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Attracting and Retaining Executive Talent with Fair and Reasonable Compensation | Burns-Fazzi, Brock (BFB) 2015


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Executive benefit plans are a critical tool in recruiting, rewarding, and retaining your leadership team. A key concept in designing these plans is “fair and reasonable.” As expected, the NCUA has rules regarding fair and reasonable compensation.

This webinar provides an overview of these rules and how to successfully navigate them to recruit and retain your leadership team. You will also learn the Board’s role in this process.

What are the NCUA rules on fair and reasonable compensation?
What role does compensation play in recruiting executives?
What does a successful compensation arrangement look like for retaining executives?
What is the Board’s responsibility in understanding the market?
What is the Board’s responsibility in ongoing oversight?

Presented by Burns-Fazzi, Brock and NAFCU Services, this webinar is offered at no cost to the credit union community.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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