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Technical File Powerpoint

  1. 1. BTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production HA1 - Technical File – Emily Davis Raster and Vector Images
  2. 2. BTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Ras ter Images In com p u te r grap h ics a ras te r grap h ics im age or b itm ap , is a d ata s tru ctu re re p re s e nting a ge ne rally re ctangle grid of p ixe ls or p oints of colou r vie wab le via a m onitor, p ap e r, or oth e r d is p lay m e d iu m . R as te r im age s are s tore d in im age file s with varying form ats . Th e p rinting and p re p re s s ind u s trie s know ras te r grap h ics as contones . R as te r grap h ics are re s olu tion d e p e nd e nt. Th e y cannot s cale u p to an arb itrary re s olu tion with ou t los s of qu ality. Th is p rop e rty contras ts with th e cap ab ilitie s of ve ctor grap h ics , wh ich e as ily s cale u p to th e qu ality of th e d e vice re nd e ring th e m . R as te r-b as e d im age e d itors , s u ch as P ainte r, P h otos h op , M S P aint, an d G IM P , re volve arou nd e d iting p ixe ls , u nlike ve ctor-b as e d im age . A ras te r im age e d itor works b y m anip u lating e ach The smiley face in the top left corner is ind ivid u al p ixe l, wh e re as m os t p ixe l-b as e d im age e d ito rs work u s ing th e a bitmap image. When enlarged, R G B colou r m od e l, b u t s om e als o allow th e u s e of oth e r colou r m od e ls individual pixels appear as squares. Zooming in further, they can be s u ch as th e C M YK colou r m od e l. analyzed, with their colours constructed Th e ras te r im age take s a wid e varie ty o f form ats , inclu d ing th e fam iliar by adding the values for red, green and .gif, .j g, and .b m p . Th e p ixe ls form p oints of co lou r wh ich cre ate an p blue. ove rall finis h e d im age . Wh e n a ras te r im age is vie we d , th e p ixe ls u s u ally s m ooth ou t vis u ally for th e u s e r, wh o s e e s a p h otograp h o r d rawing. D e p e nd ing on re s olu tion, s om e ras te r im age s can b e e nlarge d to ve ry large s ize s , wh ile oth e rs qu ickly b e com e d ifficu lt to s e e . Th e s m alle r th e re s olu tion, th e s m alle r th e d igital im age file .
  3. 3. Vec tor ImagesVe ctor grap h ics is th e u s e of ge om e trical p rim itive s s u ch as p oints , line s , cu rve s , and s h ap e s or p olygon(s ) wh ich are all b as e d on m ath e m atical e qu ations , to re p re s e nt im age s in com p u te r grap h ics .Ve ctor grap h ics is th e re p re s e ntation of im age s as an array of p ixe ls , as is typ ically u s e d for th e re p re s e ntation of p h otograp h ic im age s . Ve ctor grap h ics are s tore d as m ath e m atical e xp re s s ions as op p os e d to b it m ap p e d grap h ics wh ich are s tore d as a s e rie s of m ap p e d d ots , als o known as p ixe ls . A ve ctor grap h ics p rogram u s e s th e s e m ath e m atical form u las to cons tru ct th e s cre e n im age , b u ild ing th e b e s t qu ality im age p os s ib le , give n th e s cre e n re s olu tion. Th e m ath e m atical form u las d e te rm ine wh e re th e p ixe ls th at m ake u p th e im age s h ou ld b e p lace d for th e b e s t re s u lts wh e n d is p laying th e im age . S ince th e s e form u las can p rod u ce an im age s calab le to any s ize and d e tail, th e qu ality of th e im age is lim ite d only b y th e re s olu tion of th e d is p lay, and th e file s ize of ve ctor d ata ge ne rating th e im age s tays th e s am e . P rinting th e im age to p ap e r will give a s h arp e r, h igh e r re s olu tion ou tp u t th an p rinting it to th e s cre e n b u t can u s e e xactly th e s am e ve ctor d ata file .
  4. 4. BTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production HA1 - Technical File – Raster and Vector Images Anti alias ing or s om e tim e s known as anti-al iasing, re fe rs to m e th od s of e lim inating or re d u cing th e s e u nwante d arte facts . In th e conte xt of ras te r im age s , anti alias ing re fe rs to th e re d u ction of th e jagge d b ord e rs b e twe e n Here is a s imple image that is s till colou rs . In th e conte xt of ve ctor im age s complex enough to s how jaggies t when rendered. This is even more noticeable in the detail image. Anti-Alias ing is a te rm u s e d lots wh e n s e lling grap h ics card s . It is a m e th od of fooling th e e ye th at a j agge d e d ge is re ally s m ooth and is ofte n re fe rre d in gam e s . M onitors are cap ab le of p rod u cing ne arly p e rfe ct s traigh t line s e ith e r h orizontally or ve rtically, b u t wh e n it com e s to d iagonal line s of any angle you r m onitor is not cap ab le of p rod u cing a line with ou t s om e jagge d e d ge . Th is is b e cau s e you r s cre e n is m ad e u p of p ixe ls in a grid form ation, s o th is is wh e re anti alias e d com e s in.
