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Magazine Evaluation PowerPoint


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Published in: Design, Lifestyle
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Magazine Evaluation PowerPoint

  1. 1. Next I made a questionnaire with questions based on fashion magazines I already know and think myaudience I was aiming could answer o help me. This was to help me decided what my final magazinewould look and be like and give me ideas as to what I could add to my magazine that would help it sell ifit was real. This project helped me think about what it would be like to be part of creating a realmagazine and contributing to a section in that magazine. I asked 10 questions and then asked 20 peopleso got twenty results on each question. My results showed me that mostly females wee willing to answermy questionnaire about fashion magazines. This influenced me to put a boy in my magazine and on thefront cover to attract the female audience for my fashion magazine. People said they wouldnt changemuch in todays fashion magazines with vogue being one of the highest they voted for I used it forinspiration.
  2. 2. I did lots of research before I started my project. First I created a PowerPoint on front cover analysis.This was where I looked and showed lots of magazine covers I liked and then wrote about why I likedthem. Then I picked apart two front covers and pointed out all the different things on them like themasthead, barcode, headlines, dateline, images and the model. I wrote about each magazine some ofthe background on both of the two front covers I had picked. Then I talked more about the main thingson the front cover like the masthead and main cover lines. I think doing this helped me understandexactly how things are placed on a front cover so that everything is readable, it looks attractive andthe picture on the front can be seen properly. Researching magazines with the same genre of fashionas I wanted mine to be helped me when creating my final front cover. The result of researching frontcovers showed me I should include a big masthead, have interesting cover lines and a picturedominating the front cover. I found these things the most important to use for my front cover becausethey attracted me the most.I then researched the other parts of magazines, the contents page and double page spread. I created aPowerPoint on both of these. I found two examples of both which were both from popular fashionmagazines. I wrote about each of the contents pages and pointed out what things were on both ofthem and what I liked about them both en compared them. Then I did this with the two double pagespreads from the same magazines I used for the contents pages and just wrote about them and why Iliked them. His helped me understand the layout of most double page spreads and how to makepeople attracted and want to read them. The result of researching contents pages influenced me tothen use the same kind of layout for my contents page. I made the page split so it had two sides ofwriting on both and the main headline from the front cover highlighted on my contents page. Iincluded the idea of having pictures of fashion and beauty things on my contents page like theprofessional magazines I researched, also an image of the celebrity on the front like in one of thecontents pages I looked at.
  3. 3. This is my logo design process. I started of with the title of my magazine and Iexperimented with different fonts, styles, sizes and types. I created four and thenpicked which one I liked the best. This is the title of my magazine and was gong to bea part of my logo in the first stages of creating my logo. I then started usingillustrator to create a little image logo. Because I was creating a fashion magazine Idecided to go for something along the lines of fashion and beauty for a little logo. Iwas looking through magazines for things and then I thought about the title of mymagazine which is Vain and it made me think of a little vanity mirror. I found animage and placed it in illustrator and used the pen tool to copy the image. Then Istarted adding different effects to make my mirror unusual and interesting. I thoughtabout the colour I wanted my magazine to be so my logo would match in. I thoughtabout the size of it so that it would fit on the front of my magazine and about whereit would go. I added my title onto my logo as originally this is what I wanted to do. Irealised that it would be to small and hard to read my title. This is when I justfocused on my image logo for my magazine.I created a final logo and thenjust focused on the colour for myoverall look.This is my final logo.
  4. 4. These are the images I edited for my frontcover. I picked out my favourite pictures Ithought would attract someone to my magazinefi it was on sale in a stand. I wanted it to be aneye catching picture and show what kind ofmagazine it was straight away. A classy fashionmagazine. The first picture I edited wasbecause I was thinking about a cool, quirkyfront cover that would sow my model wasyoung and fun. Also I liked this picture becauseof the space around it which would be good forall the headlines and text on my front cover. Iliked number 2 as a possibility for my frontcover because I liked the pose and the look ofthe picture. It was interesting, different andthe colour stood out because of my editing. Ithink the high contrast worked very well on thispicture but the brightness of the picture didn’twork well with the text on my front cover. Thenumber 3 picture I really liked because of thecolours almost black and white it looksophisticated and professional. I also like theold style phone on the wire being in he picture.Finally I decided to go with number 4 for myfinal front cover picure.1 23 4
  5. 5. This is my final front cover picturethat I chose. I used this onebecause the colours weren’t tobright and so the text didn’t getlost in the colour or background.The phone is in the picture which Ireally liked and wanted to keep. Ithink it shows the magazine isabout fashion, showed that theboy is a model because he’s posingon the phone and that he is coolby the way he is sat. I think myfinal front cover worked reallywell and it also influenced achange of colour in my logo so thatit was a bit more blue because thefront cover picture has an overallblue look due to my editing. Ichanged the contrast andbrightness of my picture so that itgave it a grey, smooth look andthen added a blue overlay to makethe colours look more blue. I alsoadded some extra space on oneside o my picture so that I hadspace for my front cover headlinesto be read. This worked very welland was just the right amount ofspace for my cover lines and themodel name.
