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Multimedia PLN Reflection


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Multimedia PLN Reflection

  1. 1. Nikki’s PLN EDIT 202 Winter 2013
  2. 2. What is my PLN?For this course I chose to create a ProfessionalLearning Network, utilizing the social media toolof Twitter.My Twitter name is: @EduTwetionThrough this website I have slowly but surelyexpanded my resources, my knowledge, and mynetwork of teachers, administrators, scholars, andorganizations that will assist me in my futurecareer.
  3. 3. @EduTwetion: Day One
  4. 4. @EduTwetion: Day 5
  5. 5. @EduTwetion: Day 30
  6. 6. Following...Alberta Teachers Association: Following the ATA is a positive contribution to my PLN, becausethey are the organization that will advocate for me as a teacher and provide me with thenecessary information to remain professional and successful in my career. Following thisorganization via Twitter increases the immediacy of the information I receive and allows me toview what they feel is important for educators to see and understand.Edudemic: Edudemic is a community of educators dedicated to better learning, particularlythrough the use of technology. As this is an American organization, begun in Cambridge,Massachusetts, it is appealing because of this international quality. I feel that it is importantnot only to understand and involve myself in the Canadian education system, but also allowmyself to view the successes, failures, and discoveries made in the American school system.Further, I truly find Edudemic both interesting and entertaining based upon the variety ofideas, articles, and videos they post.Caitlyn Klinger: Caitlyn is a fellow Education student, also in her third year at theUniversity of Alberta. However, different from myself, Caitlyn is an Elementary degreestudent. I use Caitlyn as an example merely to emphasize the importance of following felloweducators. In my opinion, it are these educators who I will be growing and developing as ateacher with, and those who I will be able to use as both a resource and a sounding board whenneed be. Twitter is a useful tool as a PLN to further develop my network of fellow Educators,whether that be new teachers, like myself, or more experienced teachers who can offer differentinsight into conversations.
  7. 7. My Contribution As @EduTwetionThroughout my time using Twitter, I have attempted to experiment with theusage of it and involve myself where I felt it was relevant or I was passionateabout a topic. I have spent the majority of time on Twitter enjoying andengaging in the posts that organizations and individuals have maderegarding education and specifically, technology within education. I havedone a large amount of retweeting of the articles which I felt that otherindividuals who follow me may find relevant to their own teaching. Further, Ihave also taken the time to post links to those items which I have discovered onmy own throughout my Education degree thus far. Finally, I have interactedwith a variety of my classmates discussing the role of technology in theclassroom, both for educational purposes and leisure purposes (utilizingSmartBoards vs. texting in class), and how we, as future educators, aregoing to have to differentiate our lessons to incorporate or exclude suchtechnology, something that past generations have not had to deal with to thisgreat of an extent.