Yazoo OWBC Chapter 3


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Chapter 3 of the Yazoo Family OWBC! Enjoy!

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Yazoo OWBC Chapter 3

  1. 1. Yazoo Family OWBC Chapter 3
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Yazoo OWBC! Last chapter ended with the birth of a set of twins. The eldest was a girl named Ora and the youngest was a boy named Oxford. Jo and Chunky, our founding couple, also have two older sons named Bonus and Oktoc. All four kids have Jo’s brown hair and eyes although the twins did inherit their father’s coloring. I just hope they didn’t get his nose.
  3. 3. Hmm do I have someone put her out? I mean I do need that zombie for the university bonus. And I’ve never had an electrocution ghost. But Jo is a very loyal reader and been so nice to me too..Oh I don’t know..To save Jo or not…hmm?
  4. 4. I guess I’ll have to get that zombie some other way. Chunky on free will came to his wife’s rescue and I just couldn’t x out the action. If he loves her enough to put out a fire on free will then who am I to break them up?
  5. 5. Ah Bonus that’s sweet playing with your little brother. My sim kids rarely do this, and it surprised me to see little Bonus talking to baby brother Oxford.
  6. 6. And then he went and gave his other brother Oktoc a tickle. Aww.
  7. 7. The next night was the twin’s birthday. Thankfully nothing else eventful happened after the fire. So here is little Ora, the only girl. She’s still cute so far.
  8. 8. And baby brother Oxford is a cutie too. It doesn’t look like any of these kids got Chunky’s nose. But even though I don’t like Chunky’s nose, I do adore my founder'; I'm just glad none of the kids seem to have taken his nose. .
  9. 9. Well so much for Bonus being a sweet big brother. He HATES Ora. I’m not kidding he has a -14 relationship with her. “ What you want the rocket ship? Too bad girls can’t play with rockets cause they’re stupid!” Now Bonus what would your mother say?
  10. 10. “ Haha! Poor baby girl can’t even play with the rabbit head right!” “ Bonus be nice to your sister.”
  11. 11. “ Bonus I’ve been getting reports from your teacher saying that you put gum in a little girl’s hair. Is this true?” Bonus smiles innocently, “Are we gonna have cake for Oktoc’s birthday?” “ Don’t try and change the subject young man. You need to stop picking on girls especially your sister.”
  12. 12. “ Hey Ok! It’s time for you to grow up so we can play games. Boys have got to stick together cause girls are icky and not nearly as cool as us.”
  13. 13. “ Hi voice lady! Guess what I just did?” You stole David back from the neighbor right after growing up. “ Yep. Thanks for the hat!” Wow you’re a lot nicer than Bonus.
  14. 14. Look he’s a tub pirate.
  15. 15. Oktoc only played cops and robbers with Bonus once before he learned that it was a really bad idea . “That’s for bringing a girl home from school!” Bonus really has a problem with girls. I’m seriously not making this up. He did nothing but tease that blonde girl that Oktoc brought home and you’ve seen what he does to his sister. I just hope he outgrows it.
  16. 16. Bonus is also responsible for breaking anything in this house. So far he’s broken the sink, the toilet, and now the shower.
  17. 17. “ Here it comes mom!” Oh this isn’t going to end well.
  18. 18. Alright I think we’ve watched Bonus abusing his family members enough for a while. How about some nice toddler picspam?
  19. 19. Little Ora first.
  20. 22. And now let’s get a few of Oxford.
  21. 23. I’m sorry Ox I thought I had more pictures of you as a toddler. I guess I was feeling bad for your sister and took tons of pics to make up for it.
  22. 24. Just because
  23. 25. Uh I should have put this in earlier, but yeah the family’s still really dirt poor. Hey at least now no-one’s sleeping in the bathroom.
  24. 26. Ya know Jo you did get struck by lightening once this chapter. Playing in the rain in your underwear doesn’t seem like a very bright idea to me. But what do I know right?
  25. 27. Hey look paint! Yeah they finally have a little money now that Jo’s not preggers. And for the record, Oktoc is the only child who skills on his own.
  26. 28. “I can’t believe it’s the twins birthday again. Alright Bonus put down the toy and let’s go watch your sister grow up.” “Stupid sister. I bet she’ll be ugly.”
