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Shop, Compare & Buy: The Shopping Cart Arrives in the Credit Union


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In this third installment of the Insuritas E-Commerce Learning Series, watch as a webinar participant makes history as he or she will visit their credit union’s website and has a live ‘’ shopping experience. Observe as the member shops for products online, puts different products from different companies in a single shopping cart, selects monthly or annual billings by product, and is invited to buy other products. Then watch as the member buys all the products with a single payment and see the credit union ship the products instantly to the member. Finally, the credit union will instantly set up an online portal so the member can come back and shop again after simply signing in.

By watching this webinar, you will:

1. See how a credit union website can transition from brochureware to a major revenue generator, generating fee income, expanded wallet share, and repeat shopping.

2. See how a credit union can create an online account for a member that allows them to come back again and again to shop for other products and services, just like their online banking account, all on the credit union’s web portal.

3. See the first credit union E-branches at work!

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