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Inroduction of Light Design Business-E


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Inroduction of Light Design Business-E

  1. 1. & Light DesignLight Canvas
  2. 2. Introduction of “Light Design" Service New paradigm’s Future value creation Business
  3. 3. Light Design & Light Canvas Business I. Light Design World – New paradigm’s Design II. Light Canvas - Market III. Light Canvas Application Goods & Projects IV. LEDavenue Introduction
  4. 4. I. Light Design World – New Paradigm’s Design DESIGN
  5. 5. Design on 7minutes Changeable Design Convergence with all other technology Emotional design Static Design Color painting [ Light Design vs. Chromatic Design ] Light Design Chromatic Design 1-1. Light Canvas for Light Design
  6. 6. Click here for movies Light Box Poster Light Art Scene Poster 1-2. Light Canvas –Light Art Poster Movies Vs.
  7. 7. Light Design Real Lights expression for the light scene of picture or photo. Remakes the original motion with static photo. Makes jewel’s sparkling. Shows 3D effect. Light Canvas Light Canvas is a new invention tool for Light Design. Easy control machine for light design with designers. Convergence with special print & films for special effects. DESIGN 1-3. Light Design and Light Canvas
  8. 8. [ Design Part ] [ Circuit Part ] Light Scenario file Controller LED Board Case Light Scene Film Light Diffuser Front Cover [ Hardware Part ] LIVAS Platform 1-4. Light Canvas Platform
  9. 9. Content A-TYPE B-TYPE C-TYPE D-TYPE E-TYPE Control Board Specification - 16bit microprocessor Microchips 24FJ-32Mhz - DC/DC Converter 3A x 2ea 3A x 6ea 3A x 3ea 3A x 6ea 3A x 6ea - SD Card (built-in) 2GByte LED Board Specification LG Innoteck SMD, 0.3W, Full color RGB - Used Number of LED 150ea 324ea 150ea 300ea 256ea - Used number of Driver IC 28ea 81ea 38ea 76ea 64ea Power Supply AC/DC Adapter - Input AC 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz - Output Voltage DC 12V DC 24V Current 3.5A 5A 3A 5A 5A Power Consumption - Maximum (test mode) 20W 52W 25W 50W 54W - Average (operating mode) 10W 26W 12W 25W 26W Mechanical Dimension (WxDxH): mm 510x115x51 420x420x55 520x140x53 420x320x53 520x520x66 Maximum Lighting Area: mm 490x95 400x400 500x120 400x300 496x496 Operating Temperature (°C) -10 ~ 45 Case STEEL 0.8T, Black color, Non- Waterproff Cover Diffusion PC 2T, film for scene, Transparent Acryl or PC 3T Installation Place For Indoor (Exclusive) 1-5. Light Canvas basic tiles with specifications
  10. 10. There are 7 type of basic tiles, A,B,C,D,E,F,G and they can be connected with several tiles together until 20m distance. These tiles can be reuse to other size after reassembling Screen with Diffuser Acryl, Transparent Acryl, Barrisol. Panaflex / Backlit Film / Special feature film The printer has Special feature for light through level control LIVAS Printer Screen 1-6. Composition for Light Design
  11. 11. 빛의 수채화 자연스런 빛의 채색 필요한 부분만 100% 또는 일정한 양의 빛을 투과 우주의 움직이는 율동에 빛의 강약 연출 팝 아티스트 키스해링의 작품 입니다. 빛으로 새로운 움직임에 대한 표현이 있습니다. 다양한 사인에서 화살표가 꼭 필요한 것은 아닙니다. 빛의 연출로서 방향을 갖는 움직임이 표현 됩니다. Basic Expressions For Light Design Light Design with Motion expression 1-7. Basic Expressions of Light Design
  12. 12. 벽난로의 실제와 같은 불의 움직임을 연출형광 사진에서 실제 빛의 발산 물의 파문과 호랑이의 줄무늬를 디자인바람의 흔들림을 빛의 강약으로 표현합니다. 트릭아트의 사실감을 빛의 흐름으로 디자인 산수화의 움직이는 구름을 디자인 1-8. Light Design examples
  13. 13. Light Design Animation director “ShinKai Makoto” High Light films Cut Animations with Natural light & Human emotion expression. “초속 5센티미터” , “별을 쫒는 아이”, “언어의 정원” 1-8. Light Design examples
  14. 14. Window - Four season Light Through Concrete Slowly Change Geek & Mystic Light Hidden/Show Effect Example 1-8. Light Design examples
  15. 15. DESIGN Looks move with static photo. Looks 3D from the 2D printing. Show prepared hidden shape . Looks real Gem sparkling. New value creation from the convergence with others. Light Art with delicate light control. Kinetic Effect 3D Effect Hidden /Show Effect Gem Effect Convergence Value New Paradigm’s Light Art Light Design Creates new cultural value using the light specialties. 1-9. Light Design Effect
