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Biometrics: Enhancing Member Experience and Security | Q2 2015


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Identifying technologies that can satisfy regulators and meet your members’ needs seems like a difficult task. Biometrics, authenticating individuals using unique identifiers such as fingerprints and facial features, is an area you will continue to hear more about, especially as mobile technology continues to advance at rapid speed.

Is it possible that some form of biometrics can help deliver an advantageous solution for your credit union?

In this webinar, you will learn about:
The different types of biometric solutions currently used within the financial services industry
The definition of true multi-factor authentication (MFA) and why the “third factor” is difficult to solve
How Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition feature designed and released by Apple Inc., has impacted the financial services industry
Mobile technology enhancements that make biometrics a possibility in today’s market
How to evaluate whether or not your membership is ready to accept this technology
Presented by Q2 and NAFCU Services, this webinar is offered at no cost to the credit union c

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