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NADRA 2017 Annual Meeting Presentation


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NADRA 2017 Annual Meeting Presentation

  1. 1. 2017 Awards Dinner N A S H V I L L E , T N
  2. 2. Thank You, Sponsors:
  3. 3. • 6:45pm – 7:30pm: Annual Meeting (bar closes) • 7:30pm – 7:45pm: 15 Minute break for food & drinks (bar opens) • 7:45pm: National Deck Competition Winners Announced (bar closes) • 8:30pm – 10:30pm: Two hour open bar, live band & dancing The Evenings Agenda:
  4. 4. Thank You!
  5. 5. Thank You!
  6. 6. • Opening Remarks: NADRA President, Kirk Hammond • Call to Order – reading of the Anti-Trust Statement • Directors Update: Kirk Hammond • Membership & Financials, Director: Matt Breyer • Committee Updates: • Code & Education: Matt Breyer • Deck for a Soldier: Bruce Verblaauw • CPAC: Andrew Clements & Barry John Davis • National Recognition Awards • Terry Award • Adjournment Annual Meeting Agenda:
  7. 7. Association activities are under the jurisdiction of federal and state antitrust laws. These laws regulate trade and commerce to prohibit unlawful restraints and to promote competition. NADRA requires that all its activities be conducted strictly in accordance with these laws. The most critical antitrust violation is the charge of price- fixing. Under the Sherman Act, members of associations are prohibited from reaching any understanding that affects the price of a product, regardless of the purpose of the understanding. For example, members should never discuss current or future prices, or what constitutes a fair profit level. However, it is permissible to discuss methods by which a company may become more profitable by acquiring better knowledge of its own costs, or summarizing effective methods of marketing or purchasing. Mere Attendance at a meeting where competitors discuss their prices is sufficient to imply involvement. If such a conversation should take place during a meeting, as a NADRA member, your recourse is to stand up and attempt to stop the discussion, explain the anti-trust issue and its consequences. If the dialog persists, state your objection to the discussion and leave the room. Anti-trust Statement:
  8. 8. 2017 Board of Directors:• President: Kirk Hammond, Lonza Wood Protection • Treasurer: Matt Breyer, Breyer Construction & Landscape • Secretary: Bob Lett, Wolf Home Products - Outgoing • Past-President: Bill Ross, Fiberon - Outgoing • Rick Schumacher, LMB Journal - Outgoing • Heath Bowman, Southeastern Underdeck Systems, LLC / Haven • John Burkhart, JECS Demand • Bruce Verblaauw, C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC • Andrew Clements, Bright Claims WarrantyLink Solutions Executive Committee: Directors: Associate Director:
  9. 9. Recognition Awards
  10. 10. Recognition Award: Rick Schumacher For your dedication to the industry & association. Thank you for your generous commitment of time and leadership.
  11. 11. Recognition Award: Bob Lett Teamwork can be summed up in five short words… We believe in each other. Thank you for being a part of the team!
  12. 12. 2018 Board of Directors:• Matt Breyer, Breyer Construction & Landscape • Bruce Verblaauw, C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC • Heath Bowman, Southeastern Underdeck Systems, LLC / Haven • John Burkhart, JECS Demand • John Keller, Sequoia Supply • Gary Converse, Koppers Performance Chemicals • Vincent Carruba, Admiral Spacemaker • Immediate Past-President: Kirk Hammond, Lonza Wood Protection • Andrew Clements, Bright Claims WarrantyLink Solutions Directors: Associate Director:
  13. 13. January 1, 2017 Through September 30th, 2017 Financials:
  14. 14. Financial Year Snapshot:TOTAL REVENUE: $281,700 Up 16.4% TOTAL EXPENSES: $261,000 UP 5.6% NADRA is on a calendar year and is currently in its fourth quarter. Tax filings can be found on
  15. 15. Codes & Education: • 250 new certified inspectors • Plans for 2018? • Code development work – DCC • Recognition Chairman: Matt Breyer
  16. 16. Recognition Award: Chuck Bajnai For your work in leading the Code Coalition
  17. 17. Committee: Joey Matthews, Vincent Carrubba, Michael Ryan and Rick Wooton Chairman: Bruce Verblaauw THIS PROGRAM IS A SMALL WAY OUR INDUSTRY CAN GIVE BACK TO THOSE THAT HAVE GIVEN US SO MUCH … OUR FREEDOM! • Active projects: • Northeast - active • Minnesota - approved applicant • Southeast - actively looking for recipient • Call to Action: We are now starting to request sponsors and material / labor pledges for the program. Please consider meeting with Bruce during the show to select your sponsorship level and / or to confirm your pledge.