  5. 5. ResolutionImage resolution is measured in picture elements which are called pixels.Basically resolution quantifies how close lines can be to each other andstill be visibly resolved. Resolution is sometimes identified by the widthand height of the image as well as the total number of pixels in the image.A computer screen is most probably set at a particular resolution as wellbecause the larger the screen, the larger you likely have your screenresolution set.It makes the images edges allotsmoother rather than jagged andlook unfinished. Just like in thisexample pictures the higher theppi the better the resolution ofthe image.
  6. 6. Aspect RatioAspect ratio is a measurement of theproportion of your image. The largestside divided by the smallest side ofyour image will give you your aspectratio. Its like if you have a photographand you want to give it a perfect cropon either side, or if you want tosquash the top of the picture thenyou change the aspect ratio on eitherside to get the exact part of thepicture you want cut out. All you cando with aspect ratio is drag either oneof the sides of the picture you want. Itis the width and height of a shape.You can calculate the imagedimension in pixels for the totalnumber of aspect ratio for a picture oranything you want to crop.
  7. 7. Gif - Graphics Interchange FormatIt allows a single image to move weather its real picture or animation.It can be moving or animated its used and very good for simple graphics which dont much detail. GIF uses the2D raster images. One version of a gif allows a short sequence of images within a single GIF file.JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG is an image file and is a popular way to compress and change word or excel sheets to see it as just animage. Both GIFs and JPEGs are the two most popular forms of image compression used on web sites.Research has indicated JPEG is currently the most popular form of image compression used on the WorldWide Web.Tiff - Tagged Image File FormatIts popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry. They are used for storing very large and high qualityimages. This file format is used for manipulation programs, desktop publishing and 3-D imaging. Other thingsthat use TIFF is optical recognition software and scanning and faxing applications.Eps - Encapsulated PostScriptThis is a standard graphics file format for exchanging images, drawings like logos or maps, or even layouts ofcomplete pages. An EPS file can contain any combination of text, graphics and images. Since it is actually aPostScript file, it is one of the most versatile file formats that are available. The files usually contain a smallpreview image that is used to visualize the content of the file.PSD - Photoshop DocumentA PSD file stores an image with support for most imaging options available in Photoshop, which include layers,transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colours and clipping paths.PDF - Portable Document FormatThis file format is developed by Adobe Systems. It captures formatting information from a variety of desktoppublishing applications making it possible to send formatted documents and have them appear on the amonitor or printer as they are meant to look and be.
  8. 8. Colour ModelsA colour model is an orderly system for creating a whole range of colours froma small set of primary colours. There are two types of colour models, thosethat are subtractive and those that are additive. Additive colour models uselight to display colour while subtractive models use printing inks.There are several established colour models used in computer graphics, butthe two most common are the RGB model Red-Green-Blue for computerdisplay and the CMYK model which is Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-black which is forprinting.Since additive colour models display colour as a result of light beingtransmitted the total absence of light would be perceived as black. Subtractivecolour models display colour as a result of light being absorbed by the printinginks. As more ink is added, less and less light is reflected. Where there is atotal absence of ink the resulting light being reflected from a white surfacewould be perceived as white.
  9. 9. Adobe PhotoshopIts a photo editing software, it can be used to manipulate photographs and to createimages that improve reality/real images. People use it for their own photos or forprofessional uses if they need it for models.There are four sections:Photoshops toolbox, including the Options Palette settings for each toolThe menu commands - including every item of every dialogThe floating palettes - including the function that each palette provides as well as theramifications of every value and palette submenuIts full of ways to make photos you already have look completely different by changingall the effects colours, you make a picture look like two separate ones when yourfinished.
  10. 10. Adobe IllustratorOne of the main features of illustrator is to allow you to add effects andcreate complex designs with text. It helps you make anything by just drawinga shape then manipulating it into a logo. It lets you combine shapes andgraphics to create anything you want to. Its one of the main adobesoftwares next to Photoshop because of the skills you can do on it.The main things that you can learn and do are:•Create simple and freeform shapes•Create logos using simple shapes and custom paths•Enhance logo text•Manipulate body text•Create an advertisement
  11. 11. Adobe InDesignIt is used for making any document that needs some creative layout. Itcan help make posters, newspapers, flyers and magazines look moreinteresting and creative to make them more memorable or appealing. Itoffers all kinds of features to modify your text and images, which worktogether to help you create a unique and professional design.When it comes to web design and development, Adobe Indesign is oneof the best programs to use. There are plenty of walk throughinstructions and videos and loads of tools to use and skills to learn soyou can be creative and make loads of things for business or just fun.