  6. 6. This is my contents page. I chose to do alayout that split my contents page into tosections. I did this so I could drawattention to the page that the celebritywas on and then have enough space tohighlight all the other important mostinteresting pages and their numbers. Iwanted to include pictures on mycontents page so hat it was interestingbecause this is the second thing a readerwill see and read. I used some imagesfrom the internet of things I think elatedto fashion and fashion magazines andthen faded by changing he opacity inPhotoshop. I think this worked really wellso that you can still read the writing butalso the page doesn’t look boring. Iwanted bold text on this page becausethis is the page that tells the audienceand readers where all the best bits are. Ididn’t want my contents page to be tocrowded and I think this was shown in myfinal contents page because I didn’t putto much of one thing on it. I shared thespace between text and pictures equally.
  7. 7. These are my double page spreads. I look into lots of differentdouble page spreads and researched lots in popular fashionmagazines. A lot of then went over four pages because the firstone had a big image of the celebrity. I really liked the is ideaand though it looked really good. So I decided that when I wasgetting some shots I would get some that could potentially be afull image for my double page spread. The first double pagespread I think worked really well because he image fit perfectlythe text matched the colour of the phone in the picture which Ithink stands out most and the picture is fun. I think if I was aviewer I would like this picture because its different and funny. Iadded the introduction of my article to my first double pagespread so that then readers knew there was an article and thatit carried on because of what the text said. On the next doublepage I added the rest of my article I wanted to set it out like areal magazine article in blocks of text. I thought of the idea ofputting the initial of the first name of who was speaking at thebeginning of the text so it was clear who was speaking. I hadsome quote text in bold throughout my article quoting some ofthe interesting funny things the celebrity had said in hisinterview. I think this idea worked really well because it makesviewers want to read the article if they read the big textshowing funny things Freddie Lucas had said. I wanted to usemore pictures on my second double page spread so it wasn’tjust boring all writing. I put these pictures into PowerPoint andadded some effects to the border around then which I thinkworked really well. I made them look like posters in themagazine which I think made my magazine look veryprofessional. I wanted the left side of my second double pagespread to not be plain white so I decided to add the big V. Thisworked really well because the name of the magazine is Vain. Sothe initial on the page looked really good and stood out becauseit is so big.
  8. 8. I designed a questionnaire to get peoples views and opinionon my magazine. I asked people I thought would like themagazine and some that wouldn’t normally read a fashionmagazine to see if a new audience might find it interesting. Iasked 10 students my questions and got their feedback. Atthe end of the questionnaire I left a box for people to addtheir own comments on what they thought about it a fewpeople did this. These are two of the comments people putabout my magazine..‘I found all the four pages interesting and liked thepictures of the model and how they were edited.’‘I liked reading the article it sounded veryprofessional and real’
  9. 9. When creating my magazine I thought about making the front cover, contents page anddouble page spread all have the same theme and design. I think I did this with the linking ofcolours and the type of fonts and layouts I used. I used the same colours and similar fonts forthe text on all the pages which worked really well. I wanted to give my magazine a posh,classy look so the fonts I used were quite fancy looking.The layout out of all my pages went well because once it came together I could see morehow i wanted my magazine to look so each page became easier to create. I think designingmy front cover went well and it doesnt look to crowded and will stand out. I made sure theimage on the front cover didn’t block out of the text on the cover and it all fitted andcomplimented each other.All the pictures I have taken Ive made sure dont clash with any of the colours on mymagazine or text colours. I had to make sure all the text could be seen over the pictures so Ihave worked on the design of each page carefully.When I got my pictures and put them on my front cover design I had to move around some ofthe text so that it could be read properly. I did this on my first double page spread also andnow they look good and both work. I got about 50 pictures and so had lots to choose from formy four magazine pages. I used about 5 on my last double page spread so I had a range ofpictures.I edited my pictures using Photoshop and tried out lots of different effects for each page togive my magazine the same overall classy look. I tried to link the colour of my edits with thetext and the colour of the logo for my magazine. I showed all the edits I did in a PowerPointand showed the stages of how I got to my final edit for some of my images. Overall I think myproject went well and turned out better than I thought because of trial and error andexperimenting with lots of different things.
  10. 10. If I was going to do my magazine pages again I would plan differently and makemore layout design practises so when it came to making my final design I hadmore ideas and choices. When I came to doing my double page spread andadding my 1000 work article I would want to try a different layout maybe havingthe text more split up with pictures in between the interview.I think if I was to take my portrait shoot again I would maybe go to some moredifferent locations, I had photos in 4 locations but I would want to go tosomewhere like a them park and be a bit more extreme or maybe show mymodel doing some hobbies or sports.I am happy with my overall portrait shoot though and feel i got enough shots formy final magazine. Some pictures needed editing so that text could fit aroundthen and been seen over the top of them.Overall if I was going to do my project again I would probably look more intoresearch and maybe try a different genre of magazine I’m not familiar with sothat it’s more of a challenge try to create it. This would mean I would have torely a lot on my questionnaire and research of the genre and magazines similar. Iwould develop my magazine I’ve already made into a second one by lookingmore into copying some ideas from big popular magazines rather than justcreating something I would like to read. I would aim for a wider range ofaudience.