  27. 29. Aww I say Ora is still a cutie even if she doesn’t have the best wardrobe. I feel bad I can’t buy her a nice dress or something.
  28. 30. And here’s Oxford all grown up in the bathroom. Doesn’t he look handsome.
  29. 31. “So um Bonus can we be best friends?” “Sure we can Ox! Want to go play cops and robbers?” “Uh no thanks.”
  30. 32. “Brother.” “Sister.” Yep these two still don’t like each other.
  31. 33. The boys adore each other and hang out constantly. I have to pry them apart. But you never see Ora with anyone except.
  32. 34. My little resident pirate Oktoc. He doesn’t seem to care how much Bonus kicks him in the face; he’ll still make time for his sister Ora. That’s sweet. Even Ora’s twin brother hardly plays with her.
  33. 35. And I think Jo’s about had enough of nearly being beamed in the head with a baseball by her eldest son.
  34. 36. And these two are still as stalkery as ever. They make-out constantly. Don’t the boys look thrilled?
  35. 37. “ Don’t you love being best friends Oxford?” “ Yeah, but why won’t you let me by without playing red hands?” Just ignore him Ora.
  36. 38. Oxford is clearly the type of kid who acts older than his age. I’m always seeing him hanging out with one of the adults. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have a clue that his older brother Bonus is using him to pick on his twin sister.
  37. 39. “Do you mind? I’m trying to read.” See he reads the newspaper too. Anyway he had to put down the paper for a bit because it was time for Bonus to become a teenager.
  38. 40. And with a spin and a twirl all the while staring me down, Bonus grew up and rolled.
  39. 41. Romance with the LTW of Wohooing 20 Sims. *head desk* “You know you love me and want me to be heir.”
  40. 42. Oktoc I’m surprised at you. I thought you would have learned your lesson after getting kicked in the face during cops and robbers. “I thought that now that he was older, he’d be you know nicer.” *head desk*
  41. 43. Oktoc continues to hang out with older brother Bonus more than anyone else in the house which just goes to show that Bonus does have the ability to charm his way into people liking him. It’s weird he’s a jerk, and yet he’s right I still do like him.
  42. 44. Ok is also the only child who has managed to maximize a skill. Wow Jo’s gotten a little uh big. No wonder her chemistry with Chunky suddenly dropped down to 1 bolt. Well I’m gonna have to do something about that.
  43. 45. “ Is my mom flirting with a random townie?” I’m afraid she is. Yes I need to do something about Jo’s weight and soon.
  44. 46. I think young Oxford has started to wise up when it comes to older brother Bonus. He’s been hanging out a lot more with his twin sister lately. Granted he still won’t hug her, but at least they talk and play games now.
  45. 47. Anyone up for some Oxford and Ora facial expression picspam? These two make the best faces ever!
  46. 50. I’m sorry but I think the twins are really cute. I mean I like Bonus, but to me he’s turned out a little bit funky. I guess the twins could still turn out funky too, but right now they are adorable.
  47. 51. I”ve finally been able to afford the robot stand. Get cracking there Chunky. I need both you and Jo to get a gold badge and one of you to build me a servo.
  48. 52. Jo’s still an awesome mom. And yes the family has a garden now. Bonus has been regulated to taking care of it since Jo and Chunky are working on their gold robotics badge.
  49. 53. See Oxford has started spending a lot of time with Ora. And her favorite topic in conversation is aliens and outer-space.
  50. 54. One last picture of Oktoc as a pirate. *sniff* They grow up so fast. So let’s see the damage.
  51. 55. Wow, I think Oktoc grew up to be very handsome. He rolled pleasure just like mom and dad which totally fits him with his 10 playful points. He wants to reach the top of the Gamer career. “ I miss my hat.” I miss it too. So this is where I’ll leave you this time. Next time the twins grow up and all the teens will head off to uni.
  52. 56. One more for good measure. So will the family ever buy the family business? Will Bonus continue to be mean to Ora? Will the twins stay cute? Find out next time in the Yazoo Family OWBC!