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Interview Etiquettes

This presentation makes you understand about the Interview Etiquettes. i.e. before interview, during interview & post interview. This PPT is very helpful for those who are currently looking for a JOB.

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Interview Etiquettes

  1. 1. Interview Etiquettes Matrix Zero One Systems
  2. 2. Before the interview Attire ● Dark Trousers / Skirt ● A pressed button-down light shirt / blouse ● Perfectly shined shoes Things to ask the interviewer ● Date & Time of interview ● Address ● Parking details ● Name of people you are going to meet ● Special topics to prepare on Things to bring ● At least 5 copies of latest resume ● Notepad & pen ● Cash & phone (silent mode) ● Comb and breath mint
  3. 3. Before the interview Research the company ● Company history ● Recent major event at the company - like product launch, acquisition Getting at the venue ● At least 15 mins before the scheduled time What to do if you get late ? ● Don’t panic ! ● Call them and ask for directions or another way, if lost ● Apologize sincerely - once. Dont overdo it. Should you cancel the interview if you get sick ? ● If you can’t make a good impression, then simply request for a reschedule ● Do not reschedule more than once !
  4. 4. During the interview Shake hand ● Greet and extend your hand for a firm hand-shake Sitting ● After exchanging greetings and handshake, keep standing near the chair until asked to sit ● Do not place anything personal on the table Body Language ● Sit up straight and lean a little bit forward ● Keep feet on the floor ● Hands on the side of the chair Anything to drink / eat ● If offered take it - this will help you to calm down.
  5. 5. During the interview Professional vs Friendly ● Don’t get too friendly with the interviewer. ● A little smile and a wise joke is enough, for a laughing and joking interviewer ● But keep it professional depending upon the mood of the interviewer Sorry stories ● Avoid telling your sorry stories ● Don’t project yourself as a loser What if you don’t know the answer of a question ● Tell your thinking process ● Buy time - ask for more data, water or some time to think Taking notes ● Ask first, then note down things like roles and responsibilities of the job
  6. 6. During the interview Discuss family or personal history ● Avoid unless asked specifically Should you ask questions ● Sure. Ask about the company, culture, latest work, responsibilities related to the position ● You can ask about next steps of the interview process ● Two or three questions are enough Ask about Salary ? ● No ! Salary comes after job is offered, not before that.
  7. 7. After the interview Thank you note ● Send a thank you email to the interviewer / company. If you don’t hear back , what to do ? ● Wait for at-least a week ● If you haven’t heard back from the interviewer even after 1 week, then you can a polite email asking the status of your interview. If you get a negative feedback ? ● Dont worry ● Send a thank you mail and ask for feedback. Do not insist ! ● Most companies hire the same person after 6 months, so get back to the table and study.