  18. 18. Recognition Award
  19. 19. Recognition Award: Rick Vaughn Sawdust Ltd. The Association’s very first member to support our beloved Deck for a Soldier program. (Est. 2007)
  20. 20. 2017 Spotlight Award WinnersJanuary: Robert Lascelle, My February: Bob Lett, Wolf Home Products March: Rudy De Keersmaeker, Criterion Home Inspection, LLC April: Rick Wooton, Crossroads Remodeling, LLC May: Andy Penny, Feeney, Inc. June: Pat Noonan, Deck and Basement Company July: Bill Zinert, Diamond Decks August: Tom Jacques, Hickoy Dickory Decks September: Jason Durante, Durante Home Exteriors October: Brian LaFave, Western Sky Design
  21. 21. CPAC Consumer Product Awareness Charter Committee: Chairman: Andrew Clements
  22. 22. Special Thanks: • Brad Wear – NTA • Robert Rottinghaus – UFP • Barry John Davis – DPDS International, Ltd. • Gary Hobbs – AERT • Paul Beaulieu – Green Bay Decking • Stan Hathorn – Royal / Westech NADRA CPAS Committee:
  23. 23. Selected by the industry at large to be the ambassador of this non profit consumer label program. Fully accredited certification body (ISO 17065) with international recognition in building products evaluation. NTA is the appointed administer who certifies participants to the NADRA Consumer Awareness Program.
  24. 24. Retailers and consumers demand products that validate quality and provide useful easy to understand point of sale materials that enhance the shopping experience. Companies value them when choosing suppliers. Over 1 in 3 buying consumers rely of certifications. Source: ECO Pulse Demand for Labeling:
  25. 25. Who Benefits: • Easier to choose/compare • Recognizable validation of quality • Reduces need to ask for assistance • Identify product application CONSUMERS D ISTR IBU TOR S MAN U FAC TU R ER S R ETAILER S : • Makes it easier to select validated quality products • Removes substandard products from inventory • Increase sales of premium labeled products • Supports Point of Sale for both associates and self service consumers • Reduces warranty claims and customer expectation issues. • Reduce exposure warranty & regulation • Visually Educates consumer on performance attributes • Defines quality • Reduced comparison with non labeled inferior products • Reduced
  26. 26. • Label provides relevant information using easy to understand performance ratings. • All ratings data is independently certified using industry recognized testing methods and standards. • Certification details are made available via NADRA, NTA and MFR websites. Consumer Focused:
  27. 27. Development Partners:
  28. 28. Shout-Out!
  29. 29. Why International?
  30. 30. Why International? North America leads the world in deck construction quality. North America leads the world in deck & rail product quality. North America leads the world in Deck design North America leads the world In Deck & rail usage North America leads the world the number of people killed by lawnmowers. North America leads the world in the quality of its contractors professionalism North America “will” lead the world in product quality awareness.
  31. 31. “For the market to grow the key element is increasing consumer awareness of quality” The International objective of NADRA is to extend to the world the simple message that… The Objective: By extending the reach of the CPAC program we can extend the market potential for North American businesses. NADRA leads the deck and railing industry with highest quality professionals in all of North America, and the world.
  32. 32. 2017 Terry Award Presented by: Terry Dempsey
  33. 33. Terry Award: Kirk Hammond Lonza Wood Protection For superior contributions to your industry association. Coming together is a beginning… keeping together is progress… working together is success.
  34. 34. Meeting Adjourned N A S H V I L L E , T N 15 minute Intermission