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Design Fiction as World Building


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Presentation for RTD 2017 to illustrate paper Design Fiction as World Building

Published in: Design
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Design Fiction as World Building

  1. 1. Design Fiction as World Building Paul Coulton, Joe Lindley, Mirriam Sturdee, and Mike Stead @ProfTriviality
  2. 2. Situating Design Fiction Present Futures Domestication Emerging Technology Design Fictions Vapour Worlds Past Design Fictions Vapourware and Vapourworlds Alternate Presents or Lost Futures Near Futures Far Futures HT James Auger
  3. 3. Plurality of Futures Present Future Time Plausible Possible Past Plausible Possible Point of Focus Includes History, Reality, and Fiction
  4. 4. Design Fiction as World Building Design Fiction World
  5. 5. Design Fiction as World Building entry points differing scales
  6. 6. Redesigning legislation
  7. 7. GoD Infrastructure
  8. 8. GoD Infrastructure
  9. 9. Out of sight
  10. 10. Game of Drones World Landing Stations Signage Drone Video Legislation
  11. 11. How to build a Voight-Kampff machine
  12. 12. Voight-Kampff World
  13. 13. World Building
  14. 14. Plausible?
  15. 15. Engaging?
  16. 16. Voight-Kampff World 3D Model Comic Strip Empathy SDK
  17. 17. Conclusions Design Fictions are collections of artefacts, that, when viewed together build a fictional world. The artificially built world is a prototyping platform for the very designs that define it, meanwhile those designs reciprocate in kind and prototype the world. This is Design Fiction as world building.