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Terry Heaven OWBC 7a

  1. 1. Chapter 7a Nothing lasts forever Graduating from Life
  2. 2. While the eldest children were off forging families of their own, the younger ones were left at home with extra bonding time with their parents, such as it could be in their not- very-well-designed hut.
  3. 3. They did try though. Like Terry attempting Tim’s favourite thing. “I don’t think I’m doing this right. Can’t we swap?” “Keep trying Dad, it’s easy once you get the knack.” “… I think I can hear my bones creaking.”
  4. 4. But Billy’s favourite hobby since he’d become a teenager was even less appealing. “Hey babe, wanna come back to my place?” Not that it could even achieve a lot when the only single ladies in the area were adults, but he reasoned that practise would make perfect enough that he could be swimming in babes once he went to uni.
  5. 5. Which also meant that he too made an effort at dancing in the hopes of being limber and physically attractive. He would be perfect and the ladies would come running.
  6. 6. All Order wanted really was familial attention and visiting her little nieces and nephews, and those were easy enough to follow through on.
  7. 7. And, other than that, most of Terry’s time was taken on the phone talking to Bennie, BD and Penny and their children, while Jan still had so very much to learn, even at her age and expertise.
  8. 8. Though Terry did try to get some light exercise for his health so that he could live long enough to meet as many of his future grandchildren as he could.
  9. 9. And he continued to keep a diary, as he had since he was just a child back in Simfield. He didn’t care what Kimmy had said back then; it was therapeutic and one day a future descendant might like to read them.
  10. 10. And therapy might be necessary as two more of his babies flying the nest off to university. But they had to grow up one day 
  11. 11. “Bye Dad!” And it was almost worse how bright and happy they were to go while Terry felt so sad. Hopefully at least one of them would move back in.
  12. 12. And in the meantime Terry would have to obsess about Billy until he left too. His last baby…
  13. 13. Though he may not have been paying sufficient attention to his every waking moment to see everybody Billy interacted with…
  14. 14. Jan was a lot more zen, focused on maxing her skills before she ran out of time. University was great fun anyway; the kids would be happy. She just had to skill…
  15. 15. Zap her motives back up and go back to skilling…
  16. 16. Until she finally succeeded at her lifetime goal…
  17. 17. Just in time to leave for work again.
  18. 18. Meanwhile, Tim arrived at university in the best clothes he could find when he arrived. Which, needless to say, were not great.
  19. 19. And Order arrived shortly afterwards, faring much better in the clothing stakes, even if her outfit wasn’t particularly exciting.
  20. 20. But worse than the clothes was the lot they were facing: completely empty.
  21. 21. But ‘thankfully’ somebody gave them a gift of gnomes and flamingos, as if they hadn’t had enough of those back home.
  22. 22. They could afford a few more very, very basics for their lot though, sharing a tent and having a toilet and shower available, albeit entirely alfresco.
  23. 23. Al fresco in front of strange looking people who passed by nearly all the time.
  24. 24. Not keen to stick around and be judged by their fellow students, they opted to go somewhere with an actual building.
  25. 25. At least they were well-behaved and headed to the library where they could study properly. And be harassed by the university coach with a crew-cut and pornstache.
  26. 26. And besides the computers and books, there was a barbecue and proper food. And Order even had sufficient skills to cook something decent for everyone.
  27. 27. They both opted to sponge-bathe indoors at the library than in public back ‘home’…
  28. 28. But they were forced to leave to sleep for the night. Sharing a tent was weird when they had never shared a room, even when they were babies, but it wasn’t like they had much choice.
  29. 29. The family was kind enough to help them get off of their depressing lot sometimes, as they went out downtown for some fun.
  30. 30. And got a good meal on their parents’ dime. Order took to it eagerly.
  31. 31. And it gave them the option of earning some extra money to take back to university. Terry may not have chosen for his daughter to be a bartender, but at least the kids were working hard for some cash.
  32. 32. Tim was a more wholesome DJ, even if his appearance (and classical music tastes) weren’t the usual image.
  33. 33. The dancers didn’t mind, in any case.
  34. 34. They weren’t without visitors back home on the lot either.
  35. 35. Deeply inappropriate visitors. Tim had thought he’d be safe showering in the dark, but… apparently some people would want to get a closer view regardless.
  36. 36. Even family members weren’t entirely appropriate when they visited, but they probably weren’t that surprised with BD.
  37. 37. And don’t even get Order started on the freaking cow mascots.
  38. 38. But it turned out the pervy cheerleader did have her uses in that respect. Tim would have liked to leave the room, but… well, there was no room to leave, so he just stayed and felt nauseous.
  39. 39. It was much easier just to go off-lot entirely, especially so they could go back to earning extra cash on the side.
  40. 40. And Tim was able to do so by performing! He preferred dance than music, and it was very difficult to play classical on a bass guitar, but the public approval (and cash) was very nice.
  41. 41. As were some of the lot’s patrons. Pretty too.
  42. 42. Time flew as Tim spoke to ‘Cait’ and then she had to leave far too quickly. But she’d certainly left an impression on Tim.
  43. 43. And Tim wasn’t the only one meeting a pretty lady.
  44. 44. Order’s pretty new acquaintance was, coincidentally, called Catie herself. And more available to sit around uncomfortably on top of a fence for a few hours.
  45. 45. Tim next came across Cait by a clothing store, so he swiftly changed into his formalwear before she started to think he dressed terribly by choice. Though she didn’t seem to be paying that much attention to his clothes while they made small talk. Tim just hoped he wasn’t screwing that up too much – she was stopping him thinking straight.
