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NADRA Education Initiative, Jim Mailey


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Education. Inspect. Correct. Deck safety driving change in our industry. Learn how you can get involved by contacting

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NADRA Education Initiative, Jim Mailey

  1. 1. North American Deck & Railing Association NADRA Education Initiative Jim Mailey
  2. 2. a Wood Myths Facts & Fiction, Paul Fisette, 2005 Building Material & Wood Technology-UMass/Amherst. A technical report in the Forest Products Journal / 1998 indicated that the average PPT deck only lasts 9-10 years due to the effects of PPT cycling from wet to dry b National Association of Home Builders/Bank of America Home Equity, Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components 2/07. Under ideal condition a deck could last 20 yrs. 20 YRS 15–20 YRS 20 YRS9-10 YRS Asphalt shinglesb Aluminum and vinyl windowsb Deck (estimate 1)a Deck (estimate 2)b Life Expectancy of Outdoor Components Residential roof replacement market is worth ~$6.1 billion Window replacement market is worth ~$8 billion Residential deck replacement market potentially worth more?• Similar lifespan to roofs & windows • Greater reliance on codes / safety issues
  3. 3. Safety Driving Change More than 50 million decks in the U.S. >25 million are already past their useful life – needing to be replaced. State and local laws reacting to these safety and serviceability issues: • Coastal NC – Some jurisdictions now mandating inspection of all decks • CA SB-721 – Requires inspection of exterior decks and balconies for ALL buildings of 3 or more multi-family dwelling units by 1/1/2025. Still lacking – Comprehensive Deck Inspection Training
  4. 4. Table 1. Annual national estimate of injuries as a result of a structural failure or collapse An average of 7,700 people each year go to a Hospital Emergency Department after being injured from a structural failure. CPSC-NEISS (Consumer Product Safety Commission-National Electronic Injury Surveillance System) Deck, Porch & Balcony Railing Stairs TOTAL 2010 2,720 2,760 1,720 7,200 2011 2,600 2,640 2,080 7,320 2012 3,160 2,360 2,160 7,680 2013 3,960 3,440 720 8,120 2014 4,280 3,400 880 8,560 TOTAL 16,720 14,600 7,560 38,880 Injury Information
  5. 5. NADRA’s Strategic Value Educate, Inspect, Correct NADRA Deck Evaluation program for Industry Professionals The ONLY Certification Program to provide the knowledge and tools to PROPERLY and COMPLETELY inspect an existing deck! • Partnered with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) since 2015 • Annual training at ASHI’s national conference (InspectionWorld) & regional chapter training events • Trained nearly 500 ASHI inspectors in 3 yrs • All during this pilot program!
  6. 6. NADRA Education Initiative Goal: Educate and Certify 500 new ASHI Inspectors in 2019 Funding is needed to educate and significantly increase the number of home inspectors certified under the NADRA Certification program. 8000 ASHI Home Inspectors, +20,000 Home Inspectors in U.S. Add 200,000 Deck Inspections by 2020 750,000 Deck Inspections by 2025 If only 25% of these newly inspected decks get replaced and the remaining 75% get refurbished A $4 Billion Increase!! Sales by supporting the NADRA Education Initiative Sales – continue to do what we’ve always done
  7. 7. THANK YOU