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A Credit Union Owned Insurance Agency


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Credit Unions are recognizing that 100% of their members buy auto and/or home insurance every year and that these insurance commissions are a powerful source of "Annuitizing, Non-cyclical Fee Income." Many insurance providers like AAA are now offering auto loans when they sell insurance. Credit union CEOs understand that if their member has to leave to buy insurance to fund a loan, they risk losing that loan altogether. While this may seem like a new threat for credit unions, they also have an opportunity to enhance their member service with their own insurance offerings.

In this webinar, attendees will gain a strategic overview of the issues involved in buying, building or outsourcing an insurance agency, examining capital, execution and reputation risk, and look at how these options are at work in actual credit unions.

This is the seventh installment of the Insuritas E-commerce Learning Series.

Presented by Insuritas and NAFCU Services, this webinar is offered at no cost to the credit union community.

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