  16. 16.  Lights through with current printed photo or painting.  Black out the unnecessary area with printing and makes story telling light scene.  Makes partition for prevention of other light color mix.  Makes special light effect, like a gold , diamond with special film or acryl.  Makes 3D effect using the printing and lighting color together.  Makes Kinetic method for motion effect  Makes water painting or pastel effect with pencil drawing  Makes light vibration for the object’s motion  Using the current flash file for the Cloud/Rain/Fog/wave/Snow scene DESIGN 1-10. Light Design Methods
  17. 17. . 1-11. Light Design Examples
  18. 18. II. Light Canvas -Market Light CANVAS Market
  19. 19. - Shop Interior - Light Art Sign - Theme Park - Expo/Exhibition - Resort Facility - Outdoor Advertising - Construction Art - Local Festival - Road Shop Display - Hotel/Motel/Pension - Attractions - CI/BI -POP - Built-in Machine/Game - Landscape Lighting - Digital Art - Live Background ADs All Visual Design Light Canvas Market CANVAS
  20. 20. Light Canvas Market Segment Light Canvas with Visual Area - Digital Interior --- Reuse, Changeable - Outdoor Advertising --- Light Art Ads Light Canvas with Well being Life - Vitamin Lighting --- Serve with Light frequency - Light Therapy --- Light Art Healing
  21. 21. Human Being Time Being Space Being Light Design Light Design focus on 3-based Circumstances. Human being’s Physical situation is always change. Design must be changed Situation is always change. Design must be changed for different time being There are different Space. Design must be changed for each different apace.
  22. 22. III. Light Canvas Application Goods & Projects With Real beautiful Nature Show-Room Background CANVAS
  23. 23.  Easy Design Change  Use Event/Season Change  Economical efficiency -Reuse  Easy use current Sign Plate  Easy Ads Change  Light Temptation & Mystic Light Design – High Ads Effect  Light Design Specialty -3D/Kinetic  Easy installation  Window design change by Season  Easy installation -Kite  Assistance Lighting  Trick Art  Virtual Reality -window Light Art Sign plate Arte Luce Light Art Ads Magic Box Light Art Interior 4 season, Sky 3-1. Light Canvas Application Goods
  24. 24. Specialties of Arte Luce -Easy Change at Event and Seasons -Reuse, Economic use -Easy Light Design -Easy convergence with current sign Arte luce / Light Art Sign Plate – New Sign Plate Culture Creation Light Canvas CANVAS
  25. 25. Magic Box / Light Art Poster for Advertising – New paradigm’s outdoor Ads with Mystic Light Temptation Light Canvas
  26. 26. “Odyssey 800” & “Cubic Art” - New Show-window culture creation Light Canvas
  27. 27. Light Arts at Theme Park - Poster - Interior - Light Art Contents - Souvenir shop Sign Plate - Parade car with Light art - Background of Festival Light Art performing at Theme Park 3-2. Light Canvas and Other projects Theme Park Poster / Light contents Road shop Show room Design Street Light Art Advertising Specially designed Art Building Light Canvas Performance
  28. 28. Daytime: Just normal photo Night Time: Designed Light Show Everland Light Art Poster Easy Design Change
  29. 29. Road Shop Design Live light background /slowly change the light scene
  30. 30. Street Light Art Show with Advertising
  31. 31. * Sky Panels Size: 1.2*2.4m
  32. 32. * Real SKY Play
  33. 33. * Light ART Performance
  34. 34. * Cubic Art About 5-6m Height Screen Size 1m*m
  35. 35. 백남준의 비디오아트와 빛의 예술 All Kinds of Performance with Cubic Arts Commercial with Digital Art Cubic Art and POP Art Design Light ART 3-3. Light Canvas & Digital Art
  36. 36. Commercial Interior Light Art Ads poster LEDavenue Showroom IV. 4. LEDavenue Introduction LEDavenue Pursuits endlessly creative idea. LEDavenue Makes new usage of lights. LEDavenue Creates new culture
  37. 37. Thank you