizes positive participant behaviors.

Attend this webinar to learn just how dramatically different the 401(k) plan of the future will look compared to today’s typical 401(k) plan. Attendees will walk away knowing how the widespread utilization of progressive 401(k) plan design features will better meet the needs of plan participants as well as plan sponsors and how to encourage participants to become more engaged with their 401(k) plan.

Presented by Pentegra Retirement Services and NAFCU Services, this webinar is offered at no cost to the credit union community.

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