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Gluster ovirt integration_gluster_meetup_pune_2015


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Gluster and oVirt Integration.

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Gluster ovirt integration_gluster_meetup_pune_2015

  1. 1. Ramesh N Software Engineer – Red Hat Gluster and oVirt GlusterFS Meetup Feb. 2015
  2. 2. 02/09/15 2GlusterFS Meetup Agenda ● About oVirt and Gluster ● Ovirt Gluster Integration ● Gluster Features ● Managing Gluster using oVirt ● Demo ● Upcoming Gluster features in oVirt ● Q & A
  3. 3. 02/09/15 3GlusterFS Meetup Ovirt oVirt is a virtualization platformoVirt is a virtualization platform to manage virtual machines,to manage virtual machines, storage and networksstorage and networks ● Engine (ovirt-engine)Engine (ovirt-engine) Manages the oVirt hosts, andManages the oVirt hosts, and allows system administrators toallows system administrators to create and deploy new Vms. It alsocreate and deploy new Vms. It also supports Gluster management.supports Gluster management. ● Host Agent (VDSM)Host Agent (VDSM) oVirt engine communicates withoVirt engine communicates with VDSM to manage the VMs,VDSM to manage the VMs, storages and networksstorages and networks Clusters Storage Server StorageEngine Storage Server Cluster Hosts
  4. 4. 02/09/15 4GlusterFS Meetup Ovirt Architecture
  5. 5. 02/09/15 5GlusterFS Meetup Gluster ● GlusterFS is a general purpose scale-out distributed file- system supporting thousands of clients ● Aggregates storage exports over network interconnect to provide a single unified namespace ● File-system completely in userspace, runs on commodity hardware ● Layered on disk file systems that support extended attributes
  6. 6. 02/09/15 6GlusterFS Meetup oVirt Gluster Integration ● Introduced in oVirt 3.1 ● Supports Three ApplicationMode configuration – 1 → Virtualization only – 2 → Gluster only – 255 → Virtualization + Gluster (default) ● Enable Gluster at cluster level ● New entities (Volumes, Bricks, Volume Options) ● VDSM verbs for gluster management ● vdsm-gluster plug-in
  7. 7. 02/09/15 7GlusterFS Meetup Features supported in Ovirt ● Cluster Management ● Create Gluster Cluster ● Add / Remove Storage Servers ● Delete Cluster ● Volume Management ● Create / Remove Volume ● Start / Stop Volume ● Add / Remove (with migration) bricks ● Re-balancing Volume ● Profiling ● Managing hooks
  8. 8. 02/09/15 8GlusterFS Meetup Managing Gluster in oVirt 1/2 ● Gluster Service support is located in the Cluster properties ● Deploy Hosts with GlusterFS Server support ● Enable Bricks and Volume Management from oVirt WebAdmin and REST-API
  9. 9. 02/09/15 9GlusterFS Meetup Managing Gluster in oVirt 2/2 ● It is possible to create and manage Gluster Volumes from WebAdmin and using the REST-API ● Volume Profiling ● Volume Capacity Monitoring ● Re-balancing Volume
  10. 10. 02/09/15 10GlusterFS Meetup Demo
  11. 11. 02/09/15 11GlusterFS Meetup Upcoming Features in oVirt 3.6
  12. 12. 02/09/15 12GlusterFS Meetup Disk Management ● Identify available disks and storage devices ● Create new bricks by creating new Logical Volumes (Thin LVs) ● Format the logical volume with the XFS file-system and manage fstab entries
  13. 13. 02/09/15 13GlusterFS Meetup Gluster Snapshot ● Supports Volume Snapshot related operations ● Snapshot configurations at Volume level as well as Cluster level ● Supports Snapshot scheduling to take repeated snapshots based on the time interval
  14. 14. 02/09/15 14GlusterFS Meetup Geo Replication ● Enables creation and maintenance of Geo- Replication sessions across clusters
  15. 15. 02/09/15 15GlusterFS Meetup Storage Network Selection ● Currently, Gluster nodes use the same network for both Management and Gluster traffic (possibly causing traffic chokes) ● The proposed solution is to separate out the GlusterFS traffic and management traffic VMsandStorageEngine Direct-attached storage (SAS/SATA)
  16. 16. Feb 9, 2015 GlusterFS Meetup Q&A
  17. 17. 02/09/15 17GlusterFS Meetup References #ovirt Links:
  18. 18. 02/09/15 18GlusterFS Meetup THANK YOU! #ovirt