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Growth through Innovation in Member Communications (Credit Union Conference Presentation)

What tools should you use to grow your credit union? How can you improve your return on investment? Maybe the answer is right in front of you. Strike that. The answer is in front of your members – and you mail them out monthly: transactional documents. In this 2011 NAFCU Annual Conference presentation we discuss the use of innovation and technology to generate new business through credit union communications.

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Growth through Innovation in Member Communications (Credit Union Conference Presentation)

  1. 1. Growth through Innovation in Communications NAFCU Annual Conference June 30, 2011
  2. 2. It’s All About Growth• Deposits• Loans
  3. 3. Innovation:- The introduction of something new- A new idea, method or device Merriam Webster
  4. 4. “Every Connection is a New Opportunity” Pitney Bowes• Account statement• Electronic documents• Notices, Correspondence• Direct Marketing
  5. 5. “Opened and Read” 73% said they would open and read their financial/bank statement right away. 2010 Pitney Bowes SurveyUSPS research- 95% of customers open their monthly statements at least once. Deliver magazine 7/2008 83% of respondents always open their bank statements. Infoprint survey 9/2005
  6. 6. Use your Core Data“Data Drives Knowledge”• Targeting• Data mining• MCIF/CRM• Rules-based offers
  7. 7. TranspromoAdding Value to Transaction Mail Transacting Business + Promoting Business = TransPromoStatement Content:• Relevant• Timely• Personalized
  8. 8. PURLS and QR CodesE-Inquiries from Print:• Personalized targeted messages• Integrate print with e-delivery• Mobile and Web• Trackable• Measurable• Gen Y
  9. 9. Statement PossibilitiesWhen was your statementreviewed for design andcontent?
  10. 10. Statement PossibilitiesBasic Redesign
  11. 11. Statement PossibilitiesEnhanced statementdesign
  12. 12. Questions?Thank You for Joining us Today!