Broadband Infrastructure Presentation


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A brief presentation for the first part of my 1st CA in New Media Technologies.

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Broadband Infrastructure Presentation

  1. 1. Ross Murphy, N00072401
  2. 2. The Business This study will relate to a starting up home run business which lists music events in Dublin. The music events guide has 3 staff which will be uploading content on a daily basis I need to find a sufficient broadband package in order to run a successful business from the Glenageary area
  3. 3. What is Broadband? Broadband is a form of telecommunication which a wide band of frequencies is available to transmit data. The broader the bandwidth of a channel increases the amount of information which can be sent at any given time and is considered multiplexed as it can carry out a number of task simultaneously.
  4. 4. The types of Broadband thatare available in Ireland ASDL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Cable (Coaxial Cable) Mobile Broadband Wireless Broadband Satellite Broadband
  5. 5. ASDL ASDL Broadband allows more data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines, when compared to traditional modem lines. A special filter, called a microfilter is installed on a subscribers telephone line to allow both ADSL and regular voice (telephone) services to be used at the same time.
  6. 6. Coaxial Cable Broadband Coax as it’s also know is provided by local television providers and is able to transmit the information from the world wide web as well as delivering a television service and even a telephone service upon that.
  7. 7. Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband is a portable device known commonly as a dongle which can be connected directed to your laptop or desktop. It picks up information using 3G mobile phone technology. As the information is delivered from the mobile phone masts you can stay connected while on the move or when abroad.
  8. 8. Wireless Broadband This is when information is delivered into your home router which then is converted into a radio signal and is then broadcast. The wireless network card in your laptop/desktop then picks up the signal and re-encodes the information received. Like radios they can be set to different frequencies is a channel becomes to busy.
  9. 9. Satellite Broadband Satellite Broadband is the transference of information through satellite dishes from earth stations in remote areas, to spacecrafts in orbit and then to the customers satellite which feeds into a modem.
  10. 10. Broadband in Glenageary Digiweb (Wireless or ADSL) Imag!ne WiMax (Wireless) Vodafone (ADSL) Eircom (ADSL or ADLS2+)
  11. 11. Best buy for the business As the business is internet based with a high download and upload rate the best option would be to have high speed internet with unlimited upload and download usage. A phone line is essential and would be preferred as a form alternative communication Maximum affordable cost would be a net price of €50 per month
  12. 12. Digiweb info Deal Download Upload Speed Net Price Speed Metro Value 5Mbps 512Kbps €34.95 Metro Home 8Mbps 1Mbps €39.95 DSL Personal 3Mbps 384Kbps €50.91 Metro Xtra 12Mbps 1Mbps €59.95 DSL Home 7Mbps 384Kbps €60.91 DSL Home Plus 24Mbps 768Kbps €80.91
  13. 13. Imag!ne WiMax Deal Download Upload Net Price Speed Speed WiMax 1Mb 1Mbps 256Kbps €25 WiMax 3Mb 3Mbps 512Kbps €30 WiMax 7Mb 7Mbps 512Kbps €35
  14. 14. Vodafone Deal Download Upload Net Price Speed (up Speed to) Value + Off 8Mbps 512Kbps €40 Peak Value + 8Mbps 512Kbps €45 Anytime Ideal + 8Mbps 512Kbps €52 Anytime Ultimate + 24Mbps 512Kbps €69.99 Anytime
  15. 15. Eircom Deal Download Upload Net Price Speed Speed Eircom 1Mb 1Mbps 128Kbps €45.95 Eircom 3Mb 3Mbps 348Kbps €50.95 Eircom 7Mb 7Mbps 348Kbps €60.78 Eircom 24Mb 24Mbps 768Kbps €68.95
  16. 16. Top BuysProvider Broadband Line Rental Installation Monthly Cost Cost Fee CapDigiweb €29.95 €20.96 €0.00 60GBDSLPersonalWimax 7Mb €35.00 €0.00 €50.00 UnlimitedVodafone €31.04 €25.00 €0.00 120GBIdeal +AnytimeEircom 3Mb €29.99 €20.96 €0.00 30GB
  17. 17. The Business Choice From reading previous customers reviews and by looking at how much data the organisation would need to transfer on a monthly basis, I have come to the decision of choosing The Digiweb DSL Personal Broadband. Although it has a monthly cap on usage the Business is only starting out and will not need a huge amount of data transfer.
  18. 18. See my Page on Mahara for myPrezi presentation ?id=1536
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