  46. 46. And meanwhile, not very far away, Billy proceeded to make questionable friends with questionable moustaches.
  47. 47. Speaking of Billy, it was about time for him to join Tim and Order. “You want to move into our house? Um, yeah, sure. Okay.”
  48. 48. Which meant they really needed to earn some more cash. Though having to do it in an empty bar in the middle of the day probably wasn’t going to get them many tips/
  49. 49. But they didn’t have a choice when Billy was leaving that evening.
  50. 50. Jan remained very Zen at the loss of all children from the house. And ridiculously strong and flexible. Terry could be heard sniffling from the bathroom.
  51. 51. Billy fared better than Tim had with his clothes, but they certainly weren’t what he would have chosen. Too boring.
  52. 52. But the important thing was that they were no longer living on a tent on the grass. Even if somebody had made off with their gnome.
  53. 53. They even upgraded it a tad more, enough that they could have a bedroom each, a pretty much fully-equipped kitchen, and a couple of old computers for them to do their schoolwork on.
  54. 54. Which they proceeded to have to do, what with how much time Tim and Order had had to spend earning cash to afford the place.
  55. 55. And then Billy remembered one of the less desirable personality traits of his closest siblings. It was going to be a long time living together like this.
  56. 56. And then the rest of the semester was basically composed of skilling for class…
  57. 57. And having exciting yet terrifying phone conversations with respective love interests. Still phone conversations for now, since, while they may not be living in the tent anymore, their shack wasn’t quite something to be proud of and show off just yet. But then there were also invitations…
  58. 58. Back home, where their parents hadn’t gone anywhere. Yet.
  59. 59. It was the biggest party Heaven had ever seen, with the entire family invited (or everyone old enough to walk anyway). There were disagreements and PDAs in front of the children…
  60. 60. And, er, more PDAs in front of impressionable young minds. At least theirs was a loving family?
  61. 61. And some old habits died hard. “Work out harder, you lazy student! Twirling doesn’t count as exercise, I want to see you sweat!” “Er, Penny, could you distract your husband please…?!”
  62. 62. For the most part it was entirely adorable though, with Terry treasuring his time with a grandchild for once.
  63. 63. Before calling a toast. “Here’s to Jan, my wonderful, perfect, exceptional, perfect, special, perfect, lovely, perf-” “Terry, you’re repeating yourself a bit there, love.” “… perfect wife of 50 years and 6 children, and the only one who could make my life so much better after what had come before I met her. I love you Jan, and always will.” “Hear hear!”
  64. 64. “Thank you Terry, that was lovely. And perfect.” “It should have been more perfect.” “Nonsense.” “Jan… Please don’t leave me?” “Terry, you know I can’t live forever. None of us can.” “But…” “Just treasure it for now, okay?”
  65. 65. So he did, or at least tried his very best.
  66. 66. But it didn’t last forever, even if it was, in a way, a happy ending.
  67. 67. Watching someone die was never going to get any easier. “Don’t worry Terry, I’m sure you’ll see me again soon.”
  68. 68. And thus died Jan Beckett, accomplished doctor, all-around savant, biological mother of five, step-mother of one and grandmother of six.
  69. 69. And beloved wife and soulmate.
  70. 70. Fortunately for Terry, his kids kept an eye out for him so he wouldn’t get too lonely at home, alone until the younger ones graduated.
  71. 71. They were nearly always there with a hug…
  72. 72. Or a game to distract him.
  73. 73. And Heaven knew that they got plentiful uninvited guests who he could talk to if he wanted a change. And that he could always distract himself worrying about the state of their… shack.
  74. 74. Or questionable life choices. But what could Billy say? He always had a taste for the unusual. Particularly when they came in a female form.
  75. 75. And the consequences it came with were pretty cool too.
  76. 76. Though, much as he liked the witch who had turned him, he was much more on the ‘neutral’ side of things than the ‘evil’.
  77. 77. His siblings… didn’t pay much attention to the change. Tim was busy still working on his ballet.
  78. 78. When he wasn’t trying to improve his speaking abilities (especially towards a particular woman…).
  79. 79. And Order was much the same, except she spent her time actually talking to her girlfriend instead of just practising in preparation. Since, you know, due to one reason or another she found women a lot less intimidating.
  80. 80. It wasn’t as though Billy had been changed all that much by the magical transformation anyway. Still spent his time painting…
  81. 81. Preparing for somebody to take over the Greek House once he graduated…
  82. 82. And setting the kitchen on fire, like all true students.
  83. 83. *This isn’t worth even double the amount they pay me to cover a university campus…*
  84. 84. Tim was another true university student, failing to look after himself properly until he was falling asleep in his microwave-cooked spaghetti bolognese.
  85. 85. And Order spent more time talking to her girlfriend than studying. Naturally.
  86. 86. But, for all of that, they did at least manage to scrape together enough money to make their shack more presentable.
  87. 87. Or at least enough for Order to be able to invite Catie over. The girl only had so much patience, and they’d become close through all their talking at least.
  88. 88. So things moved very fast from there.
  89. 89. Not that anyone involved was regretting anything, most especially not right then. Order’s mind was made up about her future pretty much right there.
  90. 90. Now that just left the very awkward conversations with family members. Tim: *You didn’t hear anything, don’t look at the girl, don’t look at the girl, don’t look at the girl…!* Billy: *Man, Order’s girlfriend is hot, I wonder if she’s bisexual. If only she wasn’t dating my sister, it could be such a good threesome…* Catie: *Is this pepperoni pizza? Do I like pepperoni